The Miz on balancing a WWE career with family life

Apr 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I’m part of a team. I’m part of a team at home with Maryse and Monroe. I’m part of a team with WWE. And if one of those pieces goes away, that messes up the team comradery. I didn’t want to do that to Maryse or WWE. Luckily, I have a beautiful wife who is so understanding and has been in the business. WWE has been accommodating to me that they are like, ‘Listen, you can come whenever you need to come or whenever you need to be there. We’ll give you whatever you need.’ They’ve been very helpful. My wife is one of the most hard-working women I’ve met in my entire life. She is an absolutely incredible mother. I knew she would be, but you just don’t know until it happens and see it firsthand. She has this motherly instinct.”


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  1. Kerry Standifur says:


  2. Danny Cause says:

    They both mean the same thing, but comradery is the north american spelling.

  3. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    The Internet is Worldwide and mostly in English so who cares what the regional English spelling of various words are.

    Also, not every Gerweck commentator is from North America where a lot of people use their apostrophes wrongly. (The amount of times I have seen people refer to the tag team of “The Usos” as “The Uso’s” is crazy.) Website addresses can get away with not using apostrophes because the apostrophe doesn’t work in website addresses.

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