AJ Styles: “I feel like I am in the best run of my career as well”

May 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

AJ Styles talks about Daniel Bryan:

“Selfishly, I was hoping he would have gotten cleared before. Did I expect him to be cleared? No, but the fact that he did is awesome. Reminded me of when Shawn Michaels came back. I remember just praying for him to not get hurt because you just never know, and then he goes out and becomes Shawn Michaels. I feel like I am in the best run of my career as well.”

Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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  1. Danny Cause says:

    The word ‘best’ gets thrown around a lot and is also very subjective. I’ve never seen much of AJ’s TNA, ROH or New Japan stuff.

    Whether or not WWE is the best promotion in pro wrestling is up for debate depending on who you ask. But there’s no doubt that WWE are the biggest and most famous. When you consider that AJ is currently enjoying a top babyface run as WWE Champion. Plus unlike Lesnar, AJ is actually holding the lucrative title that has a 55+ year history. There’s no two ways about it, that is a big deal.

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