Updates on Neville’s WWE Status, If He Walked Out of Monday’s RAW, More

Oct 11, 2017 - by Marc Middleton

As noted, there are rumors of Neville quitting WWE and walking out before Monday’s RAW in Indianapolis hit the air. The original plans for the Lumberjack main event had Neville losing to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore but plans changed and Kalisto ended up defeating Enzo for the title.

In an update, F4Wonline.com confirms that Neville did walk out of RAW before the show began and that his future is up in the air. WWE has officially denied that he quit the promotion. F4Wonline.com also notes that the originally planned Neville vs. Enzo match was supposed to be non-title.

The first Kalisto vs. Enzo match wasn’t supposed to happen until the October 22nd WWE TLC pay-per-view, as announced just a few hours before RAW began. As noted last night, WWE has confirmed that Enzo will get his rematch for the title at TLC.

Neville did not appear on WWE 205 Live last week and his profile remains on the WWE website as of this writing.

Neville’s last TV appearance came last Monday during the segment that saw RAW General Manager Kurt Angle announce that he had signed Kalisto to the cruiserweight Division. His last TV match came on the September 26th edition of WWE 205 Live, a win over Ariya Daivari. He did not work any weekend live events but cruiserweights rarely work the non-televised events besides an occasional singles title match.

For those who missed it, The King of The Cruiserweights recently took to Twitter and gave a negative review to his new t-shirt from WWE Shop, as seen below:

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10 Responses

  1. AJ Cooper says:

    Well, if it’s indeed true that Neville walked out & is even considering quitting, then that PROVES that WWE is on the slow path to death that they can’t seem to hold on to the highlight of its cruiserweight division. Of course, it’s beyond my comprehension why WWE would choose to put the Cruiserweight title on a void of talent the likes of Enzo.

  2. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    If I had to put over a talentless hack like Enzo, I’d rather be fired.

  3. The JB says:

    Much props for Neville. Dude just walks out, you can’t teach that…

  4. Obsolete Mule says:

    It’s the same that happened to CM Punk and Austin Aries, he felt the booking was on the wrong direction so he decided to walk out. He knows he deserves a better treatment and not a lost against a guy who only knows how to get mad to everybody.

    Good for Neville… So much respect for him to stand against Meekmahan’s fool writers

  5. mighty2000 says:

    I mean, yeah, you get someone to come in and get the cruiserweights three weeks in the main event, make them bigger, make me care about them, and crybaby has to go. Wrong move. Go chomp an apple on the indies.

  6. art123guy says:

    Your point is kinda negated by the fact that they took the belt of Enzo. Since Kalisto vs. Enzo at October 22nd WWE TLC pay-per-view was announced before RAW, my guess is that Neville realized his program with Enzo was over and THAT’S what caused him to leave.

  7. Joseph says:

    Or this could be a work and part of a storyline.

  8. Stonz says:

    It doesn’t matter what WWE wants you to do!!! You are there to play a part – to act out a scene/scenes in the ring. It’s all scripted for Christ sake lol! How these guys say “They aren’t using me right, I should be the champ” and crap like that cracks me up lol. If Vince says “I want you to sweep the floor tonight!” then you better by God grab a broom! They are (I’m sure) paying these guys handsomely, and when the boss says jump, you just ask how high and freakin’ do it.

    Kills me how these guys think they have “stock” in themselves lol. You are an actor there to play a part, not worry about what part you are playing. Just do what they say, end of story.

    Otherwise, have fun on the Indie’s getting paid squat or in Impact where you are lucky if you get paid.

  9. Kenny says:

    He’s right on one count though…that t-shirt is terrible.

  10. Dave says:

    @Stonz while what you say sounds perfectly correct, it’s also demoralizing and a passionless way to do business. If you don’t value yourself, who will?

    Oh, look a crybaby comment from someone who knows only rumour and innuendo.

    I don’t think it’s a work but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    On a related note; I’d hoped Enzo kept the title and Neville got a main Raw roster storyline. But hey, nothing here is confirmed and who knows?

    P.S the CM Punk walkout was down to much more than being misused although that was one of the more passionate rants in the infamous podcast.

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