Mick Foley

Oct 24, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Michael Francis Foley
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 287 lbs.
Date of birth: June 7, 1965
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Pro debut: June 24, 1983
Trained by: Domenic Denucci
Finishing move: Mandible Claw


– Foley wanted to become a pro wrestler, even as a young teenager, as he idolized the high flying Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.
– Foley created the character Dude Love even before entering the world of professional wrestling. He even made a videotape where he jumped off the top of a roof.
– Dominic Denucci received a copy of the tape, and offered Mick to train him.
– Foley defeated Kurt Kaufman in his ring debut as Cactus Jack Manson.
– Foley worked the independent circuit until 1986, when he fulfilled a life long dream and joined the WWF. During this short stint, he wrestled as Jack Foley (the name of his father), but was only used as a jobber.
– In 1988, Foley jumped to the CWA (Championship Wrestling Association), and joined Robert Fuller’s Stud Stable.
– Gary Young and Cactus Jack defeated Bill Dundee and Todd Morton in a tournament final to capture the CWA Tag Team title, on October 23, 1988.
– In December 1988, Cactus beat Deathwish for the ACW Universal Television title in Bluefield, WV.
– Foley then joined the World Class Wrestling Association, where he was quite successful. On, December 30, 1988, Cactus defeated Eric Embry to capture the WCWA Light Heavyweight title.
– Foley then joined the stable of General Skandor Akbar, where he hooked up with Super Zodiac, and they started to team on a regularly basis. They dethroned the WCWA Tag Team Champions, Jeff Jarrett and Kerry Von Erich, on May 19, 1989.
– Scott Braddock and Cactus Jack defeated Jeff Jarrett and Matt Borne to win the WCWA Tag Team title, August 4, 1989. The titles later became the USWA tag team titles.
– On December 13, 1989, Cactus Jack defeated Johnny Rotten for the NAW title in Monroeville, PA.
– Cactus Jack next moved on to the NWA, where he continued to job. Promoters were still unable to see the potential in Foley.
– In the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, Jack started a violent feud with the late Eddie Gilbert.
– This feud earned Cactus Jack a “cult” following, largely due to his repertoire of high risk moves.
– On March 2, 1991, Cactus Jack pinned Gilbert in a “falls count anywhere” match in Philadelphia, PA.
– The highlight in their epic battle occurred when Jack and Gilbert fought each other three times on the same card at Summer Sizzler II, August 3, 1991.
– In the first match, Jack defeated Gilbert in a Falls Count Anywhere match, then Jack lost the following Stretcher Match, and the final Steel Cage Match ended in a double disqualification.
– Foley’s hard work got him noticed by WCW, and he joined the promotion.
– In WCW, Cactus Jack debuted as a gift to Sting at Clash of the Champions XVI, September 5, 1991.
– During an interview, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff attacked Jack, turning him babyface for the first time in his career.
– Cactus Jack defeated Orndorff at SuperBrawl III, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.
– On April 6, 1993, Jack faced Vader for the WCW title, and won the match on a disqualification. In the match, Foley suffered a broken nose and needed 27 stitches to close several facial wounds. In a rematch fifteen days, Cactus Jack was seriously injured and nearly paralyzed.
– On March 16, 1994, WCW was touring Germany. Cactus Jack had a match against Vader in Munich. During the match, Foley’s head was caught in the ropes and while he was trying to free himself; his ear got torn off. Jack then had to make a decision, reattach the ear or go back to the States for his title shot at Slamboree, Jack chose the latter, and that is why Jack only has 1/3 of his right ear.
– Foley sued WCW for negligence, seeking $42,000 for the reconstructive ear surgery he underwent. WCW won the lawsuit.
– On May 22, 1994, Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan won the WCW Tag Team title at Slamboree from the Nasty Boys.
– Sullivan defeated Cactus Jack in a Loser Leaves WCW match at Fall Brawl ’94.
– On December 12, 1994, Cactus Jack captured the Mid South title in Greenville, MS.
– Since Jack now was out of WCW, he decided that he would spend his time wrestling in ECW and Japan, where he would concentrate on insane matches, and in ECW and IWA, and later FMW, he found his home.
– Cactus Jack teamed with Mikey Whipwreck, and they relieved the Public Enemy of the ECW Tag Team Title on August 27, 1994.
– In late 1994, Jack also started working for Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
– In Japan, Foley’s left arm was cut open by Leatherface, who used a chain saw to do the dirty deed.
– On March 19, 1995, Cactus Jack defeated T. Rantula in New Castle, PA for the SCW (Steel City Wrestling) title.
– The next night, Cactus Jack defeated the Colorado Kid (Mike Rapada) for the OMW (Ozark Mountain Wrestling) title in Jonesboro, AR.
– August 20, 1995, IWA staged a one night tournament to determine the undisputed King of Death Matches. Cactus Jack defeated Terry Funk in the finals.
– Cactus Jack had more success in the IWA, as together with Tracy Smothers, dethroned the Head Hunters to win the IWA Tag Team title on September 29, 1995.
– Cactus Jack wrestled his last match in ECW in April 1996, defeating Mikey Whipwreck.
– On May 5, 1996 at FMW’s 5th Anniversary show in Kawasaki, Japan, Cactus Jack pinned Wing Kanemura in a “barbed wire barricade spider net broken glass death” match.
– Foley re-debuted in the WWF with a new gimmick, the unstable Mankind, the day after WrestleMania XII.
– Paul Bearer turned on the Undertaker and joined Mankind at 1996 Summerslam. Mankind defeated “The Dead Man” in a broiler room brawl.
– After a series of interviews with Jim Ross, Mankind gave the announcer the Mandible Claw.
– Foley started a “Pick Me Steve” campaign to persuade Austin to pick him as his tag team partner.
– When it came time for Austin to face the WWF tag team champions, Owen Hart and the British Bulldog, “Stone Cold” started the match alone. As the match continued, Austin’s partner finally arrived. It was Dude Love! Foley and Austin won the tag team gold on July 14, 1997.
– On February 8, 1998, Cactus Jack and the Blue Meanie defeated Frank Steletto and Lou Marconi in Irwin, Penn. for the SCW tag team title.
– Foley started team with Terry Funk, when he entered the WWF as Chainsaw Charlie. The duo won the tag team straps at Wrestlemania XIV, defeating the New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match.
– On April 11, 1998, Cactus Jack defeated Colonel Corruption for the GLCW (Great Lakes Championship Wrestling) title in Milwaukee, WI.
– Foley aligned himself with Vince McMahon, in his feud with Austin. “Stone Cold” and Foley wrestled in a series of matches in the spring of 1998.
– The Undertaker and Mankind competed in the Hell in the Cell match at the King of the Ring. During the brutal contest, Foley was tossed off the twenty five foot high cage, crashing on the Spanish announcer’s table. Foley revived himself, only to be thrown through the top of the cage onto the mat.
– Mankind teamed with Kane to regain the WWF tag team title on the July 13, 1998 episode of “Raw,” again defeating the New Age Outlaws.
– With McMahon recovering in the hospital from a brutal attack by Austin, Mankind brought in “Mr. Socko,” a sock puppet, to entertain the WWF owner.
– McMahon awarded the newly created Hard-core championship to Mankind. Foley lost the title on the November 30, 1998 “Raw,” dropping a ladder match contest with the Big Boss Man.
– At the December 29, 1998 “Raw” television tapings, Mankind defeated the Rock for the WWF title.
– The Rock regained the WWF championship at the 1999 “Royal Rumble,” in an “I Quit” match. However, two nights later, during the television taping for “Halftime Heat,” Mankind won his second WWF title, defeating the Rock in an empty arena match.
– At Wrestlemania XV, Mankind defeated The Big Show via disqualification.
– Mankind defeated The Big Show in a broiler room brawl at the 1999 “Backlash.”
– Foley, Ken Shamrock, Test, and The Big Show formed the Union.
– The Union defeated the Corporation at the 1999 “Over the Edge.”
– Mankind defeated Steve Austin and Triple H at the 1999 Summerslam to win the WWF title. Jesse Ventura served as the special guest referee.
– On November 2, 1999, Mankind and Al Snow defeated Hardcore and Crash Holly for the WWF World Tag Team title in Philadelphia, PA.
– Shawn Michaels appointed Foley Commissioner of the WWF on the June 26, 2000 episode of “Raw.”
– After being “fired” by Vince McMahon, Foley returned to WWF television on March 26, 2001 for “Raw” in Cleveland, OH. He announced that he would serve as the special guest referee in the Vince vs. Shane McMahon streetfight at Wrestlemania XVII.
– On May 27, 2001 Foley’s second book “Foley Is Good” debuted at number one on the New York Times best seller list.
– On the October 11, 2001 edition of “Smackdown,” Foley returned to his former role of WWF commissioner.
– Foley resigned on as commissioner of the WWF on the November 19, 2001 episode of “Raw.”
– Foley returned to WWE television on the June 9, 2003 edition of “Raw” and was announced as the special guest referee at Bad Blood’s Hell in the Cell match pitting Triple H against Kevin Nash.
– On the December 1, 2003 episode of “Raw,” Foley returned to television and announced that had been hired by Linda McMahon as an outside consultant and named himself co-manager of “Raw.”
– At Taboo Tuesday ’05, Mankind defeated Carlito.
– At One Night Stand ’06, Foley, Edge, and Lita defeated Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, and Beulah.
– At Backlash ’08, Foley replaced Jonathan Coachman as Smackdown color commentator.
– On September 3, 2008, Foley announced a few days after his WWE contract expired that he had reached a short term agreement with TNA.
– Foley was inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame on October 1, 2008.
– At Genesis ’09, Foley and The TNA Frontline (A.J. Styles and Brother Devon) defeated Cute Kip and The Main Event Mafia (Booker T and Scott Steiner).
– At Lockdown ’09 in Philadelphia, PA, Foley (as Cactus Jack) defeated Sting in a six sides of steel cage match to capture the TNA World Heavyweight title.
– At Final Resolution ’09, Abyss and Mick Foley defeated Raven and Dr. Stevie.
– Foley returning to WWE in November 2011 during the company’s European tour.
– On April 6, 2013, Mick Foley was inducted into WWE’s hall of fame in New York, NY.

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