Impact of WWE on Female Fighters

Oct 6, 2017 - by Anabel Cooper

Lately, there has existed a continuous advancement in female wrestling. Popular ladies like Serena William, Ronda Rousey, and Jessica Ennis have done their best ushering female wrestling into an era of high appreciation, reliability, and empowerment. There are several other women in the center of WWE uprising. They incorporate Becky Lynch, Natalya, and Paige. There is also Sasha and Charlotte who have been the highly distinguished ones holding the Raw female title from time to time.

More about female wrestling

Life stories

Sasha: She became obsessed with wrestling when she was ten years old. Her challenge although was; WWE was by then a bit more than a scantily-clad catfight, poor value contests and those that participated were glamorous models than fighters.

WWE changed Sasha’s life. She was raised by a Christian mother who when she told her that she was interested in wrestling she said there is no way she can engage in that. Sasha wished to look like the wrestlers (the woman that will change how people view the sport).

Sasha participated in the circuit before she made it to WWE in 2012. Close to five years today, she is still doing great.

Charlotte: She is Ric Flair (WWE legend)’s daughter however she was not interested in WWE. Charlotte was good at playing indoor volleyball and was her own trainer. She then learned the ropes – her stature and muscular physique which made her secure her status in the WWE.

Velvet Sky: She received training from Kevin Landry and Jason Knight and made her kickoff in 2003. From then, she has appeared in various wrestling campaigns and although she never really performed for WWE, in 2005 and 2006 she showed up at HEAT and SmackDown.

Velvet has been working for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) since 2007 and she has held its Knockout Tag Championship two times.

She quit TNA in 2012 July but she again went back in December the same year where she appeared in a segment with James Mickie and Tara (TNA women’s knockout winner).

Velvet left TNA in April 2016 for the 3rd time. She got written off after she lost a fight against Sienna (knockout roster official). She is the future of  WWE now.

Physical and psychological influences

Being a wrestler is tough. Someone like Sasha is living her childhood dream but the sport is grueling and physically demanding. This is mostly so when participating in hard-hitting tournaments like Hell in a cell, being slammed onto tables, getting thrown into a steel mesh and getting clobbered with weapons.

Also, one needs to have genuine love for this sport in order to travel and leave her loved ones with sleepless nights. You must go to the gym, eat well just to look good all the time.

The biggest impact of female wrestling

There has been a huge improvement on female wrestling. The women wrestlers are no longer ‘Divas’, they are now known as ‘Superstars’ just like the male wrestlers. Female wrestling has even outdone everything that has ever happened in WWE.


To attain success, one needs a huge amount of effort. And in female wrestling just like any other activity, the women have made a lot of professional and personal sacrifices to be where they are present.

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