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Jan 15, 2015 - by staff

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by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 803 that was aired in Louisville on 1/10 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/803

A series of clips from the 1/3 Saturday Night Special are shown beginning with Michael Hayes applying the Liberty Lock to OUR OVW Champion Adam Revolver. We then see OUR OVW TV Champion Dapper Dan out to interfere then wake up the ref as Revolver is on top of Hayes but can only get a two count. We then see Hayes jawjack Revolver. Next is Mohamed Ali Vaez coming out to fistbump Hayes before turning on him, giving him a neckbreaker. Revolver then pins Hayes to retain the title as Vaez removes the “Active Heroes” (a charity Hayes is involved with) t-shirt and throws it on the ground.

After the show opening, we go to OUR OVW Announce Team of “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey and “Mean Dean” Hill. Gilbert is also doing the ring announcing and says we will get some answers as he has scored an exclusive interview with Vaez later on tonight.

Match #1: “Rudo” Raul Lamotta vs “OVW’s Standout” Adam Wylde
AJ the Ref is in charge here as Lamotta comes out clubbering until Wylde leapfrogs him and hits a huracanrana before grabbing an armbar. Lamotta backs Wylde to the corner and snapmares him before commencing clawing at his face. Wylde fights back to his feet but Lamotta comes off the ropes with a kick to the chin. Lamotta chucks Wylde into the ropes but Wylde maneuvers himself enough to shoot himself back in so he can roll up Lamotta for the pin.

Another set of clips airs from the SNS main event of War Machine (Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker) and Michael Titus taking on Danny Davis and Trailer Park Trash. We get to where Titus is alone in the ring with TPT and Davis to get pinballed before TPT gives him three legdrops from the top rope. We then see Jim Cornette calling out Titus Enterprises to come carry Titus out on a stretcher, and there was much rejoicing (even if none of the fans got their money back due to the stretcher job).

Gilbert is in the ring as TPT and Danny Davis come out. TPT can’t put into words how happy he feels and thanks Davis for being his partner. TPT then opens an envelope from Titus’ attorney, stating that Titus has retired from wrestling due to injuries suffered at SNS (not to mention getting that pompadour shaved off) and has filed a lawsuit against TPT and Davis. TPT rips up the papers! Davis says that things didn’t go so well for he and TPT the first few times they faced off with War Machine and understood that he would be the weak link in their team since he is 63, but the fans have welcomed him back to the ring and he now feels great! Davis says he has friends in wrestling the same age who have health issues but he doesn’t have any, so he is going to keep wrestling for a bit and has decided to enter himself and TPT in the upcoming Nightmare Cup (being that it is named after him). TPT is on board with this.

Match #2: “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond vs OUR OVW TV Champion Dapper Dan
Scruffy Ref is in charge here as Dan tries to show off some boxing skills to start. Gilbert and Dean question Dan’s being deserving of the TV title since he won it last week due to interference from Revolver. Gilbert also notes that Diamond defeated “Psycho-delic Superstar” Chris Silvio at SNS in a match that tore down the house. Diamond gets whipped into the corner and springs off right into Dan’s arms but escapes Dan’s suplex try. Diamond tries to grab Dan’s arm in an attempt to hook in the crossface but Dan slugs him. Diamond drop toeholds and tries again but gets sideslammed for his trouble. Dan pounds away and drops a knee but whiffs on an elbow drop. Dan drives Diamond into the corner and sets him up top but Diamond gives him a flying shoulderblock followed by a splash. Diamond hits a running knee but Silvio runs out and attacks him for the DQ.
Silvio powerbombs Diamond and dumps the ref out as Mary Jane comes out pleading with Silvio not to do this. Silvio fetches a chair and whacks Diamond with it then calls out Security Guy. Silvio takes the mic and warns Mary Jane not to enter the ring or Security Guy will knock her out! Silvio then uses the mic to beat on Diamond’s head.

OVW returns to Elizabethtown on 1/24 and the next Saturday Night Special is 2/7.

A clip is shown of The Congregation (“Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles, “Apostle” Jake Glasure, & “Altar Boy” Jade Dawson) walking through a subdivision. Miles says their mission today is about redemption and forgiveness and they are en route to visit someone to show then hope and faith. Miles knocks on a door and identifies himself as a friend. The door is answered by an unkempt Vaez, who has a wine bottle in his hand and smoking a cigarette. Miles knows that Vaez has had some bad times lately but reminds him that with faith, all things are possible. They didn’t hand him any tracts though.

Back to the ring where Gilbert brings out Vaez, who is now clean shaven and dressed business casual. Vaez points at a shiny new watch he is wearing before stepping in the ring. Gilbert asks why he would stab Hayes in the back. Vaez says Gilbert won’t win a fifth Emmy off of him, lol. Vaez then takes us back to seven weeks ago (actually episode 795) where he sat in the ring and felt sorry for himself as he announced that he was going to have to leave wrestling due to health issues. He brings up someone in the crowd saying “Wal-Mart is hiring” and it touched him to the core. (I went back to this episode and the remark could be heard, followed by another fan apologizing for that fan’s remark) Vaez says the fans don’t care about him anymore and his OVW “family” abandoned him after his injuries. He shows off his West Point class ring and says this makes him smarter than 99% of fans watching and 100% of the fans in the Davis Arena! He’s really not surprised about this since he has faced “institutional racism” around here for years and it’s so bad he can’t breathe! For weeks, he sat home drowning his sorrows but neither Dean nor Davis nor TPT nor even Hayes called to check on him. The one person who did call was Miles, who is his new “spiritual advisor”, who told him that faith can help him overcome his injuries.
Hayes comes out for a rebuttal, saying Vaez is acting like a teenage girl. Hayes says he did call but Vaez couldn’t speak over the booze and pills. Vaez accuses Hayes of chasing dreams while he was home with concussions caused by him defending their tag titles alone. Hayes points out that he first won them by beating Crimson & Jason Wayne by himself while Vaez was in the back with a sore shoulder. Vaez says that he hasn’t had a shot at the OVW Championship since 2009 although it is pointed out that Vaez is a 4-time tag champ and 8-time TV champ. Hayes says maybe Vaez should have protected himself better from getting concussions, which sets off a debate about who learned what from who. Hayes says he earned everything he has gotten here but Vaez begs to differ.
Revolver wanders out and he loves this! Revolver says that he had Hayes beat anyway and is now exhausted his title shots. He then calls Vaez a racist and says he’ll be praying for him. Here come Cornette, who says that Revolver is not going anywhere since it looked to him like Hayes was about to win at SNS until “something” happened. Cornette makes Hayes vs Revolver for the title later tonight and there must be a winner! Cornette then turns to Vaez and says that the lowest thing a man can do is stab a friend in the back, so he has Vaez barred from the building and calls on security to escort him out.

In the back, Josh Ashcraft is with Jonze and Locker. Ashcraft says Titus was a great manager and soaked up knowledge from him but in the end, like a great thoroughbred, he had to be taken out and shot. Ashcraft says he has already gotten Jonze 62 more Twitter followers and gotten Locker booked on several podcasts. Ashcraft says he will take Jonze and Locker to the top and run OVW!

Match #3: “Apostle” Jake Glasure (w/”Altar Boy” Jade Dawson) vs “Wrestling’s Rockstar” Ryan Howe
AJ is the ref here as Howe comes out with a double neck guitar and plays some “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Dawson grabs Howe’s legs, allowing Glasure to attack him at the bell. It’s notable that Miles is not out here as Glasure suplexes Howe for 2 and grabs a headlock. Howe gets to his feet and hits an enziguri then goes to climb up the corner. Dawson tries to grab Howe’s leg but gets kicked away and Howe hits the moonsault-that-looks-like -a-flip-kick for two plus but Dawson runs in to distract Howe. Dawson is still on the apron as Howe whips Glasure into him, knocking him off. Howe puts Glasure in the Whammy Bar for the submission victory.

Match #4: War Machine (Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker w/Josh Ashcraft) vs TerreMex (Randy Terrez & “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna)
Scruffy Ref is in charge here as Gilbert notes that TerreMex had some miscommunication in their match against OUR OVW Tag Team Champions The Fabulous Freebodies, which ultimately cost them the victory. TerreMex takes turns headlocking Jonze then they do a double armstretch. Terrez whiffs on a springboard crossbody and here comes Locker in to manhandle him for a bit. Locker works on the arm then picks Terrez up for a slam but Terrez slides off and gets the tag. DeLuna comes in firing away on War Machine before slamming Locker for 2. It’s everybody in the pool as DeLuna grabs and holds Locker while Terrez whips Jonze across towards him. Locker ducks at the last second and Jonze crashes into DeLuna! Locker gives DeLuna the Hurt Locker and covers him for the pin and Ashcraft is 1-0 as a manager!
Terrez is not pleased at the outcome and gets all huffy as DeLuna struggles to get to his feet.

Hayes comes out through the curtain for his match but gets jumped by Vaez, who has changed clothes during his banning from the building. Vaez DDTs Hayes on the floor and here’s Cornette out again to have Vaez removed from the building again. Revolver comes out laughing and demands that Scruffy Ref raise his hand in victory as Cornette tells Hayes that he has to fight or forfeit. Hayes pushes past Cornette and makes his way to the ring, so he has chosen the “fight” option.

Match #5: Michael (not PS) Hayes vs OUR OVW Champion Adam Revolver
Revolver immediately attacks Hayes as he enters the ring then drags him to the apron and elbows him. Hayes fights back but Revolver comes off the ropes with a boot followed by a lariat. Revolver hits a front legsweep but only gets 2 so he repeats this then wanders over to undo a turnbuckle pad as Scruffy Ref checks on Hayes. A comeback by Hayes concludes with an over the shoulder slam but Hayes goes down and can’t get over for a cover. Both get to their feet and Revolver swings and misses, which allows Hayes to grab the Liberty Lock. Revolver backs Hayes into the exposed corner then gets free and hot shots Hayes off the same corner for the pin.
Cornette leads various OVW personnel out to check on Hayes while Revolver kisses the belt as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I liked Vaez here and there were some nice little touches to his character here such as the Wal-Mart remark being recalled and the changing of his clothes before the attack on Hayes. I did wonder why Miles didn’t come out with him for his interview. I’m also good with Silvio-Diamond continuing as now I wonder how long Mary Jane will tolerate Silvio’s behavior. I’m also OK with Ashcraft as a manager although he didn’t really do anything in the match. Obviously Hayes will get another shot at Revolver although now I wonder where Vaez will now fit into that picture. Overall, I enjoyed this show so I’ll continue the streak of thumbs up shows.

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