Original Wrestlemania 33 plans for Smackdown title match revealed

May 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Sportskeeda is reporting that WWE officials are high up on Carmella, and she’s set to step into a Women’s Title feud with Naomi after naoBacklash.

The report also claims that Carmella was originally set to win the SmackDown Women’s Title at Wrestlemania 33 and then drop it to Naomi two days later, but plans were changed when the match was moved to the main show.

WWE officials were reportedly impressed with how well Carmella took the news when she found out she wouldn’t be winning the title, and they’re also said to be impressed with the way she handles herself at the event, and the fact that she’s embraced her storyline with James Ellsworth while other star turned it down.

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2 Responses

  1. If she knew she was gonna lose the title 2 days later, I’m sure she was happy to know it wasn’t gonna happen but I’m glad they have plans for Carmella, I like her character and she’s improving in the ring. The stuff with Ellsworth has been pretty funny too. I wonder what other star turned down the Ellsworth storyline?

  2. Danny Cause says:

    I’m wondering if it was Natalya. With being on Total Divas (which shows her a lot with Tyson Kidd) she didn’t wanna blur the lines of her private life. I can’t imagine the storyline suiting any other female superstar better than it does Carmella.

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