Combat Zone Wrestling 9/9 “Down With The Sickness” Voorhees, NJ results

Sep 10, 2017 - by Bob Magee

Combat Zone Wrestling returned last night for the final time to the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ for Down With The Sickness before a fairly good crowd.

* In the opening match, OI4K (Dave and Jake Crist) defeated The Ugly Ducklings, after a superkick and piledriver. Post-match then lights went dark, followed by the debuting Southern-based tag team The Carnies (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy) taking out out OI4K and throwing fire at both of the Crist Brothers.

The first of too many video segments followed featuring Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s “date” with Penelope Ford.

* Sami Callihan (with JT Davidson) defeated Jimmy Lloyd.

* “The King of Swerve” Shane Strickland​retains his CZW World Title over Jason Cade (with Veda Scott)​​

Post-match, the lights went out, with the “fired” Joe Gacy (and masked henchmen) were getting ready to jump Strickland then David John Markland brought out the wrstlers from the back chase them out of the Skate Zone.

DJ Hyde then came out to make his “announcement” about selling off a piece of CZW…only to do a storyline announcement of a new “50% co-owner” (rather than acknowledge the partial sale to David Marquez, reported seveal weeks ago), only to be interrupted by Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who was thrown out of the ring.

* In an impromptu match, “Mister” Claxton defeated Matt Tremont in street cothes after a rollup out of

A ten bell salute was done, honoring Chris Cash, Trent Acid and JC Bailey.

* In the Chris Cash Memorial Ladder Match (honoring Chris Cash, Trent Acid and JC Bailey), The Rep (Nate Carter/David McCall) defeated Private Party after a bigtime and unexpected heel turn by Vice President of Talent Relations Maven Bentley (making it the first time Bentley’s worked ringside and worked heel since the days of BLK OUT in CZW). Bentley as hell should provide for lots of fun going forward.

* Johnny Silver defeated The Product David Starr, after the match of the night for those looking for a more wrestling oriented match after a Silver kick to the head .

Another MJF “dating” segment with Penelope Ford. Yawn. The crowd had had enough by that point and started booing the segment (and not because he’s a heel)

* MASADA defeated Zachary Wentz, Tim Donst, and Stockade (with G Raver), making MASADA the number one conrtender for the CZW Wired Title.

* Maxwell Jacob Friedman retained the CZW Wired TV Title over Ace Romero, after interference by Greg Excellent, as well as post-match fun with Chrissy Rivera.

Yet another MJF “dating” segment with Ford. More booing.

* Alex Colon defeated Danny Havoc in Danny Havoc’s final match ever. Light tubes made their return (what were the Flyers Skate Zone going to do? Throw CZW out of the Flyers Skate Zone?) . So Havoc’s final death match featured light tubes, glass panels, carpet strips of nails, what looked like a cactus, and salt to rub into wounds (literally) . DJ Hyde came out to talk about Havoc, how much he meant in the ring and behind the scenes to CZW, then Havoc gave a farewell speech to send the evening.

Combat Zone Wrestling returns to action on October 14 for its debut at the Rastelli Kids Complex, 1855 Hurffville Road in Sewell, NJ. This is near the “Five Points” area, the meeting of Route 41 (Hurffville Road) and Route 47 (Delsea Drive).

It seemed notable that CZW has omitted the word “Kids” in any announcement, as if to try to avoid scaring away fans from attending shows; even with DJ Hyde assuring people this past week on social media when asked about what has been the kids-oriented that “they know who we are and they know what we do”; and using the fact that beer will be available to also deal with it.

The videos, which have started the last 2-3 months, are TV-friendly video segments designed to introduce talent are all professionally done. The notable exception (although professionally done) was these Friedman “dating”. Hopefully those are a one and done as of last night

A more pressing issue is the fact that as of this morning, the CZW and/or Ticketfly websites still have not been updated to allow for ticket purchases to October and future shows. Tickets were able to be printed and sold to the live crowd at last night’s show.

Matches announced included MASADA vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

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