GRP #144: Possible WWE trade, Joey Styles released, Shelton Benjamin not returning, Conor McGregor, and more

Aug 9, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP with Teddy

Steve Gerweck, Frank Dee, and GERWECK.NET Hall of Famer Teddy Long are back with the latest edition of the Gerweck Report podcast.

Topics covered include:

– Thoughts on a pretty dull episode of Raw
– Why would Sasha Banks ask for a hanidcap match?
– The awful Reigns/Lana/Rusev angle
– Will Reigns win the U.S. title?
– Are they going in the right direction with The Club?
– Should WWE trade Orton to Raw?
– Ratings
– Is Foley and Bryan working as the GMs?
– WWE releases list of the hottest free agents
– Cryme Tyme returning?
– Should WWE bring back Rey Mysterio?
– Ryback’s future
– Morrison returning to WWE?
– WWE teases a Mickie James return
– Shelton Benjamin unable to return to WWE due to an injury
– A good idea to bring back Rey Mysterio?
– Conor McGregor causes a stir in the wrestling community
– Big Show vs. Shaq at Wrestlemania 33
– Joey Styles fired by WWE?
– Sean Combs to do the music for WWE 2k17
– TNA’s Bound for Glory to take place at the Impact Zone
– Melina to return to WWE?
– Luke Harper’s future
– Poll results

Warning: Strong language

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2 Responses

  1. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    Does any of the Gerweck team have New Japan Pro Wrestling World (This is NJPW’s streaming service for 999 yen a month) and if so, what is the team’s thought on New Japan Pro Wrestling World compared to the 9.99 WWE Network?

    It would be interesting if WWE and NJPW did a cross promotion supershow nowadays not just because of the possible matches but also because WWE could air it on the WWE Network and NPJW could air it on New Japan Pro Wrestling World at the same time for a cross promotional simulcast. (Shame that would never happen nowadays.)

    Still there is there is one show that should be on both but I know isn’t on WWE Network (Is the show even on New Japan Pro Wrestling World? ) and that is Wrestling Summit from 13th April 1990 as it was a WWE, NJPW and AJPW supershow)

  2. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    Hawkins has Matt Hardy Version 1 gimmick.

    Remember the “Most disappointing release by WWE on Thursday?” poll?

    “Drew McIntyre (31%, 343 Votes)
    Evan Bourne (18%, 202 Votes)
    Curt Hawkins (17%, 187 Votes)
    Theodore Long (10%, 117 Votes)
    Aksana (9%, 103 Votes)
    Brodus Clay (7%, 74 Votes)
    JTG (5%, 54 Votes)
    Yoshi Tatsu (1%, 14 Votes)
    Camacho (1%, 14 Votes)
    Jinder Mahal (1%, 7 Votes)

    Total Voters: 1,115”

    Hawkins came 3rd in that poll ahead of Teddy Long, Aksana, Brodus Clay (Tyrus), JTG (whom was part of Cryme Tyme that was part WWE’s hotest free agents), Yoshi Tatsu, Camacho and Jinder Mahal. The only people that beat him in that poll were Drew McIntrye (Drew Galloway) and Evan Bourne.

    If that poll showed anything it was that there are Hawkins fans that were disappointed with his release back in 2014.

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