Aug 29, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank


Real name: Debra Gale Marshall
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 122 lbs.
Date of birth: March 2, 1960
Born: Tuscaloosa, AL
Pro debut: August 1996


– After finishing college at the University of Alabama, Debra became an airline attendant.
– In 1985, Debra married defensive lineman Steve “Mongo” Michael of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.
– In the summer of 1996, Debra appeared in WCW for the first time. As “Mongo” announced on “Nitro,” Ric Flair taunted Debra which led to “Mongo” feuding with the “The Nature Boy.”
– In a match soon after, “Mongo” turned heel and joined Flair as part of the Horsemen. Debra became a valet along with Elizabeth and Woman.
– In July 1997, Debra turned on her own husband and the Horsemen and became Jeff Jarrett’s manager.
– With Debra in his corner, Jarrett captured the WCW United States title on June 9, 1997 from Dean Malenko.
– After Jarrett bolted for the WWF in October 1997, Debra managed Alex Wright for a brief stint.
– In December 1997, Debra left WCW after only eighteen months with the company.
– In March 1998, Debra and McMichael divorced.
– The next time Debra appeared on a wrestling program was on October 19, 1998, when she shocked fans by accompanying Jarrett to the ring, this time in the World Wrestling Federation.
– Debra sported a new look in the WWF. She arrived following a breast enlargement, and wore a business suit featuring a short skirt.
– Debra started a striptease at the 1998 Rock Bottom PPV, but was covered up by Jarrett and the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart).
– With Debra in their corners, Jarrett and Hart captured the WWF World Tag Team title from Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man on January 25, 1999.
– At the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Jarrett and Hart successfully defended the WWF World Tag Team title against D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry.
– At Wrestlemania XV in Philadelphia, PA, Debra guided Jarrett and Hart over Brown and Test to retain the WWF World Tag Team title.
– Commissioner Shawn Michaels declared Debra the winner of an evening gown/WWF’s Women’s title match with Sable, even though Debra had most of her clothing removed. The match occurred on the May 10, 1999 edition of “Raw.”
– At the 1999 Over the Edge PPV, Debra competed in a mixed gender match teaming with Jarrett and faced Val Venis and Nicole Bass.
– Two nights later, Debra guided Jarrett past The Godfather for the Intercontinental title in Moline, IL.
– One day after dropping the Intercontinental title to Edge, Debra led Jarrett over the young Canadian superstar to regain the championship at the 1999 Fully Loaded.
– At Summerslam in Minneapolis, MN, Jarrett defeated Brown in an Intercontinental vs. European title match.
– Jarrett gave Debra Miss Kitty (Stacy Carter) as her personal assistance.
– Debra and Jarrett had a falling out. At the 1999 Unforgiven PPV, Debra clobbered Jarrett with his own guitar.
– In early 2000, it was learned that Debra and Steve Austin were engaged to be married.
– At Backlash 2000, Debra made a surprise appearance to serve as the ring announcer for the opening
– On September 13, 2000, Debra married Austin in Las Vegas, NV.
– Debra returned to television on the October 9, 2000 episode of “Raw.”
– Mick Foley named Debra Lieutenant Commissioner on the October 30, 2000 edition of “Raw.”
– On the March 5, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Debra informed WWF chairman Vince McMahon that she
was resigning as the Lieutenant Commissioner of the WWF to return to managing.
– In the ring, McMahon told Debra she was now the manager of The Rock, the man her husband Steve Austin would face at Wrestlemania XVII.
– However, on the March 29, 2001 episode of “Smackdown,” McMahon relieved Debra of her managerial duties.
– On the July 19, 2001 edition of “Smackdown,” Debra was abducted by Diamond Dallas Page.
– Two weeks later, Debra smashed a cookie tray over Austin’s head.
– Debra left WWE in June 2002 and would never return to the wrestling business
– In 2017, Marshall earned a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama

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