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Sep 19, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 787 that will be aired in Louisville on 9/20 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/787

We pick up where we left off from last week’s main event where OUR OVW TV Champion Michael (not PS) Hayes went for a Liberty Lock but Adam Revolver (accompanied by Michael Titus) rolled backwards and hooked Hayes in a sleeper. Hayes goes down and special referee Timmy Danger drops Hayes’ arm twice and pulls it up for the third drop, which is where the show went off the air. Hayes’ arm stays up and he gets to his feet to slam Revolver. Hayes grabs the Liberty Lock and Revolver taps, so Danger calls for the bell and it rings. Cut to the announce table where ref Josh Ashcraft is yelling at bell ringer/announcer “Fan Advocate” Terry Boddie. It seems that Ashcraft wanted Boddie to ring the bell earlier since the TV time expired. Ashcraft grabs the TV title belt and heads to the ring but Danger grabs it and slugs Ashcraft before handing it back to Hayes.

On to this week, where Revolver is in the back with Titus complaining that the belt should be his! Titus says that since the TV time expired, the match should have been declared a draw and Revolver should get another rematch. Titus he will make another rematch happen but Danger walks up to inform them that the decision of OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis from last week still stands thus Revolver will not get another rematch and will have to work his way back up the ranks. Danger also says that there is a special opponent for Revolver tonight and also that there will be a special surprise in tonight’s main event, a number one contenders match between Marcus Anthony and Cliff Compton (where the winner takes on OVW Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus at the 10/4 Saturday Night Special).

After the show opening, OUR OVW Announce Team of “Mean” Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey (along with OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude) welcome us as Revolver and Titus come out to the ring.

Match #1: Adam Revolver (w/Michael Titus) vs Dylan Bostic
Bostic runs out and chases Revolver around before catching him to beat on him at ringside. The Nick Dumeyer-lookalike ref is in charge here as they scuffle a bit more before making their way into the ring. Bostic fires up on Revolver but misses a frog splash which allows Revolver to grab a sleeper. Bostic drops and snapmares Revolver away. Bostic goes for his Backstabber but Revolver hangs on to the ropes and Bostic drops to the mat. Revolver hits a fishermans suplex followed by a legsweep and goes back to the sleeper but Bostic twists out of this and dropkicks Revolver. Bostic shoves Revolver through the ropes and out to the floor then dives out onto him, landing feet first! Back in, Bostic goes up top but Titus grabs his ankles as Revolver comes after him. Bostic pushes Revolver away and hits a missile dropkick. Bostic gives Revolver the Backstabber but Titus climbs up on the apron to distract the ref. Bostic grabs Titus but Revolver grabs Bostic and pins him with the Handful O’Tights!
Titus and Revolver bask in the glow of their glorious (to them) triumph.

Match #2: “Rudo” Raul Lamotta vs “Primetime” Robbie Walker
The slender, bearded anonymous ref is in charge as Lamotta forearms free from armworking and chops away on Walker. Dean is not in the loop as it pertains to the surprise in the main event. Walker comes off the ropes with a kick and some chops of his own but Lamotta connects on The Eyepoke of Doom!! Lamotta drops a knee for 2 as Dean and Gilbert opine that Walker has had a good 2014 so far. Lamotta dishes out a shortarm clothesline and sets up for a double underhook but Walker slips away and connects on the Cosmic Kick for the pin.

Bostic is in the back as Danger drops by to visit. Bostic is not happy to see Danger, who admits that he has done a lot of bad things over the past year but things are different now. Danger tells Bostic to let his actions show who he is now and that he was pulling for Bostic to win tonight. Danger asks Bostic if it felt good getting revenge on Revolver tonight. Danger stops to check his phone but Revolver runs over and rams Danger into a locker. Revolver relays a message from Titus, saying it doesn’t matter what Davis says, the surprise tonight won’t be Danger!

Here comes The Congregation!

Match #3: “Altar Boy” Jade Dawson & “Apostle” Jake Glasure (w/Rev. Stuart Miles) vs OUR OVW Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Miles has a seat at the announce table, leading Gilbert to ask what is in Miles’ Good Book (since he uses it as a weapon). Miles says it’s full of great things all sinners need to know and he is here to teach us! Miles says that his followers need to have their faith tested tonight so it can grow. The Match #1 ref is in charge here as Dawson flails away on Melvin to no avail. Melvin presses and drops Dawson as Glasure comes in only to get shoved into the ropes. Glasure backs Melvin into the corner and pops him upside the head but gets slammed to the mat for his efforts. Miles brags about The Congregation eliminating superstars like Ryan Howe, who brought the devil’s music in here. Speaking of Howe, he runs out and grabs Miles then chases him to ringside and spears him. Meanwhile, Glasure gets shoulder blocked through the ropes by Melvin, who then catches Dawson’s crossbody and clamps him in the deadly bearhug for the submission victory.
The Congregation bravely runs away through the exit.

Jamin Olivencia comes out for one reason, to let the fans know the facts about the former tag champs. He says that he and “Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio are not working out as a team even though they did win the tag titles, so it’s time to move forward. Gilbert says that this team’s greatest challenge was each other as Silvio comes out. Silvio says that he is going to be honest as well, asking Jamin how many friends he has that are watching his back. Silvio claims that he had Jamin’s back at SNS, at TV tapings, at the bar, and even at Wendy’s! Silvio wonders aloud if he and Jamin would make better enemies. Here comes Mary Jane, who Silvio had told to stay in the back. Mary Jane says both are being stupid, since both are the best wrestlers in OVW and together they are the most dynamic, explosive, incredible tag team not only in OVW but in the world! Here comes OUR OVW Tag Team Champions War Machine (Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker)! Jonze, still dressed business casual, appreciates Mary Jane’s inane yammering but holding the tag belts say that he and Locker are the greatest tag team in OVW history. Mary Jane offers up a rematch at SNS, which Jonze initially dismisses since War Machine is well-lubed and well-oiled (!). Locker takes the mic and says they won’t wait for SNS and do it next week, which does not please Jonze. The match is made for next week!

Match #4: “The Man” Jason Lee vs Elvis Pridemore
The ref from Match #2 is in charge here as Elvis gets a quick rollup for one. Elvis unleashes a flurry of offense until Lee flips him through the ropes and out to the floor. Lee follows him out to throw some chops before rolling him back in. Lee drops a couple of elbows for a cover as Elvis’ cap comes off, so Lee drops it on the mat and aims to stomp on it. Elvis fires up again upon seeing his hat being mistreated and clotheslines Lee before setting him up for a tenpunch. Elvis only gets to three as Lee yanks Elvis down and pins him using his feet on the ropes.

Compton is walking down the hall when Melvin welcomes him back and wishes him luck for tonight. Compton says luck is for losers, stating that he will win tonight and beat Melvin for the title at SNS.

Match #5: The Body Guy vs OUR OVW TV Champion Michael (not PS) Hayes
The ref from Match #2 & #4 is in charge of this title match that Body Guy earned with a victory at an OVW Live Event. They lockup and trade armworking on the mat to start as Gilbert notes that Body Guy’s partner/bodyguard Big Jon is out with an injury. Body Guy grabs a headlock but Hayes reverses out and blocks him down thrice. Hayes suplexes Body Guy and picks him up in a firemans carry but he buckles and goes down. Body Guy throws some jabs then grabs a rear chinlock. Hayes fights out but Body Guy throws a few more jabs before Hayes successfully pulls him up in another firemans carry and slams him. Hayes cinches in the Liberty Lock and Body Guy taps out.

Gilbert plugs the OVW Plus One which is available through OVW’s Facebook and Twitter pages. (This week they had Olivencia vs Leon Shelly). Dean says the OVW Live Event in Elizabethtown on 9/20 will have Melvin, TerreMex, and Compton!

Match #6: Marcus Anthony (w/Michael Titus) vs “Mr. 1859” Cliff Compton
The familiar strains of (probably) Paul Revere and the Raiders play in the background as Compton comes out, leading Gilbert to say that it’s like a family member coming home. Ashcraft is in the ring to ref as Gilbert makes an announcement concerning the “special surprise” mentioned earlier. He says that Danny Davis has replaced Ashcraft with a one-time appearance by “Package” Chris Sharpe!!! Ashcraft is ejected from ringside as Sharpe shakes hands with Compton and feigns one with Anthony. Dean is happy to ring the bell as Gilbert reiterates that Compton says that this is his last run in wrestling and he wants to go out as OVW Champion. Anthony grabs a headlock and gets shot into the ropes, where he comes off and hits Compton with a shoulder block. Compton leapfrogs and dropkicks Anthony but Titus grabs his ankle which allows Anthony to attack from behind. Anthony boots and chokes Compton in the corner and Sharpe has to counsel Anthony on his behavior. Compton gets whipped across before Anthony runs the ropes several times and squashes Compton then covers for 2. Compton fights up from a standing armbar but Anthony pulls him into the Crimson Omen. Compton squats and launches himself toward the corner, resulting in Anthony eating a turnbuckle. Compton spears and slams Anthony then gets away from Titus to climb up top and connect on a frog splash. Sharpe gets to 2 but Ashcraft runs out and pulls Sharpe out of the ring! Compton grabs Ashcraft but Anthony sneaks up with a schoolboy. Sharpe returns the favor and pulls Ashcraft out before returning to the ring. Sharpe calls for the bell and declares Compton the winner by DQ! Ashcraft does the same for Anthony and the two refs commence to brawling as the show goes off with another cliffhanger!

THOUGHTS: I guess we will see a rematch of the main event next week, which isn’t the worst thing in the world since there were only about 5 minutes left in the show when the bell rang. Either that or Davis comes out and says he’s getting tired of having to come out and makes a ruling on all this. I wonder which tag team will explode next week and who will Mary Jane end up with? Jason Lee is on a winning streak! So is Robbie Walker! Will we see this matchup next week or maybe at SNS? Hopefully Bostic will stick around for at least a few weeks. I miss the ladies wrestling on OVW; maybe they will be kind with the Plus One and put a ladies match on that. There was a lot on this show and I kind of enjoyed it, so I’ll give it a 60-degree thumbs up.

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