Kimberly Page

Feb 8, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Real name: Kimberly Falkinburg
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Date of birth: January 1, 1970
Hometown: Ft. Myers, FL
From: Los Angeles, CA


– Page made her debut in WCW as the Diamond Doll. She had a small role in the Diamond Dallas Page/Randy Savage feud. Page later developed the idea for the Nitro Girls.
– On the February 2, 1999 edition of “Nitro”, Page was knocked to the floor by Scott Steiner and suffered lacerations on her face and a minor concussion.
– The following week on “Nitro,” Page was about to leave the arena as Steiner came up and started bothering her. DDP then appeared and the two men began to fight. At one point, Kimberly and Steiner ended up in the car and he drove off. Page was then knocked from the car. She was put in a neckbrace.
– On the April 12, 1999 edition of “Nitro”, Page helped DDP retain the WCW World title from Steiner, by whacking him with a chair.
– In October 1999, it was announced that Page had quit the Nitro Girls.
– At the ’99 Halloween Havoc, Page was kissed by Ric Flair during a DDP-Flair “strap” match.
– On the November 1, 1999 edition of “Nitro,” Page hit David Flair with her car.
– Page was chased to her car by a tire iron swinging David Flair on the November 8, 1999 edition of “Nitro.”
– On the November 15, 1999 edition of “Nitro,” Page was scheduled to take on David Flair. Instead, her match was changed to Page vs. Asya with special guest referee, Torrie Wilson. The two battled, until Flair came out, which caused Page to exit the arena.
– At the ’99 Mayhem, Page and Flair battled to a no contest when Kanyon and DDP interfered in the match.
– In early 2000, a feud began between Buff Bagwell and DDP over whether or not Page had an affair with him while DDP was filmng a movie in Los Angeles.
– At Souled Out ’00, Bagwell defeated DDP in a “Last Man Standing” match. Page appeared at ringside late in the match-up.
– On the Janurary 17, 2000 edition of “Nitro,” Page was the guest referee in a DDP vs. Bagwell match. Bagwell at one point accidentally hit Kimberly, however she recovered which lead to a DDP victory.
– On the Janurary 19, 2000 edition of “Thunder,” Page was able to distracted Kanyon, so DDP could gain a victory over him.
– On the March 27, 2000 edition of “Nitro,” Page announced the return of her husband, DDP.
– On the April 10, 2000 edition of “Nitro,” Page took a guitar shot intended for DDP at the hands of Jeff Jarrett.
– Page and Madusa battled to a no contest on the April 12, 2000 “Thunder.”
– In a surprise to WCW fans, Page turned on her husband and cost him the WCW World title to Jarrett by hitting him with a guitar at the ’00 Spring Stampede.
– On the April 26, 2000 “Thunder,” Page officiated the DDP and David Arquette vs. Eric Bishoff and Jarrett WCW World title match. Arquette won the title.
– On the May 8, 2000 “Nitro,” Page held an unconscious DDP’s hand and made him sign divorce papers.
– Page wacked Elizabeth with a bat on the May 22, 2000 “Nitro.”
– Page was spanked by DDP on the May 24, 2000 edition of “Thunder.”
– On the June 6, 2000 edition of “Nitro,” DDP and Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler) downed his “ex” and Mike Awesome in a mixed tag team match.
– On June 16, 2000, it was announced that Page had quit WCW over “creative differences.”
– In the summer of 2005, Page appeared in the ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ movie.

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