Justin Credible

Oct 12, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Peter Polaco
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Date of birth: October 16, 1973
From: Waterbury, CT
Hometown: Ozone Park, NY
Pro debut: October 16, 1992
Trained at: Hart Brothers Pro-Wrestling Camp
Finishing move: That’s Incredible

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– On September 24, 1993, Polaco, wrestling as P.J. Walker, captured the RWF (Renegade Wrestling Federation) title from Bob Evans in Seekonk, MA.
– Polaco joined the WWF in 1993, facing Lex Luger in his debut. He became Aldo Montoya, the Portuguese Man O’ War in his original WWF stint.
– The WWF first loaned Polaco to the USWA (United States Wrestling Association), and then to ECW.
– Polaco entered ECW as PG 187.
– During a tag match with Jerry Lynn on September 20, 1997, PG 187 left with the self-proclaimed world’s most handsome man, Jason.
– When Polaco was granted his release from the WWF, he went full time with ECW. Paul Heyman developed the Justin Credible gimmick for him
– Credible lost to Mikey Whipwreck at the 1997 “November to Remember” pay-per-view, when Jason’s outside interference backfired.
– During a television taping in Buffalo in December 1997, Credible gained revenge and defeated Whipwreck.
– On December 26, 1997, Credible beat Tommy Dreamer in Queens, New York.
– At the ECW Arena in January 1998, Credible and Jason attacked the Great Sasuke.
– The massive Nicole Bass, and later in March 1998, Chastity both joined team Credible.
– In February 1998, after the death of Dreamer’s grandfather, Credible told him, “I’m sorry your grandfather died. I wish it was you instead of your worthless grandfather!”
– At Cyberslam ’98, Credible defeated Dreamer in a first blood match.
– Credible again defeated Whipwreck at WrestlePalooza on May 3, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia.
– In the final match of their series at “Heatwave ’98,” Credible beat Jerry Lynn.
– On August 8, 1998, at the ECW Arena, the Sandman became Credible’s next victim. The Sandman signed with WCW a month later.
– With Jack Victory and Rod Price watching his back, Credible attacked Dreamer with a cane at the October ’98 ECW Arena show.
– Credible defeated Dreamer in the Stairway to Hell match at “Guilty as Charged ’99.”
– At Hardcore Heaven ’99, the Impact Players (Credible and Lance Storm) and Rhino defeated Raven, Dreamer, and the Sandman.
– Credible defeated Sabu at the 1999 “Anarchy Rulz” pay-per-view.
– The Impact Players defeated Raven and Dreamer to win the ECW World Tag Team title at the 2000 “Guilty As Charged.”
– The Impact Players claimed their second ECW World Tag Team title at Living Dangerously 2000. They defeated Mike Awesome and Raven and the team of Masato Tanaka and Dreamer in a three-way dance.
– At Cyberslam 2000, Credible pinned Dreamer for the ECW title minutes after Dreamer had defeated Taz for the championship.
– Credible defeated Storm at Hardcore Heaven 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to retain the ECW title.
– With ECW’s future in doubt, Credible signed with the World Wrestling Federation in January 2001.
– On the February 12, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Credible returned to WWF television to second X-Pac.
– A short time later, Credible, X-Pac, and Albert formed X-Factor.
– At Backlash ’01 in Chicago, IL, X-Factor defeated the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike) in a six-man tag team match.
– On the July 9th episode of “Raw,” Credible joined Paul Heyman in the recreation of ECW.
– In September 2001, Credible, Mike Awesome, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Tommy Dreamer were sent to Puerto Rico to tour briefly with the IWA.
– In January 2003, Credible was released by WWE.
– On February 9, 2003, Credible defeated Steve Corino in Pottstown, PA to win the PWF Heavyweight title.
– On April 12, 2003, Credible defeated Lynn in Passaic, NJ for the ICW (Impact Championship Wrestling) title.
– Credible made his NWA TNA PPV debut on April 16, 2003.
– On August 16, 2003, Credible beat Terry Funk in Philadelphia, PA to capture the 3PW title.
– In late 2003, Credible (with partner Ekmo/Jamal) worked All Japan’s Real World Tag League.
– On November 5, 2005, Credible defeated Jerry Lynn in a “steel cage” match.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

– Credible returned to ECW on the June 7, 2006 WWE vs. ECW head to head special in Dayton, OH.
– In September 2006, Credible was released by WWE.
– On July 27, 2007, Credible defeated Rick Fuller to win the TRP Heavyweight Title
– On September 28, Credible fought New Jack to a no-contest to retain the TRP Heavyweight Title
– On October 26, Credible defeated Spike Dudley in a House of Horrors Match to retain the TRP Heavyweight Title
– On March 29, 2009, Credible defeated John Walters to win the BTW Heavyweight Title
– On June 6, Credible fought Rick Fuller to a no-contest to retain the BTW Heavyweight Title

photo credit: Lee South

– Wrestling as PJ Polaco, Credible faced Stevie Richards at the 2010 Hardcore Justice PPV.
– On September 7, 2013, Credible defeated Tommy Mack in a Lumberjack Match to win the IWE Heavyweight Title
– On March 28, 2015, Credible & Mr Grim defeated Ian Cross & Stan Stylez to win the VPW Tag Team Titles
– Polaco announced his retirement from wrestling following a victory over Tommy Dreamer at PWS Wrestle Bowl 2015
– Polaco came out of retirement for one night only at World-1’s Homecoming event, teaming with Jaysin Genesis in a loss to Erik Bromley & Jay D Luscious
– Polaco announced a comeback to wrestling for 2018. He wrestled his first match back at an MPX event on January 6
– Justin Credible won the ICW Dippin Donuts 24/7 Title a couple of times in February 2020

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