Matt Morgan

Oct 24, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

photo credit: Impact Wrestling

Real name: Matt Morgan
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 330 lbs.
Date of birth: September 10, 1976
From: Ansonia, CT
Pro debut: 2002
Trained by: WWE
Finishing move: Carbon Footprint


– Before becoming a wrestler, Morgan played NCAA Basketball for Monmouth University
– In 2002, Morgan competed on the second series of WWF Tough Enough. He left after week 6 due to injury, but was signed to a development deal after recovering
– On July 24, 2002, Morgan made his OVW debut, teaming with David Flair in a loss to Doug Basham & The Damaja
– On October 14, 2003, Morgan made a dark match appearance on WWE Velocity, teaming with Sean O’Haire to defeat Carly Colon & Mike Bucci
– On October 30, 2003, Morgan was selected by Smackdown General Manager Paul Heyman to join Team Lesnar at Survivor Series
– Morgan was sent back to developmental following WrestleMania 20
– On April 14, 2004, Morgan defeated Nick Dinsmore to win the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On May 5, 2004, Morgan defeated Mike Mondo to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On August 13, 2004, Morgan defeated Big Bad John to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On September 15, 2004, Morgan defeated Johnny Jeter to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title
– Over the next few weeks, Morgan would issue an open challenge to any wrestler to compete for the OVW Heavyweight Title. He would retain the belt against Steve Lewington and Robbie Dawber, but lost it to Chris Cage
– In late 2004, Morgan would become known as ‘The Blueprint’
– On April 13, 2005, Morgan defeated Elijah Burke to win the OVW Heavyweight Title for a second time
– On April 21, 2005, Morgan re-debuted on Smackdown with a stuttering gimmick and was later paired with Carlito
– In July 2005, Morgan was released from his WWE contract
– For the remainder of 2005, Morgan competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He would return to Japan in March-April 2006
– In mid-2006, Morgan (as Gomora) formed a tag team with Mark Jindrak (as Sodom). The pair competed primarily for HUSTLE in Japan
– On November 10, 2006, Morgan defeated Calvin McGrath to win the FNW Heavyweight Title
– On March 17, 2007, Morgan defeated Calvin McGrath to retain the FNW Heavyweight Title
– On April 20, 2007, Morgan fought Brodie Lee to a no contest to retain the FNW Heavyweight Title
– In July 2007, Morgan signed a TNA contract
– On August 9, 2007, Morgan made his TNA debut as Jim Cornette’s ‘backup’
– In January 2008, Morgan began appearing on American Gladiators as ‘Beast’
– At Lockdown 2008, Morgan made his TNA in-ring debut, competing in the Lethal Lockdown Match
– At No Surrender 2008, Morgan & Abyss defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)
– At Destination X 2009, Morgan defeated Abyss in a 10,000 Thumbtacks Match
– At Lockdown 2009, Morgan defeated Abyss in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
– At Victory Road 2009, Morgan defeated Daniels
– At Final Resolution 2009, Morgan, D’Angelo Dinero, Hernandez & Suicide defeated Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Rhino & Jesse Neal in an Elimination Match
– At Genesis 2010, Morgan & Hernandez defeated The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus) to win the TNA Tag Team Titles
– At Against All Odds 2010, Morgan defeated Hernandez in the final of the 8 Card Stud Tournament
– At Destination X 2010, Morgan & Hernandez defeated Beer Money Inc (James Storm & Robert Roode) to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles
– On April 5, 2010, Morgan attacked Hernandez and declared himself sole TNA Tag Team Champion
– At Slammiversary VIII, Morgan defeated Hernandez by DQ
– In August 2010, Morgan joined the Fortune stable
– In November 2010, Morgan was one of several TNA wrestlers to appear on a Family Feud special
– At Lockdown 2011, Morgan defeated Hernandez in a Cage Match
– At Slammiversary IX, Morgan defeated Scott Steiner
– At No Surrender 2011, Morgan defeated Samoa Joe
– At Turning Point 2011, Morgan fought Crimson to a double-DQ
– On November 14, 2011, Morgan & Crimson defeated Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) to win the TNA Tag Team Titles
– At Final Resolution 2011, Morgan & Crimson defeated D’Angelo Dinero & Devon to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles
– On December 19, 2011, Morgan defeated Scott Steiner in the final of a tournament to become the first RKK Heavyweight Champion
– On December 20, 2011, Morgan defeated Isaiah Cash to retain the RKK Heavyweight Title
– At Genesis 2012, Morgan & Crimson defeated Magnus & Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles
– On January 20, 2012, Morgan defeated RKK Heavyweight Champion Brutus Magnus by DQ
– On February 27, 2012, Morgan defeated TNA Television Champion Robbie E by DQ
– On June 16, 2012, Morgan’s TNA contract expired and he left the promotion
– On September 15, 2012, Morgan made a surprise return to TNA, attacking Robbie E at a house show. He invaded another house show the following night, attacking referee Brian Stiffler
– At Bound For Glory 2012, Morgan helped Joey Ryan to defeat Al Snow, earning Ryan a TNA contract
– At One Night Only: Joker’s Wild ’13, Morgan & Robbie T defeated Al Snow & Joey Ryan
– At One Night Only: Ten Reunion, Morgan won a 10-Man Battle Royal
– At TripleMania XXI, Morgan, Jeff Jarrett & Monster Pain defeated The Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown & Monster Clown)
– Per his request, Morgan was released from his TNA deal in July 2013
– On October 26, 2013, Morgan defeated The Grease to win the NWA FUW Heavyweight Title
– On November 1, 2013, Morgan defeated Leo Gold to retain the NWA FUW Heavyweight Title
– The next day, Morgan defeated Deimos to retain the NWA FUW Heavyweight Title
– On November 29, 2013, Morgan defeated Giant Titan to retain the NWA FUW Heavyweight Title
– On December 27, 2013, Morgan defeated Giant Titan & Sam Elias in a 3-Way Match to retain the NWA FUW Heavyweight Title
– In January 2014, Morgan announced his retirement from professional wrestling in order to spend more time with his family. He did not rule out the occasional independent appearance
– At Slammiversary ’15, Morgan made a one-night-only return, losing to Bram in a Street Fight
– In early 2017, Morgan returned to Impact Wrestling, but was soon released again. It was later reported that Morgan had agreed to return, as Impact was taped on the weekends and therefore did not interfere with his regular job. Soon after his signing, Impact announced their intention to tape midweek and tour the country, so Morgan was forced to request his release once more.
– In November 2017, Morgan was elected as District 4 City Commissioner of Longwood, Florida

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