Oct 17, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Shannon Spruill
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Date of birth: July 17, 1975
Date of death: September 1, 2021
From: Atlanta, GA
Pro debut: December 1999
Trained by: Dusty Rhodes
Finishing move: Frankenscreamer


– In December 1999, Daffney made her television debut on WCW’s Monday “Nitro” as a crazy fan of David Flair’s, who was featured in a WCW fan contest.
– Daffney began to appear on television with Flair, and the two were touted as psychopaths, as Flair had begun carrying a crowbar and acting maniacally after being hit with a car driven by Kimberly Page
– At Starrcade ’99 in Washington, D.C., Daffney made her pay-per-view debut, saving David Flair from Diamond Dallas Page in a “Crowbar on a pole” match.
– Daffney became a valet for the tag team of Flair and Crowbar (Devon Storm) and the duo won the WCW Tag Team title on the January 3, 2000 edition of Monday “Nitro,” defeating Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in a tournament.
– Daffney was the victim of an attack by Vampiro in the January 16, 2001 PPV “Souled Out” during a three-way dance with Flair and Crowbar.
– Tension between Crowbar and Flair became evident as Flair’s jealousy toward Daffney grew. On the February 23, 2000 episode of “Thunder,” Flair challenged Buff Bagwell to a match for flirting with Daffney, and lost.
– On the May 15, 2000 “Nitro,” Chris Candido, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and Tammy Sytch issued an open challenge. Crowbar and Daffney answered the challenged and won the match when Daffney rolled up Sytch for the pin. After the match, Crowbar and Daffney argued over the Cruiserweight belt.
– On the May 22, 2000 “Nitro,” Crowbar and Daffney had a match to determine the WCW Cruiserweight champion. Due to interference by Candido and Sytch, Daffney won the belt.
– In a “triple threat” match with Disco Inferno and Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero Jr.), Daffney lost the Cruiserweight title belt on June 6, 2000, due to interference by Ms. Hancock (Stacy Keibler).
– Flair’s alliances with Keibler prompted the break-up of the trio with Crowbar and Daffney in June 2000.
– At the July 9, 2000 PPV “Bash at the Beach,” Daffney defeated Keibler in a “Wedding Gown” match.
– On the July 12, 2000 “Thunder,” Crowbar and Daffney defeated The Franchise (Shane Douglas) and Torrie Wilson in an inter-gender match.
– On the July 19, 2000 “Thunder,” Daffney attacked Mike Sanders backstage with a chair shot.
– Daffney was released from WCW in February 2001.
– Following her release, Daffney trained with Dusty Rhodes in Florida, and worked shows for his Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling promotion.
– Ward (using her real name) was one of the nine participants in the NWA-TNA’s “Lingerie Battle Royal.” Taylor Vaughn won the match.
– By the end of 2002, Ward moved to XPW and changed her ring name to Lucy.
– On January 17, 2003, Lucy and Vic Grimes defeated Douglas and Lizzy Borden in a mixed tag match in Philadelphia, PA.
– In July 2003, Ward signed a WWE developmental contract, but was released in December 2003.
– In late 2008, she arrived in TNA as the fake Sarah Palin.
– The Governor, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi defeated Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne at Destination X ’09.
– In March 2011, she left TNA.

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