Keiji Mutoh

Dec 3, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck


Real name: Keiji Mutoh
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 245 lbs.
Date of birth: December 23, 1962
From: Yamanishi, Japan
Pro debut: October 4, 1984
Trained by: Hiro Matsuda & NJPW
Finishing move: Moonsault


– Mutoh wrestled as the White Ninja in New Japan, and teamed with the Great Kabuki as the Rising Sons. With facial makeup, Mutoh was transformed into the Great Muta.
– The White Ninja captured the NWA Florida title on May 21, 1986 by defeating Kendall Windham in Tampa, FL.
– On December 11, 1986, Mutoh and Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Mr. Pogo and Kendo Nagasaki in the finals of the Japan Cup Tag Team League.
– Mutoh and Shiro Koshinaka won a seven team round robin tournament final to capture the IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) Tag Team title on May 20, 1987.
– Wrestling as the Super Black Ninja, Mutoh captured the WWC (World Wrestling Council) Television title on February 6, 1988 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
– On May 14, 1988, Super Black Ninja defeated Miguelito Perez for the WWC Puerto Rican title in Caguas, Puerto Rico.
– In 1989, Mutoh agreed to work for the NWA/WCW as the Great Muta.
– On September 3, 1989, the Great Muta defeated Sting for the NWA World Television title in Atlanta, GA.
– Mutoh and Masahiro Chono defeated Shin’ya Hashimoto and Masa Saito on April 27, 1990 in Osaka, Japan to regain the IWGP Tag Team title.
– Inoki’s 30th Wrestling Anniversary show in September 1990, Mutoh defeated Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.
– Mutoh and Hiroshi Hase beat Rick Steiner and Scott Norton on November 5, 1991 for the IWGP Tag Team title.
– On August 10, 1992, Mutoh pinned Steve Austin.
– On August 16, 1992, the Great Muta defeated Riki Choshu in Fukuoka, Japan to claim the IWGP title.
– Mutoh successfully defended the IWGP title against Sting on November 22, 1992 at Sumo Hall.
– The Great Muta won the 1992 Starrcade “battle bowl” battle royal.
– On January 4, 1993, the Great Muta defeated Chono at the Tokyo Dome to capture the NWA World title.
– In November 1993, Mutoh and Hase won the Super Grade Tag League III tournament, beating Scott Norton and Hercules Hernandez in the finals.
– In October 1994, Mutoh and Hase won the Super Grade Tag League IV tournament.
– Mutoh and Hase downed the Hell Raisers on November 25, 1994 in Iwate, Japan to regain the IWGP Tag Team title.
– Mutoh beat Shin’ya Hashimoto on May 3, 1995 to regain the IWGP title.
– At WCW’s Slamboree ’95, the Great Muta successfully defended the IWGP title against Paul Orndorff in St. Petersburg, FL.
– On October 19, 1997, Mutoh and Chono defeated Kazuo Yamazaki and Kensuke Sasaki in Kobe, Japan for the IWGP Tag Team title. The duo eventually vacated the title due to Mutoh’s knee surgery.
– Mutoh claimed his third IWGP title on January 4, 1999 at the Tokyo Dome by defeating Scott Norton.
– In September 1999, Mutoh and Norton won the G-1 Tag-Team League ’99 tournament.
– Mutoh and Vampiro defeated Kronik in Vancouver, B.C. on August 13, 2000 to win the WCW World Tag Team title.
– At Inoki’s “Bom-ba-ye” New Year’s End ’00, Mutoh and Nobuhiko Takada defeated Ken Shamrock and Don Frye.
– On June 8, 2001, Mutoh beat Gen’ichiro Tenryu to capture the Triple Crown title.
– Mutoh and Taiyo Kea defeated Tenryu and Yoji Anjoh on October 22, 2001 to win the All Japan Tag Team title in Niigata, Japan.
– On October 28, 2001, Mutoh and Kea defeated Osamu Nishimura and Tatsumi Fujinami in Fukuoka, Japan to win the IWGP Tag Team title.
– In the of 2002, Mutoh won All Japan’s Championship Carnival.
– Mutoh gave up the IWGP Tag Team title and left New Japan for rival All Japan Pro Wrestling. Mutoh became president of the promotion in September 2002.
– On October 27, 2002, the Great Muta defeated Tenryu to regain the Triple Crown title.
– On January 19, 2003, the Great Muta and Goldberg defeated Kronik at the Egg Dome.
– Mutoh, Taka Michinoku, and Caol Uno defeated Apeman (Jimmy Yang), the Great Sasuke, and the Great Kosuke on May 10, 2003 in Tokyo.
– In a tournament final, Mutoh and Arashi defeated Satoshi Kojima and Yang on June 8, 2003 in Yokohama, Japan to capture the vacate All Japan Tag Team title.
– On April 20, 2004, Mutoh defeated Kensuke Sasaki to win the Champion Carnival tournament.
– On July 21, 2004 in Honolulo, Hawaii, the Great Muta and Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Satoshi Kojima.
– The Great Muta defeated Akebono on August 4, 2005 in Tokyo.
– The Great Muta, Ultimo Dragon, Johnny Stamboli and Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak) defeated Brazo de Plata, Lizmark, Universo 2000, and Black Warrior on May 14, 2006 in Mexico City, Mexico.
– Mutoh won the 2007 Champion’s Carnival tournament.
– On December 9, 2007 in Osaka, Japan, Mutoh and Joe Doring defeated Satoshi Kojima & Kohei Suwama to win the 2007 Strongest Tag League.
– Keiji Muto beat Shinsuke Nakamura on April 27, 2008 in Osaka to become the 49th IWGP champion.
– On September 28, 2008 in Yokohama, The Great Muta defeated Suwama with a moonsault press to become the 38th Triple Crown champion.
– On December 1, 2008, The Great Muta was inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame.
– Muto resigned as President of All Japan Pro Wrestling in June 2011.

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