Wojcik’s Annual WWE HOF Most Deserving List‏

Feb 23, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


by Alan Wojcik

When I did the Kayfabe Wrestling Radio program this time of year was always fun. We did the WrestleMania Memories interviews with some of the best to ever enter the ring. It also led to Drew, Mase, Kevin Scott, Phil Strum, Scott Fishman, Jim Varsallone & others joining me in the annual debate of who is most deserving to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and has yet to be enshrined. Past year’s top two were Bruno Sammartino and Randy Savage but those have finally come to be real. So why not list a few of who I have always campaigned for plus add some reason why I think WWE is reluctant to enshrine them, I’m skipping Miss Elizabeth because she deserved to be there before any of the “divas”:


PRO: Possibly the best pure heel of the 1980’s and 1990’s until a back injury ended his in-ring career, then being an advocate for D-Generation X and the new World Order. He made Ultimate Warrior look like a million bucks at WrestleMania V plus went to the limits with Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat in an amazing Iron Man Match in WCW. Former World Tag Team champion (w/Manny Fernandez), US champion, IC champion & 1st WCCW champion.

CON: Died from drugs, plus that infamous night he appeared on a taped Monday Night Raw and live WCW Monday Nitro.


PRO: One of the toughest tag teams ever in wrestling, Butch Miller & Luke Williams. They terrorized the world for years and then pulled a complete 360 to become a duo in WWF that licked kids on the face. Love or hate them, you always remembered them.

CON: Don’t really have a major con except for too many tag teams get lumped ahead of them like the British Bulldogs or the Dudleys. I think the rumor going around is they are going in tomorrow.


PRO: From 1980 forward he possibly was the most hated man in America for his heel turn against Bruno. He held championships in WWF/NWA/AWA over his career. Good member of the Dangerous Alliance and later the WCW announcing team plus a run in TNA as an authority figure.

CON: The major con used to be Bruno wasn’t in either but that is off the board. Larry in interviews has offered reasons but his involvement in WWE Network specials might be a sign he is due.


PRO: Most decorated tag team as far as championship belts. Bubba just appeared at the Royal Rumble after a good run in TNA as a solo. ECW nostalgia never dies off; they just announced a Volume 3 of a DVD series.

CON: See the Bushwhackers.


PRO: The man who ended Bruno’s historic first WWWF championship run in 1971. A long running heel over his career in WWWF and Mid-Atlantic. Mentored Nikita Koloff for years. Just had a documentary produced about him.

CON: The current WWE fanbase might not even know who he is.


PRO: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson were the most popular team of the 1980’s. Multi-time World Tag Team champions. Amazing matches with Midnight Express, Arn & Ole Anderson, Ivan & Nikita Koloff. Did I mention the ultimate babyfaces and teenage idols??

CON: See Bushwhackers & Dudley Boys.


PRO: The late Davey Boy Smith & Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington were the perfect opponents for their real life in-laws the Hart Foundation when they arrived in WWF of 1985-86. Had some of the most memorable cage matches with the duo plus feuds with Brutus Beefcake/Greg Valentine.

CON: Davey’s controversial death and Billington’s overall bitterness of wrestling. Well he has humbled according to certain media reports. But then again Ultimate Warrior went in and he was fired how many times?


PRO: Along with Sheri Martel & Ivory, she kept women’s wrestling alive after the greats like Fabulous Moolah & Wendi Richter left the stage. Held AWA & WWF World gold plus toured Japan against the likes of Bull Nakano.

CON: See that trash can over there??


PRO: One of the best big men to ever step in a wrestling ring. Struck fear in his opponents, promoters and some fans too. Legendary feuds with Abdullah the Butcher plus a legendary tag team with Stan Hansen.

CON: His tragic and controversial death in Puerto Rico is still a black cloud in wrestling.


PRO: The two best TV announcers of theirs or any generation not in the HOF. Russell was the staple of the Jarrett/Lawler Memphis turf while Mercer was the guiding voice of World Class Championship Wrestling.

CON: Might not be known to the modern fan unless they watch the WWE Network.

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