Joe Rogan calls out CM Punk for UFC 225 performance

Jun 13, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

According to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the problem is fairly simple, taking to his podcast to call out Punk for his obvious lack in athletic capabilities, likening the fight to a pitbull getting locked into a cage against a “puppy.”

“He’s a very nice guy and he’s a hard worker, but he does not have athletic talent,” said Joe. “He’s missing….he’s a showman, and when he was in the #WWE, he was allowed to say, ‘I am the fucking man!’ And throw his hand up in the air and say he is the man, and they had it scripted so that he was the man. But when you’re in there with a guy like Mike Jackson, who had zero fear of him and was just so casual, popping him in the face anytime he wanted to, he literally could’ve stopped him anytime, if he got angry and wanted to stop him, he could’ve at any point in the fight.”

“He doesn’t have the ability to move his body right. There’s a lot of guys you can take out there, track and field guys, football players and you can get them to fight better than him in a couple of weeks easily because they are athletes,” explained Joe.

“They’d understand how to shift their weight and throw a punch. He doesn’t have any talent, is all it is, he doesn’t have physical talent for whatever reason. Whether it’s his approach, his intensity. It’s not his coaching, it’s Duke-f–king-Roufus”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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  1. Jake Allen says:

    First off, Joe Rogan is extremely biased against professional wrestling. In all of his podcasts when the subject of “sports entertainment” is brought up, he laughs uncontrollably about it. So his comments against Punk, while truthful to a point, are skewed heavily because he has this underlying hatred that something as stupid as wrestling is somehow invading HIS MMA sport (emphasis on ‘HIS’).

    Second, if he (Joe) ever talks about wrestling, it’s always only about Brock – who he always needs to bring up in the same sentence as Punk – and he always goes out of his way to defend Brock by going all the way back to his (Lesnar’s) college days as being some great champion there, which somehow quantifies Brock as being able to be a legit fighter in the UFC. Joe gives no boon or praise to ANYTHING sports entertainment, be it the wrestlers or the conditioning they’re all in or even the skills it must take to be a fake fighter (Joe’s words).

    So, there’s no question that Rogan is a great MMA commentator with unparalleled knowledge of everything about it. But he has some sort of anger in him about wrestling that he’s definitely taking out on Punk, which he’s been doing since before Punk’s first match.

    Now, Punk should retire from MMA before he gets really hurt, and Punk should face facts that he’s not any good on a UFC card. But that shouldn’t mean he should give up his training, his interests, or his wanting to be an MMA fighter. Maybe it’s just that fighting in front of a live crowd for the biggest MMA promotion is too much for him? Maybe it’s that the WWE messing with him with that trial on the week of his fight did so something psychologically to him? Or maybe it’s just that he’s too old?

    Punk should give it up, and not because someone (like Rogan) is calling him a failure. But he should give it up because Punk just isn’t clicking with the MMA lifestyle for whatever reason(s) and it’s rubbing everyone the wrong way – his fans, MMA fans, WWE fans, MMA fighters, and professional wrestlers alike.

  2. Backstage Dirt says:

    The handyman from News Radio complains about someone having “No Talent”

  3. Pisto75666 says:

    Punk’s not clicking w/the MMA lifestyle because he’s not good at it. Rogan and Dana White are just mad because they got played. UFC got some good publicity because of who Punk is, but that’s it. Now they look like idiots (which honestly isn’t that hard).

  4. DW says:

    Whoa! Don’t go talking trash about News Radio. That show was excellent and Joe was great on it. Joe’s comments are ridiculous but don’t attack that show for no reason.

  5. John says:

    Rogan wasn’t wrong in his opinion. Punk was ALWAYS bitter that he wasn’t considered a real athlete by people. He became embarrassed to be a pro wrestler, that’s why he turned on wrestling so vehemently. He saw UFC as his only way to make a lateral move similar to wrestling where he could be considered a real athlete.
    And we see how well that worked out for him.

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