Why is WWE is giving Jinder Mahal a massive push

Apr 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

Some might not understand why WWE is deciding to give Jinder Mahal such a big push but it all comes down to money.

WWE is expanding into India in a big way. They are looking to capitalize on the Indian fanbase who love pro wrestling and could bring a lot more money to the company. WWE recently opened up a WWE Shop in India as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Jinder Mahal merchandise pop up soon.

It’s been reported before in The Observer that Impact Wrestling already does great business in India. They air on Sony SIX and it is the company’s highest paid TV deal.

Impact Wrestling is also planning a big tour overseas as well. WWE airs its programming on India’s TEN2 channel, so they see direct competition over there.

If you factor in the recent hiring of Sheetesh Srivastava as Vice President and General Manager of WWE’s offices in India it shouldn’t be a surprise why they’re making big moves. Srivastava knows how to move product coming from Disney.

WWE obviously sees money on the table in India. They’re bringing up The Bollywood Boyz for the same reason. WWE has also been in talks with Indian Olympic silver medalist Sushil Kumar as well. Bringing in this kind of high-profile Indian signing and pushing Indian superstars is certainly a great way to gain fan attention overseas.

It should be interesting to note Jinder Mahal was actually born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. But Mahal’s family is of Punjabi Sikh descent and he speaks Punjabi fluently.

Source: THE SpOTLight

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24 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    I like Mahal. His look is awesome now too with all his veins popping out. He just looks like a monster. He’s not the best in the ring, but he’s getting better and working with the top guys will help him improve. He’s really good on the mic, so he has that going for him. They just need to work on making his character a bit more interesting. This could be the run we’ve been waiting for since Muhammad Hassan was killed off.

  2. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    I wonder if the same reason will lead to The Bollywood Boyz becoming tag team champions in WWE.

  3. AJ Cooper says:

    So, the ONLY way WWE considers giving who most would call a “midcarder” a run at Smackdown’s WWE Championship is by WWE expanding its business to India. I’m embarrassed to say WWE actually had me legitimately thinking for a moment that they were honestly trying to diversify their programming & business by having someone NOT white becoming a big star.

    Well, soo much for WWE legitimately welcoming & embracing diversity…

  4. Stonz says:

    Interesting Daniel’s comment is almost the same as the one I left on the Gerweck Podcast site on Facebook earlier today…

  5. Daniel says:

    @Stonz Is it? I don’t follow the podcast at all, so I wouldn’t know. Maybe great minds think alike.

  6. Aj pooper says:

    Dayum Republicans are all so racist giving the guy a push

  7. What? says:

    How much does this help them if Mahal is being made out to be a huge heel? When they were forcing Khali on us for the same reasons, they had to edit out boos and generally not make him appear as heel-ish in India, to the point that they eventually did the face turn. If Ranjin Singh reappears on TV, the cycle is complete.

  8. AJ Cooper says:

    Gee, was wondering how long it would take for my poor excuse for a mentally-challenged clone to inject itself into the discussion.

    By the way, it’s actually the OPPOSITE of what you said; if it hadn’t been for WWE expanding into India, the racist Republicans in control of WWE would NOT have given the guy a push. Hell, how many full-fledged African-Americans has WWE had as World Champion? My.point.EXACTLY.

    But hey, skeeter, don’t let logic or facts stop you from trying (& failing, I might add) to make fun of me &, in the process, actually making yourself look dumb (as usual).

  9. Stonz says:

    @ Daniel –

    Yeah it’s a facebook group I’m a part of. Also, great minds apparently do think alike. 🙂

  10. Stonz says:

    To give you an idea, earlier today before these comments I said on there:

    “From all I’ve read in the past few months, he’s legit just been clangin’ and bangin’ and eating extremely well. He’s not fantastic on the mic, but he’s a little better than I thought he would be – maybe that will improve. I’m not a fan in the least and was even telling the ol’ lady when they were all introduced that I had no idea who they would give this match to but it definitely wouldn’t be this guy lol. Proved me wrong. Looks like they are setting up the whole Bollywood Boys angle/blah blah blah. Too bad they don’t bring back Marc Copani lol. HE was so hated that he would definitely have done well in this era. Still can’t believe WWE caved on that whole deal with him back then.”

  11. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    Marc Copani was screwed over by the 07/07/05’s terrorist attack that occurred in UK and this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZGC6b4eP8Q) aired on SmackDown the same day. That controversial moment that cost Copani his WWE Career

    Honestly, I don’t see WWE bringing Copani back until the Middle East terrorist groups stop attacking the West and the concussion lawsuit (which he is in) ends.

  12. Ken Hammock says:

    Great. I’m tired of all the skinny pale guys doing flips. Finally someone who looks like a wrestler.

  13. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    There has been talk ever since he re-signed with the company that the WWE had plans for Mahal. Fact is that he’s a very underrated talent in the ring and he’s a hidden gem for the company.

  14. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    Maybe with WWE expanding into India in a big way we might see a WWE India brand and the return of Aghori Saya, Barood, Deadly Danda, Jwala, Max B, Mumbai Cat Leopard, Mumbai Cat Puma,
    Pagal Parinda, Pathani Pattha #1, Pathani Pattha #2, Romeo Rapta, Shera (Chris Masters’ translator ) and Zoravar from Ring Ka King to our TV screens.

    Bollywood Boyz are in WWE whereas Mahabali Veera (known in IW as Mahabali Shera) and Sonjay Dutt are in Impact Wrestling.

    I could see Great Khali being bought back by WWE and being giving the role of WWE’s Ambassador for India.

  15. Tollefaan says:

    Yada yada. Jinder’s been on fire the past few weeks. That’s why he’s got the push.

  16. Captain Ass says:

    Three major differences between Jinder and Khali is that #1 – Jinder can walk to the ring and not stumble doing it. #2 – Jinder can actually wrestle. #3 – Jinder can talk and people can understand what he says. He’s also good on the mic. He has the look and the tools to be a upper mid card talent, at the very least.

    @Daniel – I agree with you, Mahal looks like a monster now and he needs work still, but like you said, his character just needs to be more interesting.

    @Cooper – As always, you’re talking out of your ass. It must be a nasty taste, talking all the crap you speak all the time. Look who loves the play the race card. WWE has done the same thing in the past with its Hispanic audience, giving them what they wanted with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and Del Rio. So I guess they were racist by thinking elevating a Hispanic was a bad thing? Do you think they’d be just as receptive to a jobber to the stars? I think not. And Mark Henry isn’t a “legit” black man? He was world champion. Being Samoan isn’t “white” either, and look at how many Samoan’s have been champions in WWE. Going as far back as the Wild Samoans to Yokozuna, the Uso’s and Roman Reigns. The Rock is also half black, oh but you would say he’s not “legit” black because he’s half black and half Samoan, right? You can stuff your liberal laced hating race card where the sun doesn’t shine.

  17. AJ Cooper says:

    Now time to completely dismantle the Cadet’s illogic-filled argument…

    @Cadet (Dumb)Ass

    Actually, I’m going to prove, as usual, that it’s YOU talking out your *ss, because I can SMELL the bullsh*t on your breath & it reeks of LOSING!

    So, as far as Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, & Alberto Del Rio…
    Sin Cara was NEVER World Champion (but, it’s OK, don’t let that thing calls FACTS muddle your argument).
    If I remember correctly, once Rey gained his title shot, within a short amount of time afterwards, WWE actually took away Rey’s title shot & gave it to Randy; it wasn’t until sometime shortly AFTERWARDS that they finally ended up adding Rey to the title match involving Randy & whomever else; again, don’t let FACTS muddle your argument.
    With Del Rio, they actually had him cash in his MITB contract against an INJURED Punk (AFTER being attacked by Nash) in order to win the WWE Championship. So, does that mean that Del Rio didn’t deserve to face Punk at 100% so that Del Rio could show everyone that he didn’t need anyone’s help to become champion all on his own?; for the THIRD TIME, don’t let FACTS muddle your argument.

    And, yes, I will indeed acknowledge that Mark Henry was, in fact, one of a SMALL group of African-American wrestlers that have won a World title in WWE. I will NOT dispute that fact. However, the fact that said group is as small as it is does NOT forgive WWE for the rampast racism they’ve engaged in.
    Not only that, but it took WWE FIFTEEN YEARS to FINALLY give Henry a title shot. So, actually, there goes THAT whole argument. Remember my line about FACTS muddling arguments?

    As far as being Samoan, yes, it’s not “white”, but it sure as h*ll isn’t “black” either, which bring me to ANOTHER point: you REALLY need to research heritages like “Samoan”, so that you’re well-aware of what they are & what they aren’t; again, remember my line about FACTS muddling arguments?

    So, as it turns out, you REALLY need to research what you’re going to bring up in a debate/argument BEFORE you bring it up, lest you look, as usual, STUPID as you did here.

    So, in response to your closer, YOU can stuff YOUR OBVIOUS conservative-laced hating race card where the Sun don’t shine, as well as facing the FACT that, soon enough, your racist kind won’t exist in this world anymore, as society slowly & eventually accepts its fate as being progressive.

    Oh, and be sure to say hello to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, & President Elizabeth Warren come 2020 for me, won’t you?

  18. Captain Ass says:

    And as always, Cooper tries to prove that he knows what he’s talking about, but his ill fated attempts to shut me down while trying to prove he’s Mr. Holier Than Thou, fall short, as always.

    I was talking about some non whites being champions and you say that I need to research what being Samoan means? WTF kind of argument is that? That was lame, even for you. I love how you brand me racist when it’s not good enough for you that pretty much every person of one color or another has been a champion in WWE, but you don’t acknowledge it because they’re not “fully black”. Another lame argument.

    I never said Rey or Del Rio didn’t deserve to be WWE champion. I also wasn’t talking about Sin Cara being a champion but it’s pretty traditional when WWE is out of the Country to elevate the home town people, whether they’re from England, Ireland or Mexico. Rey was a 1 time WWE champion and a 2 time WWE World Champion. He has also held MANY other WWE belts. Sin Cara is very underrated and under utilized, by the way.

    Also, why is it that the “minorities” have to be WWE champion? Look at how many titles Kofi Kingston has held. Shelton Benjamin. Let’s not forget BOOKER T, who was ALSO a World champion. D-Lo Brown was a multiple time champion also. Jacqueline was the WWE women’s champion. I could go ON and ON about how many “blacks” have held big titles in WWE. Just because a lot of them haven’t held THE title doesn’t mean the company is racist.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t play the race card because it makes YOU look stupid, as per always.

    I love how you try to turn my well stated slams directed at you to your advantage by repeating me and trying to one up me. FAILED. You’ll also do yourself well by not trying (and failing miserably) to match wits with me, because you’ll always lose there as well. Just admit your arguments on this topic are lame and accept defeat. Oh, that’s right, you liberal nut job fascists are never wrong. How foolish of me.

  19. AJ Cooper says:

    @Cadet (Dumb)Ass
    Just because you don’t agree with the PROVEN FACTS (and, yes, they are PROVEN.FACTS; look them up) I’ve put forth doesn’t mean they aren’t facts; it just means you don’t like being given information which does NOTHING to advance YOUR idiotic argument.
    The truth is, it’s NOT MY fault that YOU continuously come at ME ill-prepared.
    You’re like an older brother of mine that has made bad choices, then chooses to blame everyone else for the situations those choices have put him in. He NEVER wants to accept responsibility for what he’s done that puts him in the situations he’s ended up in.

    And, it would appear to you that my efforts fail because apparently, you’re too stupid to understand when you’ve been called out on your OBVIOUS bullsh*t. Either that, or it’s that you’re too stupid to realize what you’re putting forth IS indeed bullsh*t.

    Now, I’m not sure whether or not you realize The Rock indeed is NOT fully-black. “Samoan” is NOWHERE near fully-black. So, THAT is why The Rock as World Champion does NOT qualify as an African-American World Champion.

    And, I’d like to point out, since you apparently, OBVIOUSLY glossed over it in an attempt (a FAILING one, at that) to try to counter-argue me, I did indeed acknowledge Mark Henry becoming World Champion, even though it took WWE giving him the strap after having worked for them for FIFTEEN YEARS. So, as it turns out, I’m NOT the one with the lame argument; YOU are.

    Now, as far as your point about Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, & Alberto Del Rio, it was CLEARLY in response to what WWE is doing with Mahal, as far as the possibility of giving him the World title. I then pointed out the facts about Sin Cara, Mysterio, & Del Rio, as far as their situations with World titles. So, for THAT situation, you’re now pretty much OBVIOUSLY deflecting on the fact that I called you out on your bullsh*t &, in your embarrassment, you’re now running away from that point.

    And, it would seem that now, you’re even trying to bring up wrestlers who have won something OTHER than a World title, which isn’t even what this debate is about. So, again, by bringing up Kofi, Shelton, D-Lo & their titles; Booker T & his World title; & Jacqueline & her Women’s title, you are once again deflecting on the FACT that I called you out on your bullsh*t &, in your embarrassment, you’re trying to move the goalpost, which you have now FAILED at, due to me calling you out on THAT.

    Yes, African-American wrestlers have held Championships in WWE. I can, however, point out how many MORE times that their fellow wrestlers have won Championships in Impact Wrestling & WCW; the irony being that both Impact & WCW are from the South, which is WIDELY known for its rampant racism, while WWE is from New England, which isn’t known for ANY racism going on. So, actually, as it turns out, Impact & WCW, as well as notable former WWE talents, actually CAN prove that WWE IS indeed a racist company. But, then again, knowing your viewpoint, you’ll likely brush off the criticism from those former talents as them being disgruntled because, in your mind, they weren’t grateful of what they got, period, from WWE.

    So, actually, as it turns out, the one doing themself a favor by NOT playing the race card SHOULD be you, as I’ve CLEARLY pointed out that it is YOU that is coming off stupid, as usual.

    Now, what I love is how you try to come back at me, after I’ve debunked your crap, with even MORE crap that I also eventually debunk. Now, as far as your “well stated slams” (as you call them), as it turns out, they end up nothing more than ill-conceived, not-at-all thought out retorts that fall completely flat after I take you to the woodshed with a belt (metaphorically) & whip you like a government mule. It is OBVIOUS to ANYONE here with a brain (in other words, ANYONE but YOU) that the ONLY failure here is YOU.
    As far as the thing about wits, it’s only YOU, in the twisted, distorted little world within your own mind, that thinks you outwit me, whereas here, in the REAL world, ANYONE who can read the comments section pretty much sees you as nothing more than a nitwit, and an ANNOYING one at that. The ONLY one losing here is YOU; and I have, without a shadow of a doubt, PROVEN that. The ONLY one failing miserably here is YOU at trying again & again at boxing with god (to quote one who has PROVEN he indeed is “The Best…..In The World!) when it comes to trying (& failing, I might add), to outsmart me. You just don’t realize you’re losing because you’re too stupid to understand facts, logic, & the truth.
    If anything, looks like the ONLY one being defeat here & being unable to accept it is YOU.

    As far as never being willing to admit being wrong, you’re actually in good company, as the list of conservative, right-wing Republicans who turned out to be wrong, but were NEVER willing to admit it is quite large. In fact, I bet you’ve heard of one of the more recent examples of such.
    Does failed Presidential candidate & the source of Republican hypocrisy Mitt Romney sound familiar?

    So, the next time you wanna come at me with as much of your bullsh*t as you can, be prepared to have ANYONE who reads these news articles see you in the light of what you REALLY are…..
    A typical ignorant, idiotic, failed conservative, right-wing nutjob.

    I’ll be waiting for your next failure as far as debate points, because I’ll gladly point out your continued deflection & call you out on as much of your bullsh*t as you spew forth.

    P.S. With your closing statement, you have just PROVEN you’re a complete & utter moron, because you don’t know or comprehend what fascism is. So, congrats, Cadet, on having won the lottery for stupidest comeback EVER.

  20. Captain Ass says:

    It’s amazing to me how truly delusional you are. I SAID that the Rock is half Samoan and half black. I also said that Booker T was a WORLD champion in WWE, and he’s certainly ALL black. You don’t acknowledge the fact that Del Rio and Mysterio were multiple time champions, and you only bring up one example of Rey’s title run that was given to Orton. YOU are the deflector here, not me. You have not debunked a thing that I have said, you just twist things around in your book-long posts to try to make it seem like you one-upped me, which you have NEVER done.

    I brought up the other people who won lesser titles to prove a point. Just because they don’t win the BIG title(s) doesn’t mean the company is racist. It’s people like you who cause trouble in the world because you play the race card, yet in WWE there have been multiple titles around MULTIPLE non whites, such as Hispanics and Blacks, yet you don’t want to acknowledge that. You just want to say that WWE is a company not from the South so then they should have had MANY blacks with WWE title runs. I guarantee you this, if Vince saw big money in them as a WWE champion, he would put the belt on them. I think Bobby Lashley was heading in that direction, but he left the company, and yes, I know why he left. Michael Hayes is who he is.

    So, in closing, realize this….I’ve forgotten more about wrestling than you’ll ever know, and whether you admit it or not, your arguments on this topic and LAME, misguided, and just plain wrong. You’re the little brother who calls Mommy and says that big brother is picking on him for his choice of words, but Mommy always says “but he’s RIGHT”. You could turn an anthill into a mountain because you’re obviously a drama queen who loves himself and you clearly love the attention, yet you don’t post on many other topics that aren’t controversial, because you clearly love these battles, which you always lose. It’s you that have lost your so called comeback, so don’t bother trying again because you’ll embarrass yourself again, just as your left wing heroes do on a daily basis. I’m moving on to other topics. Arguing with you goes nowhere.

  21. To the moderators at Gerweck who approve these comments. Why? Seriously, why are these essays about utter crap being approved? And to the people doing it, why? You say that it’s no use arguing with each other for whatever reason yet you continue to argue. Just don’t respond to whatever the other says and don’t take it to heart. This is as bad as kids at school. Jeez.

  22. AJ Cooper says:

    @Cadet (Dumb)Ass
    Soo, as usual, STILL deflecting. I mean, only a delusional person would take a guy who isn’t known as fully black & put him forth as a black wrestler who won a championship.
    As far as Booker T, yes, he’s a black wrestler that became World champion, but only AFTER the horrendous crap WWE put him through leading up to his becoming World champion.
    So, THAT pretty much PROVES it is YOU, NOT me, who is delsional, as yet again, you don’t bother to RESEARCH BEFORE you start spewing your bullsh*t.

    Now, if anything, I DID acknowledge that Mysterio & Del Rio were World Champions (if YOU had bothered to actually READ my comment BEFORE responding). However, I also pointed out how: 1) Rey had his title shot taken away & given to Orton, then at some point later, he was eventually added to the match & 2) Del Rio didn’t end up beating Punk ON HIS OWN to win the World title; Punk was attacked by Nash BEFORE Del Rio cashed in his MITB contract to win the title.

    So, if you DON’T see those things as deflections, then it IS indeed YOU that is delusional, NOT me. And, it’s not surprising that you don’t think I’ve debunked you, because you’re too stupid to realize that the FACTS (yes, they are FACTS; research them) I’ve put forth do indeed render your argument without validity.
    And, of course, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t think I’ve one-upped you, because rather than live in reality, you live in the twisted, distorted little bubble world you’ve created in your own mind, where you’re ALWAYS right & everyone else is ALWAYS wrong. But, here in reality, I’ve one-upped you time & time again, as ANYONE here can attest to.

    As far as your second paragraph, I expect mindless dribble like that to come from you. I mean, what would be YOUR reaction if a wrestler you thought was a great talent NEVER EVER became World Champion. More likely than not, you’d accuse the company that did that of holding the person back. Like some wrestler (whose name I can’t remember off the top of my head right now) once said, if you’re NOT in wrestling to win the World title, you don’t belong in the business.
    As far as the “supposed” point you say you were trying to make, it would seem to ANYONE with a brain (in other words, ANYONE.BUT.YOU) that your point fell flat on its face, much like what you’ve CONSTANTLY been doing since this debate started. If anything, the ones causing trouble in the world are people like YOU (conservative, Republican, right-wing nutjobs), who “claim” you’re not racist, but yet don’t complain when it takes a promotion the majority of a wrestler’s career to FINALLY give them the World title. It’s people like YOU causing trouble, because you don’t claim to be racist, yet have NO problem with passing laws that disenfranchise black voters, like voter ID (which has been PROVEN to discriminate) or gerrymandering Congressional districts (which a judge recently even stated is intentional discrimination against black voters).

    If anything, I HAVE acknowledged when blacks have won World titles; I have ALSO brought up how long it’s taken the company they work for to give them said title, or what said promotion puts them through BEFORE they give them said title. Ya know, if you actually bothered to completely read through my comments before responding, you won’t cause yourself to ALWAYS come off looking as stupid as you usually do.

    Now, as far as the thing of that if Vince saw big money in them as World champion, he’d put the belt on them, it’s time for me to ONCE AGAIN debunked your bullsh*t, with some GREAT examples: Christian, R-Truth, Marcus Cor Von, etc.. The highest Christian ever got in WWE before leaving was the Intercontinental Championship. During his time in Impact, he attained the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, arguable the GREATEST World Championship in the history of wrestling. It wasn’t until after he returned to WWE that they gave him the ECW Championship (which is rather ironic, as WWE showed they didn’t even consider THEIR version of the ECW Championship a World title) & then eventually the World title. So, it took another promotion making Christian a World Champion before McMahon was finally convinced to give Christian a not-so-World-title run with WWE’s ECW Championship, then FINALLY with the World title. Hell, the ONLY time R-Truth has EVER been World champion was with Impact; he was NEVER given the World title in WWE. Same with Marcus Cor Von (known in Impact as Monty Brown).
    So, I’m NOT sorry to inform you, you have your head shoved soo far up McMahon’s rear, your breath reeks of his bullsh*t, not to mention, ONCE AGAIN, you’ve been DE-BUNKED!

    Now, as far as you forgetting more about wrestling than I’ll ever know, that would be quite impossible, seeing as how, odds are, I’ve probably watched more wrestling BESIDES WWE than YOU ever will. In fact, I’m probably aware of MORE wrestling OUTSIDE of WWE than YOU will EVER be. So, once again, your point is DE-BUNKED.
    And, I guess I should expect someone like YOU to NEVER admit that you are WRONG more times than you’re right, because that’s how the majority, if not ALL, conservative, Republican, right-wing nutjobs are; they NEVER accept responsibility for their f*ck-ups & they’re NEVER willing to admit when they are indeed WRONG. It seems like you NEVER hesitate to engage in psychological projection with me. And, it’s funny how you claim I love attention, yet YOU are the one CONSTANTLY responding to comments on here, rather than doing the smart thing & walking away from a topic you know, deep down inside, you WILL ALWAYS LOSE.

    On one hand it’s surprising that you continue to battle when it’s soo apparent to ANYONE BUT YOU that you’ve lost; on the other hand, it’s really NOT, because you’re too stupid to know when you’ve lost, because you NEVER believe you’ve lost, even when you really have.

    If ANYONE has embarrassed them-self, it’s YOU, when you CONSTANTLY do things that cause others here to see you for the idiot you really are, much like what your right-wing idols do on a daily basis, when they stand against something they call out as evil, then eventually get caught doing that which they called evil (like when a GOP congressman who called gays evil is caught in an airport bathroom soliciting gay sex).

    So, I’m glad that you’re FINALLY realizing that you’re NEVER going to win a debate with me, because you aren’t on the intellectual level to be able to win a debate with ANYONE, because doing so requires brains, which you’ve PROVEN you have NONE of.

    So, go run off crying to mommy, telling her “the big, bad, liberal smarty made me look bad & stupid to everyone”, to which she’ll coddle you like the ignorant little child you are & tell you (albeit incorrectly) that you’re ALWAYS right, everyone else is ALWAYS wrong, & you’re her “special little boy”.

    So, in conclusion…

    But, I don’t expect you to stay away from the site for long, as you’ll be back for some other article, CONTINUING to display your stupidity & ignorance for EVERYONE to see & also where I’ll continue to embarrass & humiliate you, exposing you for the ignorant, idiotic little child you REALLY are.

    And, with that, I take my leave from this article, having exorcised the ignorant, idiotic right-wing demon from here.

  23. Captain Ass says:

    Kyle, you are absolutely right. It’s just hard to ignore such ignorance. I’m not planning on doing it anymore, but some things are hard to ignore.

  24. AJ Cooper says:

    OK, so, much like the Cadet himself (as far as his newest comment), I guess I’m about to lie about the end of my most recent comment…

    Not sure how the Cadet finds it hard to “ignore such ignorance” (as he puts it; referencing my comments), as he isn’t ignoring himself.

    Now, not only that, but by replying to Kyle in the comments section here, much like what I just admitted in my opening statement, the Cadet has now ALREADY lied about moving onto other topics. So, I think it can now pretty much be said that NOTHING the Cadet says can EVER be trusted ANYMORE, because how are we supposed to know whether or not he’s lying, talking sh*t out his ass, etc. So, at this point, he’s probably lying about my comments being ignorance, even though ANYONE with a brain (a.k.a. ANYONE but him) can see whose comments are ignorance & I’ll bet my *ss odds are, they wouldn’t say mine are ignorance.

    And, as far as my response to Kyle, if you look at the debates between myself & the Cadet that have popped up in the past, you can CLEARLY see who it is that actually starts the fights. I’ll give you a hint: it’s the one who responds to my initial statement, then start blubbering bullsh*t about stuff he knows NOTHING about.
    OR, he’ll deflect to other things that aren’t even related to the discussion at hand (such as mentioning black wrestlers who have won anything other than World titles, which is NOT the discussion that was going on; or, refusing to acknowledge the fact of what certain wrestlers went through BEFORE attaining the World title).

    And, the fact is, I have no problem educating & informing those who operate on less-than-correct & less-than-adequate information. However, the onus is on whomever I’m giving the information to as far as what they decide to do with it.

    So, I don’t see the Cadet being able to “ignore such ignorance”, as he’d have the hardest time possible ignoring himself.

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