Identity of Carmella’s opponent on Smackdown

Jan 11, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Carmella squared off with CJ Lunde on last night’s edition of Smackdown. CJ Lunde is independent wrestler Thunderkitty.

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  1. Kerry Standifur says:

    The announcers were laughing at her ring attire, as if it was outdated, but I actually liked it better than what is worn by female wrestlers today. Guess I’m outdated too.

  2. Bill Fenbers says:

    Since NXT has more active female wrestlers (8) than SmackDown Live (5 active, 3 injured), wouldn’t it be a decent idea to call up one or two NXT performers? (FYI – RAW has 7 active & 3 injured; I’m counting Alicia Fox as active even though she’s currently used as a valet).

  3. aag44 says:

    @Kerry Standifur: I actually really liked her attire, precisely because it was old-fashioned and different from what we have now. It totally stands out in the same way that Jack Gallagher does (and the Vaudevillains back when they were being used, too).

    @Bill Fenbers: I agree, but the first NXT female I could see being called up is Asuka. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they want her to go to Raw so she can mix it up with Charlotte, Sasha, Nia, and Bayley (even though she would probably thrive on SD Live).
    Hopefully the rumors are true and Mickie James does go to SmackDown when she debuts. Also, I wonder if this Miz/Dean angle will be a way to bring Maryse back to in-ring competition. I know she still has a lot of fans who want to see her back in the ring again.

  4. Daniel says:

    Aaliyah was just used on SD Live last week, was she not? They should bring her and Billie Kay up.

  5. Stonz says:

    I wouldn’t count on Maryse coming back to FULL time competition, maybe a match or 2 and that’s it.

    As for that 1-piece ring attire, it reminded me of Mae Young lol. The way she was reaching around in the air reminded me for about half a second of George Steele! I thought for a brief second she may get the upset win as much cheating with Chinsworth was going on from the outside, but once she botched that finishing move you could kinda tell it was over. WWE needs to have more unrecognized/unfamiliar talent come in and get that surprise win every blue moon, maybe pull off a Goldberg and build someone up as a monster here and there with a winning streak… something like that…. Or more “mysterious masked wrestlers” that aren’t named Sin Cara or Kalisto…… Kinda like the Texas Hangmen or the Assassins, etc.

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