Jimmy Wang Yang

Oct 2, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Real name: James Yun
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Date of birth: May 13, 1981
Born: Hollywood, CA
Hometown: Austell, GA
Pro debut: April 1999
Trained at: WCW Power Plant
Finishing move: Yang Time


– In June 1999, Yun signed for WCW
– In early 2000, Yun (as ‘Yang’) debuted as part of the Jung Dragons stable
– At WCW Sin, The Jung Dragons (Yang & Kaz Hayashi) defeated Evan Karagias & Jamie Knoble
– Following WWF’s purchase of WCW, Yang was assigned to HWA
– In early 2002, Yang was released from his WWF deal
– In March 2002, Yang began competing regularly for All Japan Pro Wrestling
– On April 13, 2002, Yang, Hayashi and Hi69 defeated Kazushi Miyamoto, Gran Naniwa and Ryuji Hijikata at the Budokan Hall.
– Yang appeared at TNA’s PPV debut, forming The Flying Elvises with Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada to defeat AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn & Low Ki
– In April 2003, Yang entered the AJPW Junior Champion Carnival, losing in the final to Carl Contini
– In June 2003, Yang & Satoshi Kojima entered the AJPW World Tag Team Title Tournament, losing to Keiji Muto & Arashi in the final
– On June 16, 2003, Yang wrestled a WWE dark match
– In July 2003, Yang finished up with All Japan
– On September 1, 2003, Yang appeared on WWE Heat, losing to Tommy Dreamer. Following the match, he was signed to a second WWE development deal
– At No Mercy ’03, Yang made his official WWE debut, helping Tajiri to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mysterio. His ringname was later revealed as Akio
– On July 5, 2005, Akio was released by WWE
– On October 1, 2005, Yang debuted for ROH in a loss to former Jung Dragons stable-mate James Gibson
– At HUSTLEMANIA, Yang & Kaz Hayashi defeated Kota Ibushi & Taiji Ishimori
– On May 1, 2006, Yang revived the Akio character in a loss to Charlie Haas on WWE Heat
– In the summer of 2006, Yang was re-signed by WWE
– In August 2006, Yang debuted a new ‘cowboy’ character, Jimmy Wang Yang
– On January 8, 2008, Yang & Shannon Moore fought WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison to a time-limit draw in an Iron Man Match
– On April 22, 2010, Yang was released by WWE again and returned to All Japan
– On August 8, 2010, Yang defeated KAI to win the AJPW Junior Heavyweight League
– On June 27, 2011, Yang appeared on TNA Impact, losing to Low Ki in a match also involving Matt Bentley
– Since 2013, Yang has been largely inactive, preferring to focus on his business interests

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