HeatSeekers Redefine Tag Team Wrestling

Dec 11, 2016 - by Dr. Jerry Wiseman

There are many who would believe tag team wrestling has been forgotten or is a “lost art.” While often overlooked and underutilized when in the line-up of the “big three” (WWE, TNA, ROH), tag team wrestling is flourishing on the indie scene with the revolution being led by Matt Sigmon and Elliot Russell collectively known as “The HeatSeekers.”

“The Heatseekers” beat “The Iron Empire” (Matt Riveria/Rob Conway) this weekend for their third reign as the NWA World Tag Team Champions and have, over the last year, become one of the most dominate and in-demand tag teams on the indies.

Sigmon and Elliot, who are regularly featured on NWA Smoky Mountain cards and who have held that promotions tag team championship, have redefined tag team wrestling with their tenacity, their ability to bring attention to their craft, and the fluidity and ring-man-ship they showcase every time they step into the ring.

Former multi-time NWA World Tag Team Champion as part of “The Rock&Roll Express,” Ricky Morton has called “The Heatseekers” one of the best tag teams he has ever seen and been in the ring with.

“The Heatseekers” have held the NWA United States Tag Team Championship and have wrestled across the country facing and often defeating some of the best competition in the indies. The duo has also been featured as part of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and quite often headline or co-main event most shows they appear on.

NWA President and CEO R. Bruce Tharpe has said “The Heatseekers” are the future of tag team wrestling and a cutting edge, old school duo and of their most recent NWA World Tag Team Championship victory “congratulations on a job well done.”

As “The Heatseekers” continue to dominate not only the ranks of the NWA but also tag team wrestling on the indies it is only a matter of time before more and more promoters realize how important tag team wrestling is.

The tag team revolution has begun with Sigmon and Elliot leading the way, one show at a time.

The HeatSeekers--Photo by Terry Maples

The HeatSeekers–Photo by Terry Maples

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