L.A. Park

Nov 14, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Adolfo Tapia
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 255 lbs.
Date of birth: November 14, 1965
From: Mexico
Pro debut: 1982
Trained by: Alberto Mora ad Raul Reyes
Finishing move: Skytwister Press


– On May 29, 1993, La Parka, Angel Blanco Jr. and Fantasma defeated Tinieblas Jr., Lizmark and Mascara Sagrada in Queretoro, Mexico.
– In August 1993, La Parka captured the WWA (World Wrestling Association) Light Heavyweight title.
– La Parka and Jerry Estrada won AAA’s Tag Team Tournament on February 25, 1994 in Poza Rica, Mexico.
– La Parka defeated Lizmark on June 20, 1994, in Monterrey, Mexico to regain the WWA Light Heavyweight title.
– On September 9, 1994, La Parka defeated Lizmark to win the D.F. National Light Heavyweight title.
– On June 10, 1995 at Triplemania III – A in Orizaba, Mexico, La Parka, Konnan, Perro Aguayo and Octagon defeated Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 200, Pentagon and Jerry Estrada.
– La Parka , El Hijo del Santo, Octagon, and Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Pentagon, Blue Panther, Psicosis and Fuerza Guerrera on June 18, 1995.
– La Parka defeated Estrada on August 26, 1995 in Monterrey to reclaim the D.F. National Light Heavyweight title.
– On June 15, 1996, La Parka, Octagon, and Mascara Sagrada beat Killer, Cien Caras and Heavy Metal in a “lumberjack” match.
– La Parka, Winners, Super Calo and Mexicano beat Estrada, Fishman, Villano IV and My Flowers in an “elimination” match on July 15, 1996 in Madero, Mexico.
– At Superbrawl VII on February 23, 1997, La Parka, Konnan and Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, and Ciclope.
– On August 14, 1998, La Parka defeated Pirata Morgan in Isabel, Mexico to capture the IWC (International Wrestling Council) title.
– On December 20, 2001, La Parka, Mr. Niebla and Brazo de Plata defeated Emilio Charles Jr., Rey Bucanero and Black Tiger.
– La Parka won a “steel cage” match over Pierroth Jr. on November 7, 2002.
– On April 6, 2003, La Parka, Sagrada and Tinieblas Sr. defeated Apolo Dantes, Pierroth Jr. and Universo 2000 in Monterrey.
– On May 9, 2003 in Orlando, FL, La Parka defeated Sabu.
– In early 2004, Tapia changed his ring name to L.A. Park since AAA owned the legal rights to the gimmick.
– On January 23, 2004 in Mexico City, Mexico, Park and Shocker defeated Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero to capture the CMLL (Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre) Tag Team title.
– On February 4, 2006 in Torreon, Park defeated Black Tiger in a “mask vs. mask” match.
– Park beat Pierroth on November 15, 2007 in Xalapa in a mask vs. hair match which featured barbed wire, fire, light tubes and tables in an extreme rules match.
– In 2010, he returned to AAA.
– March 18, 2011, Par-K competed in the AAA Rey de Reyes ’11.
– July 31st, Par-K competed in a 3-Way for the AAA Mega Title.
– October 7th, Par-K challenged Dr. Wagner Jr. for the UWA Title.
– October 9th, Par-K competed in the AAA Copa Antonio Pena ’11 Royal Rumble.
– December 16th, Par-K defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. for the AAA Latin America Title.
– March 18, 2012, Par-K competed in the AAA Rey de Reyes ’12.
– May 19th, Par-K would retain the AAA Latin America Title in a 5-Way Elimination.
– July 13th, Par-K would defend the title against Abyss.
– March 17, 2013, Par-K would win the AAA Rey de Reyes ’13.
– September 14th, Par-K would win the vacant IWL Title in a 4-Way Elimination.
– October 1st, Par-K would lose the title to Dr. Wagner Jr. in a 5-Way Elimination.
– April 27, 2014, Par-K would challenge Dr. Wagner Jr. for the title.
– July 20th, Par-K competed in a 6-Way Ladder for the vacant IWRG Intercontinental Title.
– May 31, 2015, Par-K would win a 3-Way Elimination for the vacant XWW Universal Title.
– May 21, 2016, Park competed in the Elite Battle Royal for the vacant LLE Elite Title.
– May 7, 2017, Park would retain the XWW Universal Title against Ultimo Guerrero.
– September 11th, Park would win the vacant G21 Title in a 3-Way.
– January 6, 2018, Park would defend the title in a 4-Way Ladder Match.
– April 30th, Park would retain the title against Rey Wagner.
– September 6th, Park would defeat Pentagon Jr. at MLW War Games.
– September 12th, Los Parks (Park & El Hijo de LA Park) won the vacant G21 Tag Team Titles in a 4-Way.
– September 13th, La Parka defeated Eli Drake on Impact Wrestling.
– October 4th, Park defeated PCO at MLW Fury Road.
– October 17th, Park retained the G21 Title in a 3-Way Cage Match.
– November 8th, Los Parks challenged The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix) for the MLW Tag Team Titles.
– December 13th, Park defeated Sami Callihan on MLW Fusion.
– December 14th, Park defeated Gringo Loco on MLW Fusion.
– March 2, 2019, Park defeated Mance Warner in a Death Match on MLW Fusion.
– March 4th, Los Parks retained the G21 Tag Team Titles in a 3-Way.
– March 5th, Park would defend the G21 Title in a 3-Way.
– April 4th, Park defeated Pentagon Jr on MLW Fusion.
– April 5th, Park won the MLW Battle Riot Match.
– May 19th, Park competed in a 3-Way for the KAOZ Title.
– July 6th, Los Parks defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. on MLW Fusion.
– July 25th, Park defeated Jimmy Havoc in a NYC Street Fight on MLW Fusion.
– July 26th, Los Parks challenged Warbeast (Jacob Fatu & Josef) for the DEFY & PCW ULTRA Tag Team Titles.
– September 7th, Los Parks defeated Septimo Dragon & Magnus on MLW Fusion.
– October 5th, Park & La Rebelion Amarilla (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 66) defeated Contra Unit (Ikuro Kwon, Simon Gotch & Josef Samael) on MLW Fusion.
– November 2nd, Park challenged Jacob Fatu for the MLW Title.
– February 1, 2020, Los Parks defeated Contra Unit (Simon Gotch & Josef Samael) at MLW Fightland.

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