Big Show on opponents he’d like to face upon returning

Dec 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. Nick Ahlhelm says:

    How much would you hate having a front row seat just for it to be the one directly behind Big Show on commentary? Wouldn’t be able to see anything!

  2. Big Show would make a good manager for someone as he’s good on the mic. Only thing is that I think people wouldn’t take it seriously seeing as Big Show is 7ft tall. He’d be good on commentary as well.

  3. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    But can Styles get Big Show up for the Styles Clash?

    Phenomenal Forearm is risky for Styles as Show could easily swat Styles [if timed right] with a KO Punch that has 1809 lb Force Per Square Inch if Styles decided use the Forearm too early in the match.

    Styles best bet would be using the Calf Crusher.

  4. Tollefaan says:

    Nick, Raw’s desk has no one behind it

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