Two former world champs might be leaving Impact Wrestling

Dec 2, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. AJ Cooper says:

    Actually, to be fair, a comments section generally means people are expected to state a civilized, non-inflammatory opinion.
    So, in this case, yours are NEVER wanted. bahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Mimura says:

    “civilized, non inflammatory opinion” Pot calling the kettle black?! All you do is slag other people on here, calling them derogatory (and borderline homophobic) terms like “toolsuckers” bahahahhaha
    Keep on keeping on my friend ^_^

  3. AJ Cooper says:

    And, you can say, without ANY doubt whatsoever, that you don’t name-call OR say bad things about people? Talking about pot, kettle black….
    Oh, and I think I’m probably on better terms with LOTS of people here than you are.
    And, as far as the “toolsuckers” thing, you notice it’s only YOU saying what you just said, because anyone else here knows the idea I’m trying to put forth. They know I’m referring to the fact that brainwashed, WWE fanboy sheep like you will gobble up ANYTHING & EVERYTHING McMahon throws your way without question.
    So, keep on making a mountain out of that mole-hill, as it seems THAT will be the hill you die on, metaphorically/figuratively speaking.
    So, I WILL continue making friends here, as it seems most agree with my opinion, otherwise, they’d be speaking up by now. So, good luck being alone on that mountain-top.
    Oh, and don’t EVER call me your friend. That’s an insult me to me and the word “friend”.

  4. Mimura says:

    yep…………everyone on here that continually makes fun of you are your friend and agree with your “opinion”……………… no one wants to speak because it’s embarrassing…………a wrasslin’ comment thread flame session………’s an awkward ass scene……….and on that note! I bid you adieu good sir! You were more than entertaining this time, but this has gotten pretty old! Love ya buddy!

  5. AJ Cooper says:

    Wow, you’re quite the comic/comedian there…though a rather un-funny one at that….
    Which is funny, because actually, so far, it’s mostly been you & the other brainwashed WWE fanboy sheep McMahon zombies (so fine, from now on, I’ll use that word instead of an action taken on a certain body-part) like Cadet (Dumb)Ass, Mr. Anti-Brains, etc. that continually make fun of me. Of course, more often than not, the only reason someone makes fun of another is because they’ve got nothing better to do with their time than waste it, OR things are soo bad with their life that they feel the only way to make themself feel better is to go & attack people online.
    So, this might just be me, but it pretty much sounds like you’re trying to revise what’s been going on so that the situation appears to be more in your favor than it actually is. Oh, and if you look back on older articles that have been published on this site, you’ll actually find people who DO agree with my opinion. So, once again, to quote myself, “sounds like you’re trying to revise what’s been going on so that the situation appears to be more in your favor than it actually is.”

    And, I’m pretty sure no one wants to speak because, unlike me, they don’t feel they have what it takes to deal with the kind of people like you.

    And, it’s funny how you describe some of these “threads”, especially the ones for articles about TNA/Impact Wrestling, when it’s the known fact that it tends to be YOUR kind (as in the brainwashed WWE fanboy sheep McMahon zombies) who start the crap talk in the comments section, such as talk about Impact shutting down, talent for Impact needing to leave & go elsewhere.

    So, if it IS an “awkward ass scene” (to quote you), then it’s probably because people like YOU started the situation that way.

    So, at least with your closing comment, you’ve finally come to realize that you won’t win this, so you’ve decided to tuck your tail between your legs, go run off/away, & look for another comments section to invade before you get run off from there & repeat the cycle many times over.

    Well, I’m glad that your intellectually-challenged mind thinks I’m entertaining. But, then again, stupid people do generally tend to get amused rather easily.

    And, once again, don’t EVER call me buddy. Again, that’s an insult to me and the word “buddy”.

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