Paul Heyman

Dec 7, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

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Real name: Paul Heyman Jr.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 233 lbs.
Date of birth: September 11, 1965
From: Scarsdale, NY
Pro debut: 1986


– Heyman debuted as Paul E. Dangerously, a manager on the independent circuit.
– In 1986, Dangerously managed Austin Idol and Tommy Rich in the AWA Southern promotion. He often clashed with Jerry “The King” Lawler.
– Dangerously guided the Mercenaries to the CWA (Championship Wrestling Association) International Tag Team title in April 1987.
– On October 30, 1987, Dangerously led the Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose) over Lawler and Bill Dundee to the AWA World Tag Team title in Whitewater, WI.
– Dangerously left the AWA, and joined Jim Crockett’s NWA/WCW promotion. Dangerously’s managerial vacancy in the AWA was filled by Diamond Dallas Page.
– In 1988 and 1989, Dangerously’s Midnight Express feuded with Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) in WCW.
– On July 14, 1989, Dangerously aided the Freebirds in their match against Cornette’s Midnight Express in the finals of the WCW World Tag Team tournament.
– The angle set up a Cornette vs. Dangerously Tuxedo match at the 1989 Great American Bash in Baltimore, MD.
– Dangerously created a stable of wrestlers he called the Dangerous Alliance. The group consisted of Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, Larry Zbyzsko, Bobby Eaton, and Madusa.
– An on air feud with Missy Hyatt led to an arm wrestling match at the Clash of the Champions XIV on January 30, 1991.
– Later in 1991, Dangerously bought the contract of then WCW television champion “Stunning” Steve Austin.
– On November 19, 1991, Rude captured the United States title from Sting at Clash of the Champions XVII.
– Once again under Dangerously’s tutelage, Austin and Rude downed Big Josh and Van Hammer at the 1991 Starrcade.
– At Superbrawl II in Milwaukee, WI, Dangerously, dressed as Ricky Steamboat’s ninja assistant, aided Rude in his U.S. title match against “The Dragon.”
– Rude possessed the championship until an injury in December 1992 forced WCW to strip him of the title.
– Dangerously managed Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton past Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes on January 16, 1992 for the WCW World Tag Team title.
– With Dangerously in Austin’s corner, the “Stunning” one captured his second Television title on May 23, 1992 from Barry Windham.
– Austin and Rude defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on the Clash of the Champions XIX.
– A falling out with Madusa led to a match against her on November 18, 1992 at the Clash of the Champions XXI in Macon, GA.
– On September 18, 1993, Heyman became the booker for ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling).
– In 1996, Heyman purchased ECW from Tod Gordon, and renamed the promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling.
– On March 10, 1997, Heyman debated Lawler on “Raw” in Worcester, MA.
– Heyman staged ECW’s first pay-per-view called “Barely Legal” on April 13, 1997.
– On May 12, 1997, Heyman brought wrestlers from ECW to “Raw” to work a short-lived WWF/ECW angle.
– In the summer of 1999, ECW signed a three-year contract with TNN (then The Nashville Network) to produce a weekly Friday night wrestling show.
– Heyman arrived in the WWF on the March 5, 2000 episode of “Raw,” replacing Lawler on color analysis.
– Heyman led the ECW invasion on “Raw,” joining forces with former members of his roster. Later on the show, Heyman formed an alliance with Shane McMahon’s WCW.
– After months away from television following the defeat of the Alliance to team WWF, Heyman returned in March 2002, this time managing newcomer Brock Lesnar.
– At Judgment Day ’02, Lesnar and Heyman defeated the Hardy Boyz.
– With Heyman in his corner, Lesnar defeated The Rock at the 2002 Summerslam to become the youngest WWE champion in the company’s history.
– At Survivor Series ’02, Heyman turned against Lesnar and joined forces with The Big Show, who with Heyman’s help, defeated “the next big thing” to capture the WWE title.
– On the December 19, 2002 episode of “Smackdown,” Heyman was introduced as Kurt Angle’s agent.
– Heyman was named the new Smackdown general manager on the October 23, 2003 edition of the show.
– Heyman was selected by “Raw” General Manager Eric Bischoff during the “draft lottery” on March 22, 2004 to join the “Raw” Roster. Heyman left in protest.
– At the April 20, 2004 “Smackdown” taping, Heyman returned as General Manager of the show.
– Following the release of Jim Cornette, Heyman became head booker for Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2005.
– On May 29, 2006, during a face off with Mick Foley on “Raw,” Heyman drafted Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle for Vince McMahon’s version of ECW.
– On the debut episode of ECW on Sci Fi on June 13, 2006, Heyman presented Van Dam the ECW title belt.
– On Decemebr 4, 2006, Heyman was sent home by WWE following a terrible ECW December to Dismember PPV.
– During the summer of 2007, Heyman’s WWE contract expired.
– On August 1, 2010, Heyman was voted in the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.
– In 2012, Heyman return to WWE with Brock Lesnar
– In September of that year, Heyman allied himself with CM Punk
– In May 2013, Heyman unveiled Michael McGillicutty as the newest ‘Paul Heyman guy’ and would quickly re-dub him ‘Curtis Axel’
– At Money In The Bank 2013, Heyman turned on CM Punk
– At Night of Champions ’13, Heyman & Axel defeated Punk, thanks to interference from Ryback
– In November, Heyman dissolved his stable, returning to counting Brock Lesnar as his sole client
– In June 2019, WWE shook up their creative teams, appointing Heyman as the Executive Director of Raw. He would continue his on-screen duties with Lesnar
– In June 2020, Heyman was removed from his position on the Raw creative team, as WWE streamlined their writing groups into one cohesive unit
– In August 2020, with Lesnar having legitimately not signed a new WWE deal, Heyman aligned himself with the newly-heel Roman Reigns

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