This Day In Wrestling History – September 24th

Sep 24, 2016 - by Bill Fenbers

Happy birthday, Stephanie!!

Happy birthday, Stephanie!!

1951 – The EMLL 18th Anniversary Show is held in Mexico City in front of 10,000 fans.  In the main event, Enrique Llanes defeats Sugi Sito, to win the NWA World Middleweight Championship (Best two-out-of-three Falls Match).

1963 – Gory Guerrero defeats Ali Bey, to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship.

1968 – Lester Welch and Buddy Fuller defeat Don Carson and The Red Shadow, to win the NWA Mid-Southern Tag Team Championship.

1979 – Jerry Lawler defeats Bill Dundee, to win the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship for the 21st time.  Also, Sonny King and Ricky Morton defeat The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy), to win the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship.

1984 – On a taping of Maple Leaf Wrestling, Greg Valentine defeats Tito Santana, to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.  The match would air on TV October 13, 1984.

1984 – Eddie Gilbert defeats Dutch Mantel, to win the AWA International Heavyweight Championship.

1995 – WWE In Your House 3 is held in Saginaw, Michigan in front of 5,146 fans.

-In dark match #1, Fatu defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

-In dark match #2, Goldust defeats Bob Holly.

-In dark match #3, Ahmed Johnson defeats Skip.

-In dark match #4, The Undertaker defeats King Mabel.

-Savio Vega defeats Waylon Mercy.

-Sycho Sid defeats Henry O. Godwinn.

-The British Bulldog defeats Bam Bam Bigelow.

-Dean Douglas defeats Razor Ramon.

-Bret Hart defeats Jean-Pierre Lafitte.

-Diesel and Shawn Michaels face off against Yokozuna and British Bulldog.  Diesel’s WWE Championship and Michaels’ Intercontinental Championship were on the line;  as well as the Tag Team Championship held by Yokozuna and Owen Hart.  Hart was replaced in the match by The British Bulldog;  he was supposedly at the hospital with his wife, who was giving birth to their second child.  It turns out to be a ploy as Hart interferes in the match, in full wrestling gear.  Diesel pins Hart to secure the win for he and Michaels, thus allowing both to retain their respective titles.  However they were not awarded the tag team titles, as Owen Hart, despite being pinned, was not the legal man in the match.

2000 – WWE Unforgiven is held in Philadelphia in front of 18,092 fans.

-In an eight-man tag team match, Right to Censor (Steven Richards, The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan, and Val Venis) defeat The Dudley Boyz AND The Acolytes Protection Agency (Faarooq and Bradshaw).

-Tazz defeats Jerry Lawler in a Strap Match.

-In a Hardcore Open Invitational, Steve Blackman wins the WWE Hardcore Championship;  he defeats Perry Saturn, Test, Funaki, Crash Holly, and Al Snow.  With the 24/7 Rule in effect, the title changed hands three times during this match.  Crash Holly pinned Blackman.  Saturn pinned Crash.  And Blackman pinned Saturn.

-Chris Jericho defeats X-Pac.

-In a Steel Cage Match, The Hardy Boyz defeat Edge and Christian, to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

-Eddie Guerrero defeats Rikishi via disqualification, to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

-Triple H defeats Kurt Angle in a No Disqualification Match.  Mick Foley served as special guest referee.

-The Rock retains the WWE Championship, winning a Fatal 4-Way Match that involved Kane, Chris Benoit, and The Undertaker.

2004 – On this evening’s episode of TNA Impact, Christopher Daniels and James Storm defeat Chris Harris and Elix Skipper, to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

2005 – Scott Steiner defeats Buff Bagwell, to win the vacant NWA MACW Heavyweight Championship.  In the AWA Superstars promotion, Gino Martino defeats Kamala the Ugandan Giant, in a King of the Jungle Death Match, to win the AWA Brass Knuckles Championship.  Martino is the first to hold the title since Crusher Lisowski in 1981.  Martino would also be the final champion;  the title would be deactivated again in March 2006.

2006 – TNA No Surrender is held from the Impact Zone in Orlando, in front of 900 fans.

-In the dark match, Bobby Roode defeats Vaughn Doring.

-Eric Young defeats A-1.

-Jay Lethal defeats Petey Williams.

-In a No Disqualification 3-Way Dance, Abyss defeats Raven and Brother Runt.

-The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) become the #1 contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Championship, after winning a Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal.  The other tag teams involved were:  The James Gang (B.G. James and Kip James), America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm), The Paparazzis (Alex Shelly and Johnny Devine), The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young and Elix Skipper), Maverick Matt and Kazarian, Ron Killings and Lance Hoyt, and Shark Boy and Norman Smiley.

-Senshi defeats Chris Sabin, to retain the TNA X Division Championship.

-Christian Cage defeats Rhino.

-In an Ultimate X Match, A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels defeat The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide), to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship.  This match would end up being TNA’s Match of the Year for 2006.

-Samoa Joe defeats Jeff Jarrett in a Fan’s Revenge Lumberjack Match.  The lumberjacks were 18 members of the audience equipped with leather straps.

2008 – In the Heartland Wrestling Association, The Entourage (JT Starr, The Madness, and V-Rad) defeat G.P. Code (Andre Heart and Richard Phillips), to win the HWA Tag Team Championship.

2009 – In Florida Championship Wrestling, Justin Angel defeats Heath Miller, to win the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (Best two-out-of-three Falls Match).

2010 – WWE Friday Night SmackDown airs for the last time on MyNetwork TV.  The show would move to cable (Syfy) October 1, 2010.

2011 – In Women Superstars Uncensored, Bonnie Maxon (aka Rain) defeats Sassy Stephanie, to win the WSU Spirit Championship.  A short time later, Rain loses the title to Jessicka Havok, who had challenged Rain to a title match.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:  Former ECW wrestler and Southern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight and Brass Knuckles Champion Chilly Willy (47 years old today), 2-time WWE Hardcore Champion Christopher Nowinski (38 today), and Women Superstars Uncensored Hall of Famer April Hunter (42 years old today).  Happy birthday also to two wrestlers in WWE NXT: Daria Berenato (23 years old) and Shane Haste, who is also a 2-time GHC Tag Team Champion (31 years old today).

Finally, happy birthday to WWE Chief Brand Officer, former Women’s Champion, and current RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon (40 years old today).

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