Hardcore Heaven

Apr 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 16, 1999 in Poughkeepsie, NY

*About 15 minutes before the start of the PPV, they held a “Dark Match” for the fans in the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Danny Doring with Roadkill took on Skull Von Krush. Doring attacked Skull from behind as he was arguing with Roadkill to start the match. Skull came back quickly and took control, and dominated most of the match. Roadkill tripped Skull as he bounced off the ropes, and Doring took a brief advantage, including a reverse Russian legsweep and a springboard elbow. He hit a top rope legdrop, but Skull kicked out at two. Doring missed a second attempt, and Skull connected with a series of chops and a powerslam, Skull got two with a legdrop, then went to the top for the elbow. Roadkill reached in and pulled Skull off, allowing Doring to recover. Skull finally hit a swinging spike DDT to get the pin in a little under ten minutes.

*Chris Candido versus Taz for the ECW Title
-Joey Styles came out to open the show, and we’re underway! As Joey was welcoming the crowd, Chris Candido’s music came on, and Candido, along with Tammy Lynn Sytch headed to the ring. Candido said he had an insurance policy for the night, and brought out the Dudleys. As Candido proclaimed that he would be champion of the world tonight, Taz’ music hit and the ECW Champion came out to a huge ovation. They rang the bell, and we’re opening the show with the World title match! Taz came out strong, hitting a couple of Tazplexes, but Candido managed to stop the momentum and powerbomb the champ. Candido then missed a top rope headbutt, allowing Taz to hit a head and arm Tazplex, followed by the Tazmission for the quick win. The Dudleys stormed the ring and attacked Taz, who had to be helped out.

*The Dudleys vs. Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley
-The Dudleys remained in the ring, and Bubba ran down their list of accomplishments. He then made an open challenge, which Balls Mahoney accepted by himself. He managed to hold his own for a few moments, but eventually succumbed to the two on one attack. Just as they had slammed Mahoney off the top rope, Spike Dudley came out to help Balls. They almost scored a quick pin, but Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley pulled referee John Finnegan out of the ring. Balls then backdropped Spike out of the ring onto the duo at ringside. At one point, Spike was tossed around, and ended up taking a nasty fall into the guardrail. A table was sent into the ring by Sign Guy and Spike was placed on it by Bubba. Spike managed to roll off, and went to hit a top rope rana on Bubba. Bubba blocked it, and drove Spike through the table with a superbomb. They hit 3D on Spike, but Balls broke up the pin and used his chair to take down the Dudleys. Sign Guy distracted Balls and Gertner hit a lame chairshot on him. Gertner then tried to throw matches at Balls to protect himself, and Balls reciprocated by blowing a ball of fire in his face. As officials came out to help Joel, the Dudleys rolled back in, caught Mahoney from behind, and hit 3D for the pin.

*Super Crazy vs. Taka Michinoku
-Now it was time for the international showdown, as TAKA Michinoku took on Super Crazy. They started out fast, and neither man could maintain an advantage for long. TAKA connected with a nasty tornado DDT, but on a second attempt, Crazy turned it into a spinebuster. They traded two counts, then TAKA sent Crazy to the outside with a high backdrop. TAKA went for a plancha, but Crazy moved, went into the ring, and delivered a baseball slide that sent Michinoku into the front row. Crazy then hit a suicidal senton into the crowd. They headed back into the ring, where TAKA missed a moonsault, allowing Crazy to deliver his three consecutive moonsaults for a two count. Crazy went up again, missed and TAKA connected with a springboard dropkick to the back of the head. TAKA tried twice for the Michinoku Driver, but Crazy turned it into a DDT. The end came when TAKA, going for a frankensteiner, and was caught in a powerbomb. Crazy then delivered a second powerbomb for the pin.

*On PPV, the Dudleys attended to Gertner, then attacked Nova in the back, unbeknownst to the live audience. Also, it should be noted that Cyrus has joined Joey Styles on commentary.

*Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri
-Back in the ring, it was time for Little Guido (with Big Sal) to wrestle Yoshihiro Tajiri. These two started on the mat, exchanging stiff blows. Tajiri worked on the legs, then unleashed a series of his trademark kicks. Guido flipped out of a powerbomb attempt and then worked over Tajiri in the corner. Yoshihiro tried to come out with a lariat, but Guido turned it into a Fujiwara armbar. They took the battle to the floor and Tajiri dropped Guido on the rail stomach first. Tajiri went for a sunset flip, but when Guido wouldn’t go down, he twisted it into the Tarantula. Guido went for a headscissors, but Tajiri sent him out to the rampway, face first. Guido fought back, and walked the ropes to deliver a splash for a two count. Tajiri turned an Irish whip into a bodypress, but Guido turned it into the armbar again. Guido then distracted referee Billy Saints, allowing Big Sal to get involved. Guido stayed in control, but couldn’t put Tajiri away. Guido walked into a superkick, but turned a rana into a powerbomb and tried for the Sicilian crab. Tajiri broke free and wet for the brainbuster, but Guido turned out of it. Tajiri applied a backbreaker style airplane spin, and set up for the powerbomb. Guido flipped out again, but was slapped by Tajiri and tied to the tree of woe. He then delivered a devastating dropkick to the face. Sal got on the apron, but Tajiri knocked him off with a few kicks. Yoshihiro then hit a roundhouse of Guido and hit the brainbuster, this time successfully, and got the three count.

*On PPV, the Dudleys continued to wreak havoc, and attacked Rod Price in the locker room. In the building, weapons were brought to the ring for the grudge match between Tommy Dreamer and Lance Storm.

*Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm
-Lance Storm came out in street clothes, along with “Beulah” (Tammy Lynn Bytch). Lance stopped on the way to the ring and made Bytch put on her panties (she had said on TV that she would not wear them, since Dreamer would never get a chance to piledrive her). Tommy Dreamer came out, and brought with him Francine. Lance ran down the ramp to attack Dreamer, and the brawl was on. They went to ringside, then made it into the ring, where Lance tried a sunset flip, and was bashed with a trashcan lid. They took it back to the floor and then onto the ramp. Dreamer went for a Spicolli driver, but lance turned it into a reverse DDT. Back in the ring, Lance took an advantage and wedged a chair between the top and middle ropes. Both men ended up being sent into it. Storm set up a table outside the ring, but Dreamer came out and ambushed him. Tommy then sent a section of guardrail into the ring, but ended up being crotched on it. Storm went to the top to dive on, but Dreamer moved and Lance crashed into the rail. A chair was set up, and Dreamer ended up being sent off the top rope into it. They battled near the apron, and Storm ended up being backdropped through the table at ringside that he had set up earlier. Lance got back in control with a chair, then used his belt buckle on Dreamer’s forehead. Tommy was busted open, but bridged a ladder between the ring and rail to bulldog Storm off the apron into. Storm however, pushed him off into it. They continued to use the ladder and brawl at ringside. Once back in, Dreamer placed the ladder around Storm’s neck and rammed him into the ring post, adding a chairshot for good measure. Storm somehow came back, and another table was set up ,this time in the ring. Storm went to the top, but was crotched, and Dreamer hit a Spicolli driver from the second rope through the table. Cyrus ran in, but Francine speared him and hit a bronco buster. Bytch came in for the catfight, but Tommy pulled her off and piledrove her. Good thing she wore her undies! All this allowed Lance to recover, and he bashed Dreamer with a trash can, then placed it over his head. Storm went to the top and hit a spinning leg lariat into Dreamer’s can covered head for the pin.

*Next on the Dudleys backstage rampage was Jack Victory, as they attacked him with a chair, targeting his injured leg. All a part of Joel Gertner’s hit list. Taz also did an interview, and was not very happy about being ambushed by the Dudleys at the beginning to the show.

*Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
-Back in the ring, it was time for the ECW World Television title rematch from Living Dangerously, as Jerry Lynn challenged Rob Van Dam, accompanied by Bill Alfonso. They traded reversals in the beginning, with neither able to outmaneuver the other. Lynn hit Van Dam right in the eye with an elbow during a reversal and blood soon flowed from it. Lynn took control with a springboard dropkick to RVD on the apron, sending him to the floor. He followed with a top rope plancha and a guillotine legdrop as Van Dam tried to get back in the ring. Lynn got a top rope bulldog for two, but was crotched by Fonzie as he went up again. Rob missed a Van Daminator from the top, but then sent Lynn to the floor headfirst. Van Dam rolled a now bloody Lynn into the ring, then changed his mind and sent him over the guardrail instead. Van Dam took a running leap over the guardrail and sent Lynn into the chairs. RVD went for a slam, but Lynn went up and over and dropkicked Van Dam back over the rail. back in the ring, Lynn scored two with a sunset flip, but had his piledriver turned into a spinebuster. RVD then hit a spinning legdrop, but missed a somersault. The battled to the top rope, and Lynn took Van Dam down with a sunset flip for another two. They went to the floor again, and Rob hit a Van Daminator from the rail into the crowd. They fought up the apron to the top, and Van Dam backdropped Lynn through a table to the floor. Lynn was hung out on the guardrail, and RVD dropped a spinning legdrop on him. Back in the ring, Van Dam did a second rope flip and dropkicked a chair in Jerry’s face. RVD did a slingshot sit down splash, but could only get a two. Lynn came back and fought with Van Dam, who was on the apron, and delivered a sunset flip into a powerbomb, sending Van Dam through a table. Lynn rolled him back in, but Van Dam kicked out at two. Fonzie tried to bring in a chair, but after some reversals, ended up being hit with it by Lynn. Jerry then bridged with a German suplex for a two count. Lynn went up to the top, got crotched, and then the two battled briefly before they both fell off. RVD went for a chair, but Lynn dropkicked it into him, getting a two. They traded two counts and Lynn went for a cradle piledriver, but couldn’t get it applied. Van Dam hit a split leg moonsault, and again, only got two. A five star frog splash also got the champ a two count. He finally hit a Van Daminator, and another five star frog splash for the pin. An incredible match!

*While Rob Van Dam celebrated in the ring, the PPV saw the Dudleys claim their next victim, as Big Dick Dudley showed up with Chris Chetti for them to destroy. It was then revealed by Joey Styles that Shane Douglas was not in the building, but hopefully someone would agree to take on Justin Credible.

*Justin Credible vs. Sid
-Justin came to the ring with Jason and the woman with no name and took the mic, running down his accomplishments, which included breaking Shane Douglas’ ankle. Judge Jeff Jones came out and said he found Justin guilty as charged, and said he would be executed by the “Man”! With that, Sid made his return to ECW. He went right at Justin and flung him from the ring. He sent Justin throat first into the guardrail and tossed him back into the ring. Justin wanted to shake hands, but Sid went for the powerbomb, which Jason broke up. Sid powerbombed Jason, and Justin grabbed the Singapore cane, which had no effect on the big man. Sid chokeslammed Justin, then set up for the powerbomb. Lance Storm made a save, but took a chokeslam as well. Finally, Justin threw powder in Sid’s eyes and they double teamed him. Justin set up a table on the ramp, and they laid Sid on it. They were headed to the top, when Bill Alfonso and Sabu hit the ring. He set Justin on the table with Sid, and went to put him through it, but Lance pulled Justin off and Sid went through the table alone. Security and officials came out to stop Sabu, and he ended up putting Tony DeVito through a table. Credible and Storm headed to the back, and security finally got Sabu to the back as well. This left a none-to-happy Sid in the ring with Judge Jeff Jones. Sid viciously powerbombed Jones, and at the crowd’s urging, did it again.

*Taz vs. Bubba Ray Dudley *Heavyweight Championship*
-Bubba Ray Dudley and Sign Guy Dudley returned to the ring. Bubba explained that D-Von was going to come out and take the World title from Taz, but they had just beaten up Taz’ cousin, Chris Chetti, and D-Von had “broken his hand on Chetti’s skull”, so Bubba would have to take the title instead. Taz made his way out and the second World title match of the evening was on. Taz took an early advantage, and Bubba left the ring. Taz proclaimed that this would be FTW rules, meaning falls would count anywhere in the building. Bubba turned the match into a slugfest, and they fought onto the ramp. Taz hit a drop toe hold, then got an FTW street sign to use on Bubba. They battled through the ring, then out the other side, and begun working their way through the crowd. They ended up under the bleachers and into the lobby, by which time Taz was bleeding. They made it back to the ring, and Bubba hit a reverse elbow. Bubba went up top for his senton, but Taz grabbed him a Tazplexed him off. Sign Guy then distracted referee John Finnegan, and D-Von interfered. Bubba got a two count, then sent Taz in the corner for an avalanche. A second avalanche attempt was met with a clothesline, but Bubba came back with a side slam. A table was brought in and propped up in the corner. A second table was put in another corner. Taz was a bloody mess at this point, but fought back to his feet. John Finnegan tried to intervene, and was sent into a table. Pee Wee Moore came in as Bubba hit a Bubba bomb for a two count. D-Von reentered the fray, but Taz fought them off and sent Bubba through the other table with a T-bone Tazplex. Taz applied the Tazmission and Bubba quickly tapped out, allowing Taz to remain the World champion.

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