WWE’s Backlash PPV will be dual branded

Feb 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. Here’s hoping it’s just a 3 hour PPV / 4 with pre show. None of that 6 hours of total overkill.

  2. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    The Wrestle Votes Twitter account, which has broken WWE reports in the past, noted on the social media platform that starting with the Backlash PPV on May 6th, all PPV events going forward will be dual branded.

    This means that there will be no more Raw or Smackdown exclusive shows. The account mentioned that a source told them that repetitive matchups to fill the card along with so-so ticket sales lead to the decision.

    It should be noted that the weekly TV shows will not be affected. As of this writing, this news should be considered a rumor.


  3. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    The worse thing about the rumour is that could lead to 2 hour preshows and the actual PPVs being 4 hours for every Main Roster PPV, you know to fit everyone. 6 hours every 2 weeks is extreme overkill.

    Also, a joint brand PPV every two weeks some months would be awful.

  4. Tollefaan says:

    When does that air

  5. Totally agree Mumbai, hope to god that doesn’t happen as it will just be downright ridiculous. Even 1 a month at that length is too much.

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