GFW star calls WWE’s 205 live ‘garbage’

Aug 10, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent GFW conference call, several GFW stars commented on WWE’s cruiserweight division and here are a few highlights…

Trevor Lee: “You wanna know what #205Live is? It’s garbage! I’m 225-pounds and I’m the X-Division Champion. None of those guys could even hold a dime to what I can do. Get out of here, next question.”

Sonjay Dutt: “When I picture that caliber of wrestling, I picture something that’s so drastically and dramatically different from everything else that’s presented on the show. I think here in the X-Division that’s what we’re trying to do, show you a completely different style of wrestling.”

Low Ki: “With all respect to the current X-division and the members of 205 Live, the X-division has carried heavy influence in what you see currently on television in all major companies,” said Low-Ki. “And there’s a reason for it. It wasn’t based off of size, it was based off of style. And in order to get noticed, styles is what makes matches. Many of the performers you see in 205 Live — I shouldn’t say many because there’s more there now than there were at the beginning – but there’s a handful of them who were former X-Division wrestlers. So the identity 205 is trying to create for them, has a heavy influence of X-Division written all over it so there’s no comparison. The X-Division is a unique identity.”

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  1. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    Trevor Lee doesn’t look like he should be on a wrestling proggram….like he’s talented but he looks like “just some guy”

    GFW needs to pay this guy enough to go to the gym.

  2. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:


  3. I wouldn’t go as far to say that 205 Live is utter crap but the show should be unique, they should be putting on awesome matches every week, like what GFW is finally doing again with the X Division. The X Division is the best it’s been in years right now, they’re having multiple matches every week that feel important and are great. The same thing can’t be said for 205 Live. If they were allowed to do what the X Division guys are doing, they’d be far more over than they are now.

  4. Chatty One says:

    I always hated weight limits in pro wrestling, the x-division was best when it fluctuated. It mostly featured guys with lighter style but they sometimes let others in or had crossover times where a bigger wrestler came in. That being said the weight limits in New Japan are something that still irks me too. As a result some may never get a heavyweight title reign they deserve.

    205Live and the crusierweight division is too segregated to let some of them rise to levels they should be in WWE, some would probably do fine tag team wise if not singles stars.

    If anything the weight limit thing should be expunged more for the x-divison mantra as Low Ki said or a better gimmick.

    As if they are only going to do it on the Network why not make a gimmicked title where the champion makes the rules. Film the extra matches at the tapings and live events as needed an air it on the weekend showing all the title matches that happened over the week. So someone like Neville could make it a crusierweight spotlight show for a while, Ambrose could turn it hardcore, Cara, Kalisto or Metalik could bring it lucha, etc. It could also balance out for some guys who aren’t on RAW, Smackdown or even NXT every week,

  5. AJ Cooper says:

    Well, honestly, they’re right; GFW’s X-Division has had MORE of an influence or “impact” (pardon the pun) on the business than 205 has. The ironic thing is, WWE’s been around for longer than GFW, so you’d think that WWE’s actions would have more of an affect than GFW’s. Maybe yet another sign that WWE is a slow-dying brand. Could history be repeating itself, only this time, WWE is the aging brand & GFW is the newcomer?

  6. Mimura says:

    Thing is…..WWE could never really book cruiserweights properly for whatever reason, just look at how they started with the lightweight division in the mid 90’s with Taka, Sasuke, Christopher, Mr. Aguila, etc. And like 205-Live it showed tons of promise then as well, only to be squandered with odd booking choices.

    I think during the mid-2000s at certain periods were there any great moments with their cruiserweight division.

    TNA’s X-Division was great during their heyday as well, but nowadays it’s just muddled with jibberish. But maybe I’m just burnt out from years of spotfests w/o any psychology!

  7. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Vinnie Mac never thought that smaller guys could draw. As long as he and Kevin Dunn have any say over 205Live! that talent there is going to be squandered. Low-Ki knows all about that. Hell, if Vinnie Mac had total says, guys like Neville and TJ Perkins would be jobber material only. Hell, WWE bookers were the bright guys that tried to give Dean Malenko a James Bond gimmick and then turned him into a jobber. WWE missed the ball on the cruiserweights and now they are 20 years late to the party. And until the WWE takes the reigns off these guys and let them work, without fear that they will outdo that status quo workers, 205 Live! will continue to suffer.

  8. Broken Matt Hardy says:

    When I see 205 live all I can think of is that the WWE is trying to present to me what they believe to be a brand but it comes off as nothing more than a bunch of small guys and Adrian Neville. It makes me wonder if anyone is actually investing time in trying to present any type of story lines or angles on that show. Neville usually has his own thing but whoever he’s feuding with but other than that any other storyline or angle has just Fallen flat(outside of scary Brian Kendrick has done).

  9. AJ Cooper says:

    Did you EVER stop to think that maybe the reason why GFW has garnered the fanbase it currently has is because they’re tired of WWE’s soap opera-filled storylines & they want MORE wrestling & LESS drama?

  10. Mimura says:

    Coop, at no point was I speaking for other people. Only speaking for myself.

  11. Jamal says:

    Let’s be honest, with no respect intended towards the 205 live wrestlers, the Cruiserweight classic and 205 live were created so they wouldn’t have another Daniel Bryan situation, and to further confirm Vince’s belief that smaller wrestler can’t draw or main event, just like the reason for the UK Championship was to kill the UK market. Mind you there are a massive bundle of talent on the show, but 205 live is basically Vince and HHH putting up a glass ceiling then, covering the glass ceiling with cement and finally putting up an electrified barrier around the ceiling.

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