Latin Lover

Nov 14, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck


Real name: Victor Manuel Resendiz
Height: 6’1
Weight: 216 lbs.
Date of birth: October 25, 1967
Born: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Pro debut: June 7, 1992
Trained by: El Vasco, Blue Fish,
& Shibata
Finishing move: La Casita


– On May 1, 1994 Latin Lover won the hair of El Signo.
– On May 15, 1994 at TripleMania II-B, Latin Lover, Angel Azteca, and Fantasma defeated Maremoto, Terremoto, and Hectombre.
– On September 9, 1994, Latin Lover and Heavy Metal captured the Mexican Tag Team title.
– Latin Lover and Panterita del Ring claimed the Mexican Tag Team title from Fuerza and Juventud Guerrera on June 1, 1995.
– On June 15, 1996 at TripleMania IV-B Latin Lover, Sergio Romo Jr., and Antifaz defeated Jerry Estrada, Sanguinario, and Arandu.
– On September 9, 1996 in Nuevo Laredo, Latin Lover won his first Mexican Light-Heavyweight title.
– At the 1997 Royal Rumble, Latin Lover participated in the 30-man rumble match.
– On February 21, 1997, Latin Lover won the 1st Annual Rey De Reyes Tournament.
– On June 15, 1997 at TripleMania V-B Latin Lover defeated Pierroth Jr.
– At TripleMania VII on June 11, 1999, Latin Lover, AAA Mascara Sagrada, Path Finder and El Alebrije defeated Espectro Jr., Cibernetico, Abismo Negro II, and Electro Shock.
– On October 19, 1999 in Acuna, Mexico, Latin Lover captured his second Mexican Light-Heavyweight title.
– On June 17, 2000 at the AAA/EMLL Supershow, Latin Lover (AAA), Tarzan Bo (EMLL), and Hector Garza (AAA) defeated Team EMLL (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero and Satanico).
– At TripleMania VIII on July 5, 2000, Latin Lover, Octagon, Jushin Liger, and Cuije defeated Cibernetico, Shiima Nobunaga, Abismo Negro, and Electro Shock.
– On May 25, 2001 at TripleMania IX, Latin Lover defeated Heavy Metal, Perro Aguayo Jr., and Garza to win the TripleMania Cup.
– On July 5, 2002 at TripleMania X-B, Latin Lover, La Parka Jr., El Alebrije, and Gronda defeated Leatherface, Cibernetico, Negro, and Monsther.
– Latin Lover defeated Garza in a “hair vs. hair” match on October 26, 2003 in Monterrey, Mexico.
– On November 30, 2003, Latin Lover and Michael Shane won a tag team tournament in Naucalpan, Mexico.
– On June 20, 2004, Latin Lover, Garza, and Gronda defeated Abyss, Chessman, and Abismo Negro at the 12th version of TripleMania in Naucalpan before 16,000 fans.
– Latin Lover announced his retirement from pro wrestling on January 26, 2006.

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