WWE Royal Rumble Coverage: Royal Rumble Match

Jan 25, 2015 - by Michael Riba

The Miz is entrant number one; R-Truth is entrant number two. Miz and Truth tie up and Miz sends Truth off the ropes, but Truth drops him with a shoulder block. Truth sends Miz over the top rope, but Miz saves himself. Miz then sends Truth over the top, but Truth hangs on. Miz drops Truth back inside the ring and then goes to toss him out, but Truth gets free. Truth drops Miz with a spinning heel kick, but Miz gets to his feet and sends Truth to the apron.
Bubba Ray Dudley is entrant number three. Dudley drops Miz in the center of the ring and Dudley and Truth do the What’s Up bit to Miz. Dudley tells Truth to get the tables. Dudley and Truth drop miz with the 3D and Dudley eliminates Miz.
Entrant number four is Luke Harper, as Dudley eliminates Truth. Ray and Harper exchange right hands and then try clotheslines, but nothing works. Dudley goes for the Bubba Bomb, but Harper kicks him in the face. Dudley comes off the ropes and drops Harper with a clothesline. Dudley goes for an elbow drop, but missed.
Bray Wyatt is entrant number five. Wyatt and Dudley stare off, but Harper attacks Dudley from behind and Wyatt and Harper double-team Dudley. Dudley comes back, but Harper delivers a big boot and Dudley is eliminated. Wyatt and Harper stare down.
Curtis Axel is entrant number six. Erick Rowan attacks Axel from behind and takes his spot in the Rumble. Rowan and Harper act like they are going to attack Wyatt, but Harper helps Wyatt. ROwan splashes both Wyatt and Harper in the corner and then Wyatt tosses Rowan and Harper over the ropes for eliminations.
The Boogeyman is entrant number seven. Boogeyman and Wyatt stare down. Wyatt does the spider walk as Boogeyman foams from the mouth. Wyatt drops Boogeyman and then tosses him over the top rope for the elimination.
Sin Cara is entrant number eight. Sin Cara takes Wyatt down, but Wyatt comes right back and tosses Sin Cara over the ropes, but Sin Cara holds on. Wyatt drops Sin Cara with Sister Abigail and then tosses him over the top rope.
Wyatt grabs a microphone and says this is Bray Wyatt’s year and calls this an open invitation. He begins to sing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”
Zack Ryder is entrant number nine. Ryder and Wyatt exchange right hands and Ryder knees Wyatt in the face. Ryder delivers a forearm to Wyatt and then connects with the Broski Boot. Wyatt comes right back and tosses Ryder over the top rope.
Daniel Bryan is entrant number ten. Bryan and Wyatt battle it out and Bryan dropkicks Wyatt in the corner a few times and then delivers a series of kicks to Wyatt. Bryan slams Wyatt down to the mat.
Fandango is entrant number eleven. Fandango goes after Bryan and takes him down and then slams him into the turnbuckle. Fandango dances in the ring, but Bryan comes back and kicks Fandango. Bryan picks Fandango up and airplane spins him around and dumps him over the top rope. Fandango hangs on and fights back into the ring.
Tyson Kidd is entrant number twelve. Kidd kicks Bryan in the face and then delivers a dropkick to Bryan. Kidd goes after Wyatt in the corner, but Fandango stops him and slams him into the turnbuckle. Kidd counters Fandango and places him on the top rope. Kidd dropkicks Fandango in the corner and then battles with Bryan in the middle of the ring. Kidd and Bryan crash into each other in the middle of the ring and all four men are down.
Stardust is entrant number thirteen. Stardust gets into the ring and takes down Kidd and Bryan. Stardust goes after Wyatt, but Fandango cuts him off. Stardust delivers an uppercut to Fandango and tosses him over the top rope, but Fandango skins the cat. Fandango tosses Stardust over the top rope, but Stardust skins the cat himself. Tyson Kidd is eliminated by Bryan. Bryan and Wyatt fall through the middle rope and they are down on the floor. Bryan and Wyatt fight on the floor.
Diamond Dallas Page is entrant number fourteen. DDP gets beat down by Stardust as he gets into the ring. DDP counters and drops Stardust with the Diamond Cutter. Fandango takes down DDP and delivers a few right hands down on the mat. Fandango goes up top and goes for the leg drop, but DDP cuts him off and hits a Diamond Cutter from the top rope. Wyatt gets back into the ring and attacks DDP. Wyatt stomps away on DDP and then goes for a big clothesline, but DDP drops Wyatt with the Diamond Cutter.
Rusev is entrant number fifteen. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter on RUsev, but Rusev kicks DDP in the face and then eliminates DDP and Fandango. RUsev and Wyatt stare each other down as Bryan gets on the top rope. Bryan takes both of them down and then kicks both in the chest repeatedly. Bryan goes for the big kick on Wyatt, but Wyatt catches his leg and Rusev kicks him in the face. Rusev gets Bryan on the apron and Wyatt eliminates Bryan
Goldust is entrant number sixteen. Goldust goes after Rusev and Wyatt and takes them both down. Stardust tries to eliminate Goldust, but Goldust hangs on. Goldust slaps Stardust across the face and they begin to battle it out. Goldust tosses Stardust over the top rope, but Stardust hold on. Rusev headbutts Stardust on the apron, but Stardust gets back into the ring.
Kofi Kingston is entrant number seventeen. Wyatt tries to eliminate Kingston, but Kingston saves himself and gets back into the ring. The crowd chants “Daniel Bryan” and begins to boo all the men in the ring.
Adam Rose is entrant number eighteen. Kingston gets tossed out and the ROsebuds catch him and march him around the ring. They place him back on the apron and Rusev eliminates Rose. Rusev kicks Kingston off the apron for the elimination. Rusev and Stardust battle, as do Goldust and Wyatt.
Roman Reigns is entrant number nineteen. The crowd boos Reigns as he gets into the ring, continuing the trend. Gold and Stardust attack Reigns, but he fights out and destroys both of them. Reigns goes after Rusev and Wyatt now too and then eliminated Goldust and Stardust. Reigns continues to work over Rusev and Wyatt.
Big E is entrant number twenty. Rusev goes after Big E, but Big E drops him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E tries to eliminate Rusev as Reigns and Wyatt battle in the corner.
Damien Mizdow is entrant number twenty-one. The Miz cuts him off and tells him to go to the back, and The Miz gets into the ring. Reigns knocks Miz off the apron and Mizdow gets into the ring. Mizdow DDT’s Wyatt and drops Big E with a neck-breaker. Rusev eliminates Mizdow.
Jack Swagger is entrant number twenty-two. Swagger goes after Rusev and slams him down to the mat. Swagger kicks Wyatt in the face and then delivers the Swagger Bomb to Rusev. Swagger tries to eliminate Rusev, but Rusev holds on. Reigns and Big E battle in the corner as Wyatt helps out Rusev for a bit. Rusev and Wyatt battle now, but then they double-team Swagger.
Ryback is entrant number twenty-three. Ryback goes after everybody in the ring and gets cheered when he drops Reigns with a clothesline. Ryback drops Rusev with a clothesline and then tries to eliminate him, but Rusev holds on. Wyatt attacks Ryback and beats him down in the corner. The crowd starts a “CM Punk” chant.
Kane is entrant number twenty-four. Kane goes after Ryback and Reigns, and then Rusev. Kane tries to eliminate Ryback and gets him on the top rope. Big E and Swagger battle on the other side of the ring as Kane gets Ryback onto the apron. Wyatt splashes Reigns in the corner and Big E gets Swagger on the apron. Kane tries to eliminate Ryback again, but Ryback holds onto the ropes.
Dean Ambrose is entrant number twenty-five. Ambrose goes after Kane and then drops Wyatt with a clothesline. Ambrose drops Rusev and then goes after Kane again. Ambrose kicks Kane in the face and goes up top. Ambrose dives off the top rope and takes Kane down. Ambrose tries to eliminate Rusev, but then takes him to the corner and delivers a series of right hands. Big E tries to eliminate Ryback and Swagger works over Kane.
Titus O’Neil is entrant number twenty-six. Reigns and Ambrose immediately eliminate O’Neil. Wyatt and Ambrose battle in the corner. Big E and Reigns try to eliminate Kane. Ryback and Rusev battle in the corner. Ambrose chokes Wyatt with his boot and then works him over in the ropes.
Bad News Barrett is entrant number twenty-seven. Barrett goes after Ryback and then Ambrose. Barrett drops Ambrose with the WInds of Change and then tries to eliminate him, but Reigns saves him. Ryback tries to eliminate Kane, but Kane powers out. Rusev and Swagger battle it our. Big E is down and Ambrose drops a knee on Barrett.
Cesaro is entrant number twenty-eight. Cesaro goes after Kane and Ryback and then Ambrose. Cesaro delivers short uppercuts to Swagger in the corner and then Ambrose cuts him off. Cesaro delivers an uppercut to Ambrose, but Ambrose comes back and attempts to take him down, but Cesaro delivers the big uppercut. Cesaro tosses Ambrose onto the apron, but Ambrose holds on. Rusev tosses Big E over the top rope, but Big E holds on. Rusev comes back and dropkicks Big E to the floor.
The Big Show is entrant number twenty-nine. Everybody in the ring goes after Show, but but powers out. Kane choke slams Ambrose. Show and Kane eliminate Ryback and Show eliminates Swagger. Kane goes after Cesaro.
Entrant number thirty is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler takes down Show and Kane and tosses Barrett over the top rope for the elimination. Cesaro swings Ziggler around twelve times and then tries to eliminate him, but Ziggler holds on. Ziggler brings Cesaro onto the apron and they battle on the apron. Ziggler eliminates Cesaro. Ziggler drapes Kane over the top rope and then goes up top and dives off, but Show catches him with the KO Punch. Show and Kane dump Ziggler to the outside for the elimination. Show and Kane grab Wyatt and eliminate him.
Ambrose and Reigns battle Kane and Show. Ambrose drops Kane with a clothesline and goes after Show. Reigns drops Show with a clothesline. Ambrose and Reigns try to eliminate Show. Reigns goes off the ropes, but Kane drops him with a big boot. Show grabs Ambrose and choke slams him. Kane and Show eliminate Ambrose. Show and Kane stomp away on Reigns. Kane and Show start to argue and they begin to battle it out. They grab each others throats and go towards the ropes, and Reigns dumps them over the top rope and the crowd boos. Show and Kane get back into the ring and beat down Reigns.

The Rock’s music hits and he drops Kane and Show with clotheslines and spine-busters. Rock delivers the People’s Elbow to Kane. Show gets back into the ring and grabs Rock, but ROck counters with a low-blow and Reigns Superman Punches Show. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Show and then Spears Rusev when he gets back into the ring. Reigns tosses Rusev over the top rope for the final elimination.
Winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble Match: Roman Reigns.

After the match, The Rock raises Reigns hand as the crowd boos. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come to the stage and looked pissed as The Rock raises Reigns’ hands again. Reigns points to the WrestleMania sign as Triple H and Stephanie walk to the back. Reigns points to the sign from the ropes and the crowd boos him relentlessly as the Royal Rumble comes to a close.

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