Trish Stratus

Aug 30, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Patricia Anne Stratigias
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Date of birth: December 18, 1975
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pro debut: March 14, 2000
Trained by: Ron Hutchison
Finishing move: Stratusfaction


– Pro fitness trainer Scott Able assisted Stratus in her fitness and gymnastics training. Able landed Stratus a modeling job for a supplement line.
– Stratus’s big break in the fitness world occurred in the fall of 1998 when she became a regular model for MuscleMag International.
– On November 25, 1999, Stratus signed a multi year contract with the World Wrestling Federation. The company sent her to train with Ron Hutchison in Toronto.
– Stratus made her WWF debut on the March 19, 2000 taped edition of “Sunday Night Heat.” She quickly turned her attention to Test.
– The next night on “Raw,” Stratus formed the tag team T&A (Test and Albert).
– At the 2000 Backlash PPV in Washington, D.C., Stratus led her tag team of T&A to a victory over the Dudley Boyz.
– Stratus interfered on behalf of Shane McMahon in his match against the Big Show at Judgment Day ’00. McMahon was victorious.
– In June 2000, Stratus took Val Venis under her wing.
– Stratus made her in ring debut at the June 20, 2000 “Smackdown” taping in Memphis, TN. She teamed with T&A to defeat Lita and the Hardy Boyz.
– On the July 6, 2000 edition of “Smackdown,” Stratus led Venis to a victory over Rikishi and the Intercontinental title.
– Stratus pushed Lita off a ten-foot ladder on the July 17, 2000 episode of “Raw” in Albany, NY. On the follow up edition of “Smackdown,” Stratus whipped Lita with a leather strap.
– With Stratus in his corner, Venis successfully retained the title in the steel cage rematch with Rikishi at Fully Loaded ’00.
– The following night on “Raw,” Stratus was successful in her Indian Strap match with Lita when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley interfered on her behalf.
– Friction between Triple H and his wife Stephanie rose on the July 27, 2000 episode of “Smackdown” when Stephanie walked in on Helmsley as he helped Stratus with a wrestling hold.
– On the August 21, 2000 episode of “Raw,” Stratus and Venis defeated Ivory and Crash Holly in a mixed gender tag match.
– At Summerslam in Raleigh, NC, Venis lost the IC title to Chyna when she pinned Stratus in a mixed gender match (Eddy Guerrero was Chyna’s partner). As a result, Venis severed his relationship with the blonde bombshell.
– To mock the Acolytes Protection Agency, T&A became the T&APA.
– In December 2000, WWF television hinted that Stratus was the women about Stephanie’s age that was in Mr. McMahon’s life.
– It was announced on the January 11, 2001 episode of “Smackdown” that Stratus would be in WWF champion Kurt Angle’s corner at the Royal Rumble.
– Three nights later, the buxom beauty was the special guest host of WWF Sunday Night “Heat.” At the end of the program, Stratus did a “Basic Instinct” parody style interview with Michael Cole.
– On the March 8, 2001 edition of “Smackdown,” Vince kissed Stratus in front of Linda McMahon.
– After weeks of humiliation by Mr. McMahon, Stratus slapped the WWF chairman at Wrestlemania XVII in Houston, TX.
– On the April 23, 2001 episode of “Raw” in Denver, CO, Stratus defeated Ivory to avoid becoming a member of the Right to Censor.
– After a short stint with The Big Show, Stratus defeated Terri on the July 16, 2001 edition of “Raw.”
– At Invasion, Stratus and Lita defeated Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in a “bra & panties” match.
– In August 2001, Stratus became the co-host of a new prime-time show called “Excess” on TNN.
– At the 2001 Survivor Series in Greensboro, NC, Stratus over came Ivory, Mighty Molly, Jacqueline, Jazz, and Lita to claim the vacant WWF Women’s championship.
– Two nights later at the “Smackdown” taping, Stratus successfully defended the WWF Women’s title against Keibler in a “Gravy Bowl” match.
– On the December 3, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Stratus teamed with The Rock to defeat McMahon and Angle.
– At the Vengeance PPV in San Diego, CA, Stratus successfully defended the WWF Women’s title against Jacqueline.
– At the 2002 Royal Rumble, Stratus successfully defended the WWF Women’s title against Jazz.
– On May 1, 2002, Stratus and Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Mr. Perfect and Molly Holly in Cologne, Germany.
– Three nights later at Insurrextion ’02 in London, England, Stratus and Jacqueline defeated Molly Holly and Jazz.
– On May 13, 2002, Stratus defeated Jazz for the WWE Women’s title at the Toronto “Raw.”
– At Judgment Day ’02, Stratus successfully defended the WWE Women’s title against Keibler.
– At Unforgiven ’02 in Los Angeles, CA, Stratus defeated Molly Holly to regain the WWE Women’s title.
– Stratus successfully defended the Women’s title against Victoria at the 2002 No Mercy PPV.
– On the January 14, 2003 “Raw 10th Anniversary” special, WWE named Stratus Diva of the Decade.
– At Wrestlemania XIX in Seattle, WA, Stratus defeated Victoria and Jazz in a three way match to capture the WWE Women’s title.
– At Unforgiven ’03, Stratus and Lita defeated Molly Holly and Gail Kim.
– Stratus turned on Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XX, and left with Christian.
– At Bad Blood ’04 in Columbus, OH, Stratus defeated Kim, Lita, and Victoria to regain the Women’s title.
– At Unforgiven ’04, Stratus defeated Victoria to retain the Women’s title.
– Stratus successfully defended the Women’s title at Taboo Tuesday in a battle royal that feature Jazz, Molly Holly, Victoria, Gail Kim, Stacy Keibler, and Nidia in Milwaukee, WI.
– At New Year’s Revolution ’05, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Stratus pinned Lita to claim her sixth Women’s title.
– At Wrestlemania 21, Stratus successfully defended the Women’s title against Christy Hemme.
– Stratus and diva search winner Ashley defeated Victoria and Torrie Wilson at the 2005 Unforgiven PPV.
– Stratus retained the Women’s title at Taboo Tuesday ’05, winning a lingerie battle royal featuring Mickie James, Victoria, Ashley, Maria, and Candice Michelle.
– At Survivor Series ’05, Stratus (with Mickie James in her corner) defeated Melina to retain the Women’s title.
– At New Year’s Revolution ’06, Stratus pinned James to retain the Women’s title.
– In her final WWE match, Stratus defeated Lita via the sharpshooter to regain the Women’s title at Unforgiven ’06 in Toronto.
– On September 30, 2006, Stratus married her high school sweetheart Ron, a man she had been with for fourteen years.
– In January 2007, Stratus appeared in CBS’s “Armed and Famous” reality series.
– Stratus was voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame, and was inducted on March 1, 2008.
– Stratus was voted the Female of the Decade in January 2010.
– At Wrestlemania 27, Stratus, John Morrison and Snooki defeated Michelle McCool, Layla, and Dolph Ziggler.
– Stratus served as a trainer on the fifth season of “Tough Enough.”
– On April 6, 2013, Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
– Stratus returned to the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2014 to induct her long-time friend and rival, Lita
– Stratus made an appearance on the Raw 25th Anniversary special
– Stratus was a surprise entrant to the 2018 Royal Rumble
– Stratus returned to the ring at the Evolution PPV, teaming with Lita to defeat Mickie James & Alicia Fox
– Stratus wrestled her retirement match at Summerslam 2019, losing to Charlotte Flair
– Stratus came out of retirement for one night only at WrestleMania 39, teaming with Becky Lynch & Lita to defeat Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai, IYO SKY & Bayley)
– On the April 10 Raw, Stratus turned on Lynch, becoming a heel for the first time since 2005
– Stratus was drafted to Raw in the 2023 Superstar Shakeup
– At Night Of Champions 2023, Stratus defeated Lynch with an assist from the debuting Zoey Stark

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