Raw reportedly staying with NBC Universal, Smackdown not

May 16, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Major Update On WWE Next Television Deal

Matthew Belloni of the Hollywood Reporter provided an interesting update on WWE’s next television deal.

According to him, NBC Universal will be keeping RAW but will be letting Smackdown Live go to another network. The deal to keep RAW with NBC is also reportedly 3 times higher than the current value:

Interesting tidbit among all the TV news today: NBCU is letting WWE SMACKDOWN go to open bidding. They’re keeping RAW but the deal is so big (3x current value, I’m told) that they’re not re-signing both. Big sports opportunity for another network.

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  1. Will Henderson says:

    i bet WWE decided to stay on USA for Raw is because 3 hour Raw on Fox was never gonna happen so instead, they decided to keep Raw on USA, but now are shopping SmackDown to other network and i bet Fox is gonna win the Blue Brand’s TV rights as they had been eyeing WWE, but since Raw is staying with USA Network, it looks like SmackDown will be on Fox (or FS1) on Tuesdays. i think Fox originally wanted Raw but didn’t want the current 3 hours+overrun format. so in a way, NBCUniversal, Fox and WWE get a win win, a win for NBCUniversal so they stay with the status-quo, while it a win for Fox, in which they could get WWE SmackDown and maybe as a bonus to give Fox 3 hours for WWE content, they get either NXT or 205 Live to air on FS1. while Raw gets 3 full hours. and a win for WWE so that way, they can defined the current brand extension as a one brand is exclusive to one network while the other is own by a rival network.

  2. Kenny Koolaid says:

    With WWE’s roster the size it is, they still need to fix distribution so people don’t just keep disappearing and we have to see some people so much it increases their ability to look stale.

    3 Hour RAW, 3 Hour Smackdown on bigger network on weekdays, 1 Hour NXT on a smaller network on the weekend, Smaller divisions like 205Live and WWEUK should be taped like NXT at smaller venues and aired on the WWE Network, but also allows everyone on them to also be assigned to RAW, Smackdown or NXT and eligible for everything there. If they want that division’s title, you have to qualify and go to their house to win it. This would also remove the glass ceiling that us currently in their way.

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