Ted DiBiase

Dec 19, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Real name: Theodore Marvin DiBiase
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 245 lbs.
Date of birth: January 18, 1954
Born: Omaha, NE
Pro debut: June 1975
Trained by: Dory & Terry Funk
Finishing move: Million Dollar Dream

Million Dollar Man Interview


– On April 28, 1976, DiBiase and Dick Murdoch captured the Mid South United States Tag Team titles.
– In December 1976, DiBiase captured the Mid South North American title from the Brute.
– DiBiase defeated Bob Slaughter in Kansas City, KS on May 19, 1977 for the Central States Heavyweight title. – DiBiase defeated Bob Brown on January 7, 1978 to regain the Central States title.
– On February 12, 1978, DiBiase defeated Dick Slater in St. Louis, MO for the Missouri Heavyweight title.
– On November 23, 1978, DiBiase captured the vacate Amarillo, Texas version of the International title.
– In early 1979, DiBiase and Merced Solis (Tito Santana) captured the NWA Western States Tag Team titles.
– Up his WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) arrival in 1979, DiBiase was recognized as the promotion’s North American champion.
– DiBiase regained the Mid South North American title on January 2, 1980.
– On August 2, 1980, DiBiase defeated Mr. Wrestling II to successfully defend the Mid South North American title.
– DiBiase and Stan Frazier defeated the Fabulous Freebirds (Michaels Hayes and Terry Gordy) on January 26, 1981 for the Georgia National Tag Team titles in Augusta, GA.
– DiBiase and Steve Olsonoski downed the Fabulous Freebirds in Marietta, GA to claim the Georgia National Tag Team titles on June 10, 1981.
– On November 1, 1981, DiBiase defeated Paul Orndorff for his third Mid South North American title.
– DiBiase defeated Ken Patera on November 21, 1980 to regain the Missouri title.
– DiBiase defeated Tully Blanchard on May 1, 1982 in New Orleans, LA.
– On June 23, 1982, DiBiase defeated the Junkyard Dog for the Mid South North American title.
– DiBiase Junkyard Dog and Matt Borne defeated Mr. Olympia and the Junkyard Dog for the Mid South Tag Team title on October 27, 1982 in Shreveport, LA.
– On November 25, 1982, DiBiase and Borne defeated the Freebirds (Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts).
– On April 13, 1983, DiBiase and Mr. Olympia defeated Mr. Wrestling II and Tiger Conway Jr. to capture the Mid South Tag Team titles.
– DiBiase and Mr. Olympia beat Mr. Wrestling II and Conway Jr. to retain the Mid South Tag Team titles on April 16, 1983.
– On October 14, 1983, DiBiase won a twelve-man U.S. tournament for All Japan’s United National Heavyweight title.
– DiBiase defeated Brett Wayne on November 18, 1983 in Atlanta, GA for the Georgia National Heavyweight title.
– DiBiase pinned The Spoiler on July 14, 1984 in Macon, GA to regain the Georgia National Heavyweight title.
– On December 3, 1984, Dibiase and Hercules Hernandez defeated Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to win the Mid South Tag Team titles.
– On January 16, 1985, Dibiase pinned Brad Armstrong for the Mid South North American title.
– Stan Hansen selected Dibiase to be his new tag team partner on March 21, 1985, and were recognized as PWF (Pacific Wrestling Federation) World Tag Team champions.
– DiBiase and Steve Williams defeated the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express on May 3, 1985 in Houston, TX for the Mid South Tag Team titles.
– On June 1, 1985, Dibiase and Williams beat the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to retain the Mid South Tag Team titles.
– DiBiase and Williams defeated Nord the Barbarian and Jake Roberts in a “steel cage” match at the Superdome in New Orleans on August 10, 1985.
– On August 31, 1985, DiBiase and Hansen defeated Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu.
– In September 1985, Dibiase won a tournament in Phoenix, AZ to claim the Texas All-Star Wrestling U.S.A. Heavyweight Title.
– On December 12, 1985, Dibiase and Hansen won the All Japan Real World Tag Team Tournament.
– DiBiase and Williams beat the Eddie Gilbert and Murdoch on December 26, 1985 in Biloxi, MS for the Mid South Tag Team title. In March 1986, the tag team title was renamed the UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles.
– On July 31, 1986, DiBiase, Pete Roberts, and the Destroyer defeated Animal Hamaguchi, Kuniaki Kobayashi, and Nobuo Honaga in Tokyo, Japan.
– On July 11, 1987, Dibiase and Hansen defeated Tiger Mask and Jumbo Tsuruta in Yonago, Japan for the PWF Tag Team titles. It was later announced that DiBiase had vacated the title to jump to the World Wrestling Federation and became the “Million Dollar Man.”
– In February 1988, DiBiase bought the WWF title belt from Andre the Giant after the he beat Hulk Hogan for the strap. However, WWF President Jack Tunney stated it was not a legal maneuver and declared the title vacate.
– On October 16, 1988 in Providence, RI, DiBiase won the King of the Ring tournament.
– At the 1991 Royal Rumble, Dibiase and Virgil defeated Dusty and Dustin Rhodes.
– DiBiase found himself the “Million Dollar Woman” in the form of Sherri Martel following Wrestlemania VII. Sherri replaced Virgil, who ended up feuding with DiBiase.
– DiBiase and Haku beat The Great Kabuki and Takashi Ishikawa on March 30, 1991 at the Tokyo Egg Dome.
– On December 3, 1991, Dibiase and Repo Man defeated Virgil and Tito Santana at the WWF’s “Tuesday in Texas” PPV.
– DiBiase pinned Kerry Von Erich on December 12, 1991 in Tokyo, Japan.
– Money Inc. (Dibiase and Irwin R. Schyster) defeated the Legion of Doom on February 7, 1992 in Denver, CO to win the WWF World Tag Team title.
– On October 13, 1992, Money Inc. regained the WWF Tag Team titles by defeating the Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) in Worcester, MA.
– Money Inc. claimed their third WWF Tag Team title on June 16, 1993 in Rockford, IL by defeating the Steiner brothers.
– On September 3, 1993, DiBiase and Hansen beat Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue to win the All Japan World Tag Team titles.
– Dibiase defeated Jun Akiyama at All Japan’s 21st Anniversary show on October 23, 1993.
– Dibiase’s in ring career ended in 1994 due to a neck injury. At different times, Dibiase managed Andre the Giant and Steve Austin.
– He resurfaced in WCW, aligning himself with the nWo and on a separate occasion, with the Steiner brothers. He managed the Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) and the Steiners to WCW World Tag Team gold.
– DiBiase left the wrestling business in 1999 to become an evangelist.
– In November 2003, DiBiase arrived in IWA Japan doing the Million Dollar Man gimmick, claiming to bring in big name talent into the struggling company.
– In early 2005, DiBiase accepted a position with WWE as an agent.
– On April 1, 2006, DiBiase inducted Sherri Martel into the WWE hall of fame.
– In October 2006, DiBiase was released by WWE.
– DiBiase introduced his son, Ted DiBiase Jr., on the May 26, 2008 edition of Raw, as the newest member of the WWE roster.
– DiBiase headlined the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, being inducted by his sons, Ted and Brett.
– On October 1, 2010, DiBiase was voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.

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