Lance Storm

Jan 9, 2010 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Real name: Lance Evers
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 232 lbs.
Date of birth: April 3, 1969
From: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Pro debut: October 2, 1990
Trained at: Hart Brothers Pro-Wrestling Camp
Finishing move: Canadian Maple Leaf


– During the summer of 1990, Storm trained at the Hart Brothers Pro-Wrestling Camp in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The camp lasted eight weeks that included three-hour sessions, five days a week.
– Storm faced Chris Jericho in his pro wrestling debut. They wrestled to a 15-minute time limit draw. Storm also won a battle royal on the same card.
– Storm and Jericho formed a tag team dubbed Sudden Impact. In October 1991, they departed for a FMW tour in Japan.
– In August 1992, Storm wrestled for two weeks in Lebanon.
– On September 19, 1992, Storm and Jericho beat Eiji Ezaki and Mr. Gannosuke in Yokohama, Japan.
– Sudden Impact were recognized as the first CRMW (Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling) North American tag team champions on October 17, 1992.
– Storm defeated Jericho in the finals of a tournament to determine the first CRMW Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight title on November 13, 1992 in Calgary.
– Sudden Impact defeated the Brotherhood on January 23, 1993 to reclaim the CRMW North American tag team title in Calgary.
– On January 30, 1993, Storm defeated the Atomic Punk for the CRMW Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight title.
– During the summer of 1993, Storm competed in Otto Wanz’s German Catch Wrestling Association.
– On July 24, 1993, Storm pinned Hiroyoshi Yamamoto for the CWA Junior title. He defeated Yamamoto for the title for a second time three months later.
– Storm claimed his third CRMW Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight title from Jericho on January 28, 1994. Storm captured the title a total of five times.
– In 1994, Storm and Jericho moved to Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. The team was renamed as The Thrill Seekers.
– The Thrill Seekers beat Tom Pritchard and Jimmy Del Rey in a “street fight” on August 5, 1994.
– On August 8, 1994, Storm won the SMW Beat the Champ title in Saltville, VA.
– Storm pinned D-Lo Brown at Thanksgiving Thunder ’94 in Knoxville, TN.
– On June 21, 1995, Storm defeated Johnny Smith for the CRMW International/North American title.
– Storm toured Europe and Japan at the end of 1995.
– On March 27, 1996, Storm and Yuji Yasuraoka defeated Lion Do (Jericho) and Gedo for the WAR International Junior Tag Team title.
– Storm and Yasuraoka defeated Jushin Liger and El Samurai on November 9, 1996, for the International Junior Tag Team title.
– On December 13, 1996, Storm and Yasuraoka beat Tiger Mask (Sayama) and Masaaki Mochizuk in Tokyo.
– In February 1997, Storm joined Extreme Championship Wrestling.
– On July 6, 1997, Koki Kitahara, Nobutaka Araya, and Storm captured the vacant WAR World Six Man Tag Team title in Tokyo.
– Storm and Chris Candido defeated Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon and Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney in a three-way dance on December 6, 1997, to capture the ECW World tag team title at the ECW Arena.
– At the 1998 Living Dangerously PPV, Storm and Al Snow defeated Candido and Shane Douglas.
– On August 28, 1998, Dawn Marie debuted as Storm’s valet.
– Storm pinned Jerry Lynn at November 2 Remember ’98 and at Anarchy Rulz ’99.
– At Hardcore Heaven ’99, Storm pinned Tommy Dreamer.
– The Impact Players (Storm and Justin Credible) defeated Dreamer and Raven at Guilty as Charged 2000 to win the ECW World tag team title.
– At Living Dangerously 2000, the Impact Players defeated Raven and Mike Awesome and Dreamer and Masato Tanaka to regain the ECW World tag team title.
– Storm announced after the Hardcore Heaven 2000 PPV that he was leaving ECW for WCW.
– On May 16, 2000, Storm signed a three-year contract with WCW.
– Storm made his WCW debut on the June 19, 2000 edition of “Nitro.”
– On the July 18, 2000 “Nitro” in Auburn Hills, MI, Storm defeated Buff Bagwell, Douglas, and Mike Awesome to capture the vacant United States title.
– The following week on “Nitro,” Storm defeated Big Vito for the WCW Hardcore title.
– Storm claimed his third title in as many weeks on the July 31, 2000 episode of “Nitro,” capturing the Cruiserweight champion from Lieutenant Loco (Chavo Guerrero Jr.) in Cincinnati, OH.
– At New Blood Rising in Vancouver, Storm defeated Awesome (in a horribly booked match) with the assistance of Jacques Rougeau, who served as the special guest referee for the match.
– The next night on “Nitro,” Storm formed Team Canada with Rougeau, Oulette, and Prime Time. Storm gave the Hardcore title to Oulette, and the Cruiserweight title to Prime Time.
– At Fall Brawl 2000 in Buffalo, NY, Storm successfully retained the United States title against General Rection when Hacksaw Jim Duggan turned against Rection.
– After dropping the United States title to Terry Funk at the September 22, 2000 house show in Amarillo, TX, Storm regained the title the following night in Lubbock, TX.
– On the November 13, 2000 (taped November 10th in London, England) episode of “Nitro,” Storm defeated General Rection for the United States title when Major Gunns interfered.
– At Starrcade 2000 in Washington, D.C., Storm defeated “The Cat” Ernest Miller when Duggan interfered. After the match, Team Canada turned against Duggan.
– At the Sin PPV, Team Canada (Storm, Elix Skipper, and Mike Awesome) defeated the Filthy Animals (Kidman, Mysterio, and Konnan) in a “penalty box” match. Duggan served as the guest referee.
– On the February 12, 2001 episode of “Nitro,” Storm defeated Miller to become the commissioner of WCW.
– At WCW Greed in Jacksonville, FL, Storm and Awesome defeated Hugh Morrus and Konnan.
– In March 2001, Storm’s contract was purchased by the WWF as part of the WCW sale to WWFE.
– Storm made his WWF television debut on the May 28, 2001 edition of “Raw” by super kicking Perry Saturn.
– On the July 9, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Storm joined Paul Heyman in the recreation of ECW.
– On the July 23, 2001 edition of “Raw,” Storm used outside interference from Morrus to defeat Albert for the Intercontinental title in Buffalo, NY.
– At Vengeance ’02 in Detroit, MI, Storm and Christian defeated Hulk Hogan and Edge for the WWE World Tag Team title.
– At Summerslam ’02, Storm and Christian (now calling themselves the Un-Americans) defeated Booker T and Goldust to successfully defend the WWF World Tag Team title.
– On the January 6, 2003 episode of “Raw,” Storm and William Regal defeated Booker T and Goldust for the WWE World Tag Team title in Phoenix, AZ.
– One day after dropping the World Tag Team title to the Dudley Boyz, Storm and Regal regained the straps on the January 20, 2003 edition of “Raw” in Providence, RI.
– At No Way Out ’03, Storm and Regal successfully defended the World Tag Team title against Rob Van Dam and Kane.
– In April 2004, Storm retired from the ring. He announced plans to work in Ohio Valley Wrestling as a trainer.
– At ECW’s One Night Stand PPV, Storm defeated Chris Jericho.
– At ROH Border Wars ’12, Storm defeated Mike Bennett
– Storm wrestled his final match at the 2016 WrestleCon SuperShow, losing an OMEGA Heavyweight Title Match to Matt Hardy
– On June 30, 2017, Storm was voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.
– In March 2019, Storm announced that he was working for Impact Wrestling as a producer. He served as a guest referee at Impact’s Rebellion event
– On November 2, 2019, Storm announced that he was returning to WWE to work as a producer.
– In July 2020, Storm was officially released by WWE, having been furloughed since April
– In February 2022, Storm returned to Impact as a producer

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