GRP #155: Lesnar-Goldberg finish, Undertaker’s future, Ellsworth signs with WWE, Jericho-Sin Cara, more

Nov 23, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP is Raw

Steve Gerweck, Frank Dee, and GERWECK.NET Hall of Famer Theodore R. Long are back with the latest edition of the Gerweck Report podcast.

Topics covered include:

– Thoughts on the Survivor Series PPV
– Feedback on the Lesnar/Goldberg finish
– Who wins the Royal Rumble match?
– Lesnar vs. Goldberg III at Wrestlemania 33?
– Thoughts on NXT Toronto Takever
– Shane McMahon’s bump at the Survivor Series
– James Ellsworth signs a WWE deal
– Smackdown celebrates 900 episodes
– Otunga takes a shot at Kevin Owens
– Will the New Day finally drop the tag team titles
– Thoughts on the 11/21 edition
– Jericho and Sin Cara get into a squabble overseas
– Is WWE ever going to call up Samoa Joe?
– Poll results
– and more

Warning: Strong language

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2 Responses

  1. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    What would happen if the event of the draw (e.g. Double Countout, Double DQ, Double Pinfiall, Double Submission) in a Career vs Career match? Do both wrestlers leave or stay in the event of a draw?

    @Frank Dee Were you into videogames back when it was Sega vs Nintendo during the late 80’s to early 90’s? If so, were you a Sega fan or a Nintendo fan back then?

  2. Hennessy says:

    fist of I wanna say, great podcast once again. very lively this time. keep it up guys and thank you!
    my 2 cents in regards to roman: you keep mentioning that you need a face and a heel for things to work. now , that might be true but the landscape changed significantly. meaning, everyone knows that everything we see is part of a show. we all know these days that whatever they say or represent is not them, but a script. the times where you cheer the “good guy” just for being good is OVER. we can appreciate a good heel , like in current TV shows , if hes entertaining. and if he is, he will get some cheers even if the role itself might be dispicable. roman reigns has been booked to oblivion. this whole “roman is like all you guys” crap doesnt work anymore. and therefore I actually do think that turning him heel could work if he is believable in this new role.
    God bless guys.

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