Ryback says he should have gone over CM Punk at the 2012 Hell in a Cell

Sep 21, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“It was a really, really tough thing for me that day because I was in a really tough situation going into that match. Me and Punk had been working live events. They don’t let you know anything there, typically. Punk maybe knew, but I was just being introduced to the main event and I found out that day Punk (on) multiple times went to Vince (McMahon)’s office. I was in a position where I wasn’t as comfortable as I am now or (during) my final feuds there where you kind of have to build up to that relationship and whatnot. I didn’t know what the plan was. It started that whole process for me where things didn’t exactly go my way. I just remember it did not feel right when they first told me what we were doing. I don’t know (if the plan was ever for him to win the title). You have no way of knowing. It could have been, but things there change all the time. 100% (that night should have been the night Ryback went over). But I was not in a position where I could say, ‘I’m not going to do this’ because I’m brand new and I was being introduced into this main event role and they want to see if you can perform at that level and I had to trust the process that that point.”

source: Conversation with the Big Guy

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  1. Ryback should have won that match IMO but at this time, WWE wasn’t creating new top stars. All they had was Punk & Cena on RAW, Cena got injured and that ruined things for them. Ryback winning would have been a nice change of pace, something fresh but they went the opposite way and it was all downhill from there for The Big Guy.

  2. billet says:

    Ryback says a lot of “things”…

  3. Danny Cause says:

    Bless Ryback for giving us something to talk about on slow news days, but his deluded bitterness is getting rather tiresome now.

    If he genuinely believes he was going to win the WWE Championship, then I want some of the Kool-Aid he’s been drinking.

    Considering we now know that the long term plan then was for Punk to hold the Championship all the way to the 2013 Royal Rumble so he could drop it to the Rock. Two months later, Punk was injured and couldn’t work TLC, yet they didn’t strip him of the Championship because they were committed to the RR match with the Rock.
    In 2012, Ryback was green as grass (arguably he still is) and was only put in that match because Cena was injured. The fact that all Ryback had was a forgettable Intercontinental run says everything.

    Granted there was an issue in 2012, it was post draft split and the roster was paper thin. There really wasn’t the need for the second World Championship, at that point being chased by the likes of Orton, Bryan and Sheamus, that had been relegated down the card and thus there was a lack of options if somebody like Cena was injured.

  4. The Shield says:

    I think he forgets he would of dropped it to The Rock a month later. It would of created a transitional champion, plus I’m sure Rock preferred going over the new top guy instead of a paper champion

  5. Motorhead says:

    I happen to agree. It would have also given Punk an in for the WM 29 main event, which would haev been so much better had it been a 3-way with Punk. Ryback could have gone with Taker and the two could have had a great match in my opinion. But, as Danny Cause said, “Bless Ryback for giving us something to talk about on slow news days”.

  6. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Ryback was a mid-card level worker at best who got only token shots at the world title. He was average in the ring, horrible at promos, and was only briefly (very briefly) popular because simpleton fans were amazed by his whole ‘Feed me More” gimmick.

    Can we stop giving this ham & egger Ryback any press? Let him drone on about being screwed over to the 100 or so people that actually believe the delusional dribble he spews.

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