Tank Abbott

Jan 18, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC

Photo credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC

Real name: David Lee Abbott
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 265 lbs.
Date of birth: April 26, 1965
From: Huntington Beach, CA
Pro debut: 1999
Trained by: Bobby Eaton
at the WCW Powerplant
Finishing move: Knockout Punch


– In his UFC debut on July 14, 1995, Abbott finished 2-1. He defeated John Matua and Paul Varelans, but lost to Oleg Taktarov.
– At Ultimate Ultimate 1995, Abbott split his two bouts. Tank beat Steve Jennum via a tap out, but lost to Dan “The Beast” Severn.
– At UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) 11, Abbott needed just 2:06 to defeat Sam Adkins on September 20, 1996.
– On December 7, 1996, at Ultimate Ultimate 1996, Abbott defeated Cal Worsham and Steve Nelmark, yet lost to Don Frye.
– On December 21, 1997, Abbott won a unanimous decision over Yoji Anjo at Ultimate Japan.
– At UFC 17 on May 13, 1998, Abbott beat Hugo Duarte when the referee stopped the fight due to punches.
– The following year, Abbott signed with World Championship Wrestling.
– At Souled Out 2000 in Cincinnati, OH, Abbott knocked out Jerry Lynn.
– On February 20th, Abbott defeated his former bodyguard Big Al at Superbrawl 2000 in a “Skins Match.” After the match, Tank attempted to cut off Big Al’s beard.
– At Uncensored 2000 in Miami, FL, Abbott knocked out WCW head of security Doug Dellinger during the Total Package vs. Sting LumberJack Match.
– When WCW couldn’t get Abbott over as a major tough guy, he was turned into a comedic character and an admirer of 3 Count.
– At New Blood Rising in Vancouver, 3 Count defeated the Jung Dragons in a ladder match with a recording contract hanging from the ceiling as the prize. After the match, Abbott walked out with the recording contract.
– In the fall of 2000, Abbott was sent to the Power Plant for further training and development.

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