Shawn Osbourne

Nov 10, 2009 - by Steve Gerweck


Real name: Shawn McGrath
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230 lbs.
Date of birth: May 9, 1976
Date of death: January 26, 2011
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Pro debut: March 8, 2003
Trained by: Les Thatcher & Cody Hawk
Finishing move: Bad Seed Slam


– Osbourne used the nickname Bad Seed. He also went by the ring name Number One while in the group The Black Militia (HWA).
– January 3, 2004, The Black Militia (One, Three, Four & Five) lost a 4 on 1 Gauntlet match to Deuce at HWA Winter of Discontent.
– February 6th, Black Militia (One & Four) defeated Deuce & Brian Jennings at HWA Ground Zero.
– May 16th, Black Militia (Osbourne, Michael Slade & Benjamin Kimera) & Gotti lost to Ooga Booga, El Temor, Brother Clay & Brian Jennings at HWA Basebrawl.
– June 15th, Osbourne & Benjamin Kimera defeated HWA Icons (Cody Hawk & Matt Stryker) to win the HWA Tag Team Titles.
– July 2nd, Osbourne & Kimera retained the titles against HWA Icons.
– August 14th, Osbourne lost to Matt Stryker in the Final match of the HWA One Night Tournament.
– August 17th, Osbourne & Kimera lost the HWA Tag Team Titles to Lotus & Crazy J.
– January 7, 2005, Osbourne defeated JT Stahr at HWA Cold as Ice ’05.
– March 11th, Osbourne defeated Benjamin Kimera at HWA Retribution.
– March 25th, Osbourne defeated Rory Fox for the HWA Heavyweight Title.
– March 29th, Osbourne retained the title against Matt Stryker.
– April 19th, Osbourne defended the title against Jimmy Turner.
– April 22nd, Osbourne retained the title against Benjamin Kimera.
– May 20th, Osbourne defended the title against Rory Fox.
– June 7th, Osbourne & Cody Hawk challenged Foreign Intelligence (Ala Hussein & Quinten Lee) for the HWA Tag Team Titles.
– June 17th, Osbourne lost the HWA Heavyweight Title to Matt Stryker.
– July 19th, Osbourne competed in a 3-Way for the HWA Heavyweight Title.
– July 22nd, Osbourne defeated Dick Rick at HWA Blue Note.
– August 19th, Osbourne lost to Rory Fox in a Loser Leaves Town match at HWA Aggression.
– November 22nd, Osbourne competed in a 4-Way for the IZW Heavyweight Title.
– December 20th, Osbourne challenged Mr. Showtyme for the IZW Western States Title.
– February 28, 2006, Osbourne challenged Lawrence Tyler for the IZW Heavyweight Title.
– May 23rd, Osbourne lost to Gregory Helms on WWE Velocity.
– June 2006, Osbourne signed a developmental deal with the WWE.
– July 14th, Osbourne & Eddie Craven competed in a Gauntlet for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.
– July 19th, Osbourne lost to Elijah Burke on OVW TV.
– August 2nd, Osbourne competed in a Gauntlet on OVW TV.
– August 9th, Osbourne & Brent Albright defeated Shad Gaspard & The Neighborhoodie on OVW TV.
– October 4th, Osbourne defeated Ryan Reeves on OVW TV.
– November 2nd, Bad Kompany (Osbourne & Mike Kruel) challenged Shawn Spears & Cody Runnels for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.
– November 15th, Bad Kompany (Osbourne, Mike Kruel & Eddie Kraven) defeated Chris Rombola & High Dosage (Jon Bolen & Ryan Reeves) on OVW TV.
– February 15, 2007, Osbourne & Jon Bolen lost to Freakin Deacon & G-Rilla on DSW TV.
– March 17th, Osbourne & Jon Bolen lost to Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis at DSW Park Slam.
– April 5th, Osbourne & Jon Bolen defeated Harry Smith & TJ Wilson on DSW TV.
– April 12th, Osbourne defeated Kofi Nahaje Kingston on DSW TV.
– June 30th, Osbourne challenged Harry Smith for the FCW Southern Heavyweight Title.
– September 25th, Osbourne lost to Ted Hart at FCW Wrestling for Whiskers.
– February 2008, Osbourne was released by the WWE.
– February 16th, Osbourne & Robert Anthony challenged The YRR (Kenny King & Jason Blade) for the FIP Tag Team Titles.
– August 23rd, Osbourne lost to Chasyn Rance at FIP Heatstroke ’08.
– October 11th, Osbourne defeated CJ O’Doyle at FIP Fallout ’08.
– February 7, 2009, Osbourne lost to Jerry Lynn at ROH Proving Ground – Tag 2.
– May 1st, Osbourne & Francisco Ciatso defeated The Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis) for the PWR Tag Team Titles.
– May 16th, Osbourne lost to Tommy Taylor at the PWF One Year Anniversary Show.
– June 6th, Osbourne competed in a 3-Way for the PWF Title.
– June 26, 2011, Osbourne passed away due to an apparent suicide.

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