Jim Ross says Carmella overdid it on the Extreme Rules Post-Show

Jul 21, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I think that Carmella in the post-game show that I watched on Extreme Rules, she inadvertently gathered some go away heat. She was over the top. It was awkward in my view. I understand. I appreciate her enthusiasm; but, she kinda went into business for herself, it seemed like, and I think that kinda turned some people off. It didn’t sound really WWE-ish. This young woman has improved a lot. She’s got a great look. She really does. She loves being a heel. That means a lot. This is not a nock on Carmella. It’s just the fact that everybody had these wonderful expectations of Asuka, who just a few months ago at WrestleMania was in one the most desired and eagerly anticipated matches of the night against Charlotte. I think the go away heat had an issue there with Asuka and this whole situation being looked at so negatively and there’s a fine line folks between villain heat and go away heat, a fine line, and I think we saw the other side of that line, not the good sign of that line, in the Extreme Rules post-game show. She might have been a little bit over the top.”

source: The Jim Ross Report

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  1. Tollefaan says:

    Stop talking in codes, JR

  2. I disagree, I thought it was really entertaining, same with The B Team’s celebration, in fact, those 2 things were the most entertaining parts of Extreme Rules to me. The rest of the show was pretty bland, basic and far too long. I do see what he’s saying but I think she’s doing a great job angering the fans and I’d say it’s not really hating on Carmella, but hating the way they’ve booked Asuka which I’ll agree, her entire run on the main roster has been terrible as has most people who come from NXT but the so called wrestling fans keep asking for more and more NXT callups to happen, even though for the past 5 – 6 years, most of these stars have been buried and treated like crap.

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