Ex-WWE writer explains how John Cena helped kill off a storyline with Dolph Ziggler

Aug 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE writer Kevin Eck spoke on Wade Keller’s podcast about Dolph Ziggler during a conversation about why Baron Corbin has to deliver during in a SummerSlam match against John Cena.

“Cena will be very honest to his assessment of you. Dolph Ziggler’s the first guy that comes to mind, when they had a singles program together, in the beginning, John was all for it. John wanted to work with Dolph. And they did the house show loop together and as the heel, the heel traditionally calls the matches and John was letting Dolph call the matches and er… he wasn’t impressed.”

“And apparently John gave his assessment to Vince of Dolph and I think that sort of played into Vince’s thoughts already about Dolph and once that program ended it ended rather abruptly because Vince told us in a booking meeting one day: ‘God, I think we’re doing a disservice to John, this is bringing John down’ and so Dolph was moved out of that program.

source: The Spotlight

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  1. Dave says:

    This might get a heated response but does anyone think Angle, Taker, Jericho, Guerrero and Benoit would have blown smoke up Cena’ s ass in their assessment of him during his early years? Answer is simply No. Cena had to adapt and find a rhythm and we all no it’s a disjointed rhythm but how many people have said he’s easy to work with and always improves.

    Ziggler could take a leaf out of Cena’s book and look to define his style as his own and look at the way he calls his matches as he tends to get bogged down when he isn’t doing his best HBK impersonation.

    Ziggler has all the potential but only he has the key to unlocking it. Say what you want about him being buried or misbooked but how many big matches, feuds and titles does the guy need to define himself definitively?

    See his matches vs Nakamura. Sure Nakamura was always going over as the debuting star but Ziggler didn’t bring it the way he could and should have.

    Still, he still has hope and I truly hope he has a big 2017 and 2018.

  2. Tollefaan says:

    Heels call the matches? Huh???

  3. @Dave – I thought producers / agents put the matches together, at least the TV ones so can you put all the blame on Ziggler?

  4. jindermaholic says:

    Baron Corbin couldn’t deliver a Domino’s pizza at Summerslam.

  5. Motorhead says:

    Yes @Tollefaan, heels are supposed to call the matches. Of course now the matches get called through the referee more than the heels, but that was the way it was done for decades. Heels got the heat and could judge best, it was thought, when to direct a babyface comeback and when to take the best moves for maximum effect. The term “working heel” is as old as modern wrestling for a reason. If babyfaces ran the matches there would be no heat. Heat sells tickets and makes the match.

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