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Real name: Terry Gerin
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 295 lbs.
Date of birth: October 7, 1975
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Pro debut: March 10, 1995
Trained by: Scott D’Amore,
Doug Chevalier, & Mickey Doyle
Finishing move: Gore


– In 1997, Rhyno, wrestling as Rhino Richards, arrived in Germany to compete in Otto Wanz’s CWA (Catch Wrestling Association) promotion.
– On October 11, 1997, Rhyno and Jean-Pierre Lafitte captured the CWA World Tag Team title from Tony St. Clair and Christian Eckstein in Hannouver, Germany.
– Rhyno and Joe E. Legend (formerly “Just” Joe in the WWF) defeated Augst Smisl and Rico de Cuba on October 10, 1998 for the CWA World Tag Team title.
– Shortly after joining ECW, Steve Corino started serving as Rhyno’s mouth piece.
– At November 2 Remember ’99, Rhyno, Lance Storm and Justin Credible defeated the Sandman, Raven, and Tommy Dreamer.
– Rhyno defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri on April 22, 2000 for the ECW World Television title in Philadelphia, PA.
– At Hardcore Heaven ’00, Rhyno successfully defended the ECW World Television title against the Sandman.
– On September 9, 2000, Rhyno pinned Kid Kash for his second ECW World Television title in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
– Rhyno scored one of his biggest victories at Anarchy Rulz 2000, defeating Rob Van Dam in St. Paul, MN.
– At November 2 Remember 2000, Rhyno defeated New Jack.
– Rhyno successfully defended the ECW Television title against Little Spike Dudley at the Massacre on 34th Street PPV.
– At Guilty As Charged 2001, Rhyno captured the ECW World title from the Sandman in Manhattan, NY.
– Weeks later, Rhyno signed a three-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation.
– On February 20, 2001, Rhyno made his WWF debut in a dark match prior to a “Smackdown” taping in Kansas City. Rhyno defeated Bo Dupp with a new TKO finishing maneuver.
– Rhyno made his WWF television debut on the March 19, 2001 episode of “Raw,” and assisted Edge and Christian in defeating the Hardy Boyz for the WWF World Tag Team title.
– On the April 2, 2001 edition of “Raw,” Rhyno defeated WWF Light Heavyweight champion Crash Holly in a non-title match. Afterwards, Rhyno speared Molly Holly.
– Rhyno defeated Kane for the WWF Hardcore title at the April 17, 2001 “Smackdown” taping in Nashville, TN.
– Six days later on “Raw,” Rhyno successfully defended the Hardcore title against Spike Dudley.
– At Backlash ’01 in Chicago, IL, Rhyno won a hard fought battle with Raven to retain the Hardcore championship.
– On the April 30, 2001 edition of “Raw,” Rhyno defeated Chris Jericho, thanks to outside interference from Edge and Christian, to remain Hardcore champion.
– At Judgment Day 2001 in Sacramento, CA, Rhyno defeated the Big Show and Test in a three-way dance to again retain the Hardcore title.
– Moments after Jericho defeated the Big Show for the Hardcore title on the May 28, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Rhyno speared Y2J on the entrance ramp to regain the Hardcore championship.
– On June 25, 2001, Rhyno defeated Test for the Hardcore title, but moments later, was attacked by Mike Awesome who quickly relieved him of the title.
– Rhyno joined forces with former boss Paul Heyman in the reformation of ECW on the July 9, 2001 edition of “Raw” in Atlanta, GA.
– At the Invasion PPV, Rhyno, the Dudley Boyz, Diamond Dallas Page, and Booker T, representing the WCW/ECW alliance defeated Team WWF, when Steve Austin turned against the WWF.
– On the August 7, 2001 “Smackdown” taping in Los Angeles, Rhyno speared Jericho through the Smackdown set.
– At Unforgiven ’01 in Pittsburgh, PA, Rhyno gored Tajiri to capture the WCW United States title.
– On November 2, 2001, Rhyno underwent neck surgery in San Antonio, TX with Dr. Lloyd Youngblood to fuse a herniated disk.
– Rhyno returned to WWE television for “Smackdown” on February 27, 2003, and teamed with Chris Benoit to defeat Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore.
– Rhyno was “drafted” by Eric Bischoff to join the “Raw” roster on the March 22, 2004 edition of “Raw.”
– At Vengeance ’04, Rhyno and Tajiri defeated Jonathan Coachman and Garrison Cade.
– In April 2005, WWE released Rhyno.
– At the 2005 No Surrender PPV, Rhino made his TNA debut after the Abyss vs. Raven match and gored Raven.
– At the 2005 Sacrifice PPV, Rhino and Jeff Jarrett defeated Raven and Sabu.
– On October 5, 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, Rhino defeated Jarrett to capture the World Series title.
– At Bound for Glory on October 23, 2005 in Orlando, FL, Rhino won the Monster’s Ball 2 (beating Sabu, Abyss and Jeff Hardy), a 10-man gauntlet match, and pinned Jeff Jarrett to capture the NWA World Heavyweight title.
– Rhino and Team 3-D defeated America’s Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett at the 2005 Genesis PPV.
– On January 7, 2006 in Rahway, NJ, Rhino defeated Jay Lethal to capture the JAPW (Jersey All Pro Wrestling title).
– At Against All Odds ’06, Rhino defeated Abyss in a “falls count anywhere” match.
– At Lockdown ’06, Team Sting (Sting, Rhino, AJ Styles and Ron Killings) defeated Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and America’s Most Wanted) in a “lethal lottery” match.
– In June 2006, Rhino signed a new multi-year contract with TNA.
– At Slammiversary ’06, Rhino defeated Bobby Roode and Scott D’Amore in a handicap match.
– On the July 13, 2006 episode of “Impact,” Rhino set the original ECW World and Television title belts on fire.
– At Final Resolution ’07, Rhino defeated AJ Styles in a “last man standing” match.
– At Lockdown ’07, Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Sting, Rhino, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett) defeated Team Cage (Christian Cage, Scott Steiner, Abyss, Tomko, and AJ Styles) in a lethal lockdown cage match.
– Rhino and Senshi defeated LAX at Slammiversary ’07.
– At No Surrender ’07, Rhino defeated James Storm.
– Rhino defeated James Storm in an “elevation x” match at Destination X ’08.
– At Lockdown ’08, Team Cage (Christian, Kevin Nash, Sting, Rhino and Matt Morgan) defeated Team Tomko (Tomko, Team 3D, AJ Styles and James Storm) in a “Lethal Lockdown” match.
– At Hard Justice ’08, Rhino and Christian defeated Team 3D in a “New Jersey Street Fight.”
– Rhino, ODB, and Rhaka Khan defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Cute Kip) at Bound for Glory IV.
– At Turning Point ’08, Rhino defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir.
– Rhino and Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) defeated Matt Morgan, Hernandez, and D’Angelo Dinero at Turning Point ’09.
– At Hardcore Justice – The Last Stand, Rhino defeated Al Snow & Brother Runt in an Elimination Match
– At Bound For Glory ’10, EV2.0 (Raven, Rhino, Sabu, Steven Richards & Tommy Dreamer) defeated Fortune (AJ Styles, James Storm, Matt Morgan, Kazarian & Robert Roode)
– On November 13, 2010, Rhino defeated Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match to win the vacant PWX World Title
– In December 2010, Rhino left TNA
– On March 17, 2011, Rhino defeated GCW National Champion RJ City by DQ
– On June 19, 2011, Rhyno & AJ Sanchez defeated Team Impact (Anderson Tyson Moore & Robby Royce) to win the CWE Tag Team Titles
– Rhino made his ROH debut at Best In The World 2011, losing to Homicide
– At Death Before Dishonor IX, Rhino & Tommaso Ciampa defeated Jay Lethal & Homicide
– On December 4, 2011, Rhino & Reggie Marley defeated GCW-NS Tag Team Champions The Hillbullies (Hardkore Hick & Cousin Eddie) by DQ
– At House of Hardcore I, Rhino defeated Sami Callihan
– On February 10, 2013, Rhino, Hakim Zane & TD Thomas defeated Petey Williams, Truth Martini & Vinnie Scarboni to retain Rhino’s XICW Midwest Title
– On March 17, 2013, Rhino defeated Sabu to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– At Supercard of Honor VII, SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus, Rhino & Cliff Compton) defeated Mark Briscoe, Mike Mondo, BJ Whitmer, Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander
– On April 14, 2013, Rhino defeated The DBA to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On May 19, 2013, Rhino again defeated The DBA to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On June 9, 2013, Rhino fought Jimmy Jacobs to a no-contest to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On July 21, 2013, Rhino defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Mr Insanity to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– At House of Hardcore III, Rhino defeated Kevin Steen
– On June 25, 2014, Rhino returned to TNA, making appearances at 6 tapings
– On July 11, 2014, Rhino defeated Alex Colon & Aaron Williams to win the Rockstar Pro Title, but lost it later that day to DJ Hyde
– On January 17, 2015, Rhino defeated Shannon Moore to regain the XICW Midwest Title
– On February 12, 2015, Rhino made a surprise debut for WWE’s NXT promotion, defeating Elias Sampson. He would remain a semi-regular character throughout the year
– On February 21, 2015, Rhino defeated Vinnie Scarboni to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– At House of Hardcore VIII, Rhino defeated Eddie Kingston
– On March 21, 2015, Rhino defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On April 12, 2015, Rhino defeated The DBA to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On May 9, 2015, Rhino defeated Samoa Joe to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– In August 2015, Rhino teamed with Baron Corbin to enter the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
– On August 22, 2015, Rhino defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Cage Match to win the IWC World Title
– On September 13, 2015, Rhino defeated Joe Coleman to win the XICW Midwest Title
– On October 3, 2015, Rhino defeated Mike Bennett to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– At NXT TakeOver: Respect, Rhino & Corbin defeated Jason Jordan & Chad Gable to reach the final of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, but lost to Samoa Joe & Finn Balor
– At House of Hardcore X, Rhino defeated Abyss in a No-DQ Match
– In December 2015, Rhyno returned to WWE television for a short ECW vs. Wyatt Family feud
– On January 9, 2016, Rhino defeated Bob Holly to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On February 21, 2016, Rhino defeated Joe Coleman to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On March 12, 2016, Rhino defeated Tommaso Ciampa to retain the XICW Midwest Title
– On July 26, 2016, Rhyno returned to WWE television, joining the Smackdown live roster
– At Backlash ’16, Rhyno & Heath Slater defeated The Usos to win the Smackdown Tag Team Titles and earn Slater a full-time Smackdown contract
– In April 2017, Rhyno was moved to the Raw roster, but would be largely confined to WWE’s B-Shows for the remainder of the year
– Rhyno chose to leave WWE upon the expiry of his contract in July 2019
– Rhino re-debuted for Impact Wrestling in August 2019
– On September 11, 2019, Rhino defeated Ashton Cove, Chace Destiny, Colton Cage, Chavo Guerrero & Drew Hernandez in a Gauntlet Match to win the OVW Television Title
– On the Bound For Glory 2019 pre-show, Rhino, Rob Van Dam & Naomichi Marufuji defeated Ethan Page, Josh Alexander & Michael Elgin
– At Bash At The Brewery 2, Rhino defeated Mahabali Shera by DQ
– At Impact/OVW Outbreak, Rhino defeated Madman Fulton
– At Sacrifice 2020, Rhino defeated Moose by DQ, before losing to Moose in a No-DQ Match
– On February 29, 2020, Rhino defeated CCW Heavyweight Champion Otis Crowley by DQ
– At Rebellion 2020, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve defeated oVe (Madman Fulton, Dave Crist & Jake Crist)
– At Victory Road 2020, Rhino & Heath defeated Reno SCUM (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) in an Unsanctioned Match
– On October 4, Rhino & Heath defeated The Fun Lovin Criminals (Jaimy Coxxx & The DBA) to win the XICW Tag Team Titles
– Rhino won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory 2020
– On April 3, 2021, Rhino & The DBA defeated Jack Price & Adam Wick to win the XICW Proving Ground Tag Team Titles
– At Hardcore Justice 2021, Violent By Design (Rhino, Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner) defeated Team Dreamer (Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Trey Miguel) in a Hardcore Match
– At Rebellion 2021, Violent By Design (Rhino, Joe Doering, Deaner & W Morrissey) defeated Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, James Storm & Willie Mack
– On May 8, 2021, Rhino & The DBA defeated The Purge (Kevin Kalloway & Sean Tyler) to retain the XICW Proving Ground Tag Team Titles
– On the May 20, 2021 episode of Impact, Violent By Design (Rhino & Joe Doering) defeated FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) to win the Impact Tag Team Titles
– At Against All Odds 2021, Violent By Design defeated Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles
– At Bound For Glory 2021, Rhino & Heath defeated Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner)
– At Throwback Throwdown II, Rhino (as Frank The Butcher) defeated Ace Austin (as Rip Rayzor)
– At Hard To Kill 2022, Rhino, Heath, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards defeated Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner
– On February 17, 2022, Rhino & Heath defeated Aaron Orion & Jack Price to become the first IWR Tag Team Champions
– On the Under Siege 2022 pre-show, Rhino & Heath defeated Raj Singh & Shera
– On May 15, 2022, Rhino defeated Charlie Haas to win the XICW Midwest Title
– On the October 20, 2022 episode of Impact, Rhino & Heath defeated Honor No More (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) to win the Impact Tag Team Titles
– At Over Drive 2022, Rhino & Heath defeated The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers) to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles
– On November 26, Rhino & Heath again defeated The Major Players to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles
– On the December 8 episode of Impact, Rhino & Heath fought The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) to a no-contest to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles
– On April 8, 2023, Heath & Rhino defeated The Soul Shooters (Appollo Starr & Dru Skillz) and Jack Vaughn & Tim Lutz to retain the SCX Tag Team Titles
– On the Turning Point 2023 pre-show, Rhino & Grado defeated Ryan Richards & Mike D
– On January 6, 2024, Rhino & DBA defeated Angel De Fay & Devon Ryker to retain the XICW Tag Team Titles
– At Hard To Kill 2024, Rhino, PCO & Jake Something defeated Dirty Dango, Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius

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