Combat Zone Wrestling 5/12 Voorhees, NJ results with two surprise returns

May 13, 2018 - by Bob Magee

Combat Zone Wrestling returned last night to the Colossal Sports Academy at The Coliseum, 333 Preston Avenue in Voorhees, NJ before a lighter than normal crowd; but with some surprising returns for the future.

Big factors in the smaller crowd were that CZW World Champion MJF, CZW World Tag Champions The Rep, Matt Tremont, Joe Gacy, David Starr were already in London for this afternoon (this morning US time…taking place literally as this is being written) for the IPW United Kingdom/CZW show at Clapham Grand in London. Likely killing any walkup was the fact that there was a tornado watch in the Philadelphia region (including South Jersey), and the associated weather front literally on top of everyone as CZW opened the doors for the show.

The show, however, featured some surprise returns, none of which had even been rumored.

* The dark match saw Frankie Pickard defeat Smiley by pinfall. Post-match, Eddy Blackwater and Maria Manic​​ jumped Pickard and left him laying.

* The show opened with The Rascalz (Trey Miguel/Myron Reed) defeating The Private Party (Isiah Kassidy/Marq Quen) by pinfall.

* Jason Cade defeated Brandon Kirk after intereference by Max Caster​and his “Shook Crew”. Post-match the “Crew” jumped Kirk. Out to make the save were DJ Hyde and Casey Catal. Hyde said he was sick and tired of “The Crew” interfering and challenged them to a six person match at TOD with DJ Hyde, Casey Catale, and Kirk taking on “Shook Crew”.

* In the senseless violence portion of the program (part 1), Kit Osbourne defeated Mitch Vallen by fall after a Top Rope Stomp to qualify for a match at Tournament of Death. Blood, thumbtacks, and other toys were in play….including the first time I ever saw a power drill used as a weapon.

* Dezmond Xavier defeated Rich Swann by pinfall in the match of the night with the kind of acrobatics and smooth in-ring you’d expect to see from these two. Post-match, Xavier put over Swann as one of the reasons he wanted to work CZW. Swann put over the newest wave of talent coming into, as its clear CZW sees the future as being names like Xavier, Trey Miguel, Myron Reed, and Xachary Wentz.

* Chaotic Wrestling/Beyond Wrestling’s Josh Briggs defeated KC Navarro by pinfall in what was pretty much a squash match.

Then coming out, after a ten year absence, was Jimmy Rave
talking about the past, saying he’d been to Ring of Honor,
Dragon Gate, Impact and more…but wanted to return to
challenge both the Matt Tremonts and the newer wave of
talent like Dezmond Xavier, Trey Miguel, Myron Reed, and
Xachary Wentz.

* Now began the senseless violence portion of the program, part 2 as Mance Warner defeated Conor Claxton, Dan O’Hare, and Stockade in a Doors/Ladders/Chairs match (with the stipulation that the winner picks the stipulation for their first round TOD match) with Barbed wire boards, thumbtacks, a front door, and staple guns.

Before the main event, Maven Bentley came out for a promo, bragging about how The Rep were in England defending the CZW belts…claiming CZW had never sent The H8Club or the Backseat Boyz or BLK OUT overseas to defend their titles. Suddenly came “Gasoline” by Meek Mill featuring Chic Raw… the music well-known to CZW fans as the entrance music for BLK Jeez…one of the last people fans would have expected to see. BLK Jeez went back and forth with Maven Bentley with a shooty promo about how Jeez had to pay his way to Japan to represent CZW, that Maven Bentley didn’t have all the money he claims…finally, on behalf of BLK OUT, challenging The Rep to a CZW Worlf Tag team Title match on July 28 when CZW returns to Voorhees, NJ

* In the main event, Zachary Wentz​defeated Wheeler YUTA, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds to become the new CZW Wired Champion; pinning Wheeler YUTA after a UFO cutter

CZW returns to action on June 9 for Tournament of Death 17 in a new outdoor location at Tansboro Dek Hockey in Berlin, NJ with “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont, Toby Klein, IWA Mid South Wrestling’s Mance Warner, Conor Claxton, Dan O’Hare of Storm of Entrails, former CZW World Heavyweight champion and TOD winner Rickey Shane Page, Josh Crane, Dale Patricks, Brandon Kirk, from the UK…Drew Parker, from New York and Canadian indies…Casanova Valentine, Jimmy Lloyd, and Kit Osbourne.

CZW returns to Asbury Park, NJ at House of Independents on June 29. CZW then travels north of the border for a three show swing through southern Ontario on July 13-15 for shows in Sarnia, London, and Toronto. CZW returns to Voorhees, NJ on July 28 with the BLK OUT-The Rep CZW World Tag Title match announced.

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  1. Alexander Mcnutt says:

    Other than Jeez who was a return that wasn’t announced or rumored? Swann was already announced for the show, did Joker, Ruckus, or Kingston come back with Jeez or did I just miss it in the review?

  2. Bob Magee says:

    Sorry… my editing mistake when posting the results here, and not adding that in the version on this site (it’s now fixed). This is what happens when you post results on 5 hours sleep. Jimmy Rave came out for a promo and is going to make a return. Hasn’t been with CZW in a number of years. He’s actually been running a wellness and drug treatment center for at leat some of that time.

  3. Alexander Mcnutt says:

    F*ck Jimmy Rave retuned!

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