OVW TV Episode 784 Recap‏

Aug 30, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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by Jimmie Daniel

OVW TV Episode 784 Recap

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 784 that will be aired in Louisville on 8/30 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/784

We start with a clip from last week’s main event where Michael (not PS) Hayes has Adam Revolver in the Liberty Lock but Revolver bridges back as he is tapping out. Ref Josh Ashcraft conveniently overlooks this and only notices Hayes’ shoulders on the mat and counts the three count, thus Revolver won the match and the TV title.

After the show opening, Hayes comes out to the ring. He hates putting his business out in front of everyone but sometimes he just has to. He made Revolver tap out last week but he’s not asking for a rematch, he just wants the title returned to him now! If it’s not brought to him, he will hunt revolver down and take it back! Ashcraft comes out to inform Hayes that he must go through the proper channels in order to get another title shot before ordering him to go to the back. Hayes says he will channel his foot into Ashcraft’s behind! Here comes Revolver, Marcus Anthony, and Michael Titus (in a black suit this week) who is displeased with the way Hayes is threatening “The Paragon of Virtue” Ashcraft. Titus says Hayes lost fair and square, to which Hayes responds with a raspberry, and proclaims that Hayes will not get a rematch! Here comes OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis, who says he watched the footage and Hayes did make Revolver tap out! He takes the title belt away from Revolver and declares it to be held up, deciding that they will “continue” their match later in the show. The crowd wants a new ref, so Davis rules that “the worst ref in OVW history” Ashcraft will neither ref tonight nor the OVW Championship match at the 9/6 Saturday Night Special between Anthony and OUR Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus. Anthony looks like he’s ready to wrestle so Davis brings out someone from his recent past as the opponent. Out through the curtain comes Mohamed Ali Vaez!

OUR OVW Announce Team of “Professor” Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey and Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude is set for the opening match. Gilbert notes that Vaez has been on the shelf for the past four months and it is later revealed that he has been recovering from a concussion.

Match #1: Marcus Anthony (w/Michael Titus) vs Mohamed Ali Vaez
Vaez hits the ring and unleashes his swimmers build on Anthony as ref Jordan Barker calls for the bell. Anthony picks up Vaez for a powerbomb but Vaez stays upright as Anthony backs to the corner, allowing Vaez to complete a tenpunch (a set of 3 followed by a set of 7). Vaez comes off the top with a crossbody for 2 but is slow to get back to his feet and gets hammered back down to the mat. Anthony picks Vaez up in a firemans carry, squats, and then launches up into the air to splat onto the mat. Anthony repeats this and stands on the dazed and confused Vaez for 2. Anthony grabs a bearhug but Vaez is able to headbutt free. Anthony does the squat-n-launch again for 2 before grabbing a sleeper. Vaez staggers to his feet only to get thrown back down again as the announcers are concerned that Vaez may not be totally healed from the concussion. Anthony stops to yell at the announcers but Vaez kicks the middle rope which crotches Anthony. Vaez comes off the top again and Anthony catches him but Vaez squirms free and hits a neckbreaker. Vaez crawls over to hook the leg but only gets 2. Anthony flies through the ropes when Vaez pulls the ropes apart but when Vaez goes up top, he stumbles and falls into the ring. Anthony comes back in and Vaez pulls him into a crossface but can’t hang on. Anthony powerbombs Vaez but Barker goes over to check and calls for the bell when he sees that Vaez is unable to continue.
Anthony tries to clamp on a Crimson Omen anyway but Melvin runs out to put a stop to that as we go to break.

Back from break, several refs and assorted OVW personnel are in the process of placing Vaez on a back board and carrying him to the back. Dean says that “Mr. 1859” Cliff Compton returns to OVW next week! Gilbert says the medics are tending to Vaez in the back.

The Fabulous Freebodies (The Body Guy & Big Jon Body) come out to the announce table. Body Guy pulls up a chair while Big Jon stands behind him. Body Guy says they are here to scope out the competition, adding that the Freebodies are well-oiled champions! Gilbert asks about the type of oil they use, to which Body Guy replies that they use 10W-40 full synthetic in this high performance machine! Gilbert says that oil is dripping from Body Guy’s hair onto the announce table. lol.

Match #2: Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker vs The Wild Boyz (“The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond & “Party Starter” Bud Dwight)
The anonymous bearded ref is in charge here as the Wild Boyz chest bump. Body Guy calls Hill “Mean Dean”. Gilbert notes that Wild Boyz beat Freebodies a couple of weeks ago in the gauntlet match (and 7/26 in Elizabethtown as well) but Body Guy dismisses that as a fluke, adding that he wrestled Diamond to a two-hour draw one time. Dean snickers at this although it really did happen. (It’s on YouTube titled “Rip Rogers OVW Wrestling Showcase – 2 Hour Match Part 1”-there is also a part 2 with the second hour of this match) As the Wild Boyz takes turns wrestling on Jonze, Body Guy says that they do not have the tag team efficiency that the Freebodies do. Gilbert wonders if Body Guy is jealous, which Body Guy denies. Meanwhile, Jonze gets whipped to the corner and Diamond springboards off Dwight, splashing Jonze in the corner. Diamond twists Jonze into a Boston crab but lets go in order to duck Locker’s lariat and dropkick him. Body Guy says his goal is to regain the tag titles and since Jonze and Locker will be taking on OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Jamin Olivencia & Chris Silvio at SNS, he will be watching them and implies that he will call “winners”. Anyway, Jonze gets caught in a headlock but drags Diamond over to his corner and tags in Locker. Diamond headlocks Locker but gets shot into the ropes and goes right through them as Jonze holds them open. Jonze leaps off the apron to stomp Diamond and rolls him back in for Locker to cover for 2. Dean compares Jonze to Jim Jones! Jonze drops a knee on Diamond as Body Guy cracks on the Wild Boyz’ tights, calling them “ninja frog tights”. Locker puts some knees to the ribs and we get some brief double teaming before Diamond pulls away from Jonze and we get TAGS! Dwight has dropkicks for both before doing his party dance and splashing Jonze, who then distracts the ref to allow Locker to trip up Dwight. Locker holds up Dwight so Jonze can come off the top and plant Dwight into the mat. Olivencia and Silvio hit the ring to attack Jonze and Locker for the DQ!
Jonze takes the mic to say that he knows that Silvio is upset about Mary Jane getting hurt last week. He also notes that Olivencia wasn’t around when that happened and says that Olivencia will let him down at SNS!

Rump Thump is in the back talking to “Primetime” Robbie Walker when they hear things going on in the next room. They look in to see that Barker has been laid out on the floor. Ashcraft comes up and says he guesses he’ll just have to ref the title match tonight!

The Congregation (“Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles, “Altar Boy” Jay Dawson, and “Apostle” Jake Glasure) come out with Glasure carrying an acoustic guitar. Miles’ Good Word for today is “encore” as last weekend in Elizabethtown, he shut down Ryan Howe’s music plus got a victory over a heathen, showing him that the glorious one above does not deal with sinners like the folks in the crowd. Tonight he will have an encore to show us what beautiful music sounds like! Miles strums the guitar and sings a song about David until Howe comes out pitching fists at everybody. Howe splashes Dawson and suplexes Glasure but Miles nails him with a couple of shots from the Good Book. Miles stands over the fallen Howe in glorious (to him, anyway) triumph.

A hand knocks on the door and opens it to show Davis doing paperwork at his desk. Davis thanks him for being here tonight. Gilbert and Dean do not recognize who it could be.

Match #3: Adam Revolver (w/Michael Titus) vs Michael (not PS) Hayes
This is for the held-up OVW TV Title as Ashcraft is in the ring to ref. Hayes hits the ring and immediately goes for the Liberty Lock but Revolver frees himself and rolls out. They do some mat wrestling for a bit as it is theorized that Titus Enterprises was behind the attack on Barker. Headlocks get traded as Revolver is serenaded with “you tapped out” chants. Hayes goes for an underhook suplex but Revolver backdrops him. Hayes tries that again and succeeds, covering for 2. Hayes lariats Revolver over the top rope and out to the floor as we go to break.
We return to see Titus and Revolver in conference as Hayes comes out and pops Revolver. They slug it out on the floor as it is pointed out that Revolver benefitted from an extra long count from Ashcraft during the break. Hayes rolls Revolver back in but Titus grabs Hayes by the leg which allows Revolver to knock Hayes back down to the floor. Revolver comes out to ram Hayes into the apron and chop him. Both are back in the ring as Revolver kneelifts then gives Hayes a backbreaker for 2. Revolver suplexes Hayes then clamps on a bodyscissors and pounds on Hayes’ noggin a bit. Hayes rolls Revolver over and pummels him. Revolver escapes to the corner but Hayes grabs him and hits a trio of suplexes. Revolver sneaks up and grabs a sleeper but Hayes flips him away then goes for the Liberty Lock. Revolver reaches for the ropes and Titus runs over to push the bottom rope toward Revolver so he can reach it. The angry Hayes grabs Ashcraft, which allows Titus to hand Revolver the belt so he can hit Hayes with it. Revolver clamps a sleeper on Hayes and Ashcraft grabs Hayes’ arm and taps for him before calling for the bell.

Davis comes out and says he knows Titus was behind the attack on Barker, adding that Ashcraft is a sorry SOB. He reiterates that Ashcraft will not ref the OVW Championship match at SNS and introduces the special referee-Timmy Danger! People are shocked to see Danger, who is wearing a striped ref shirt! Danger smiles as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I loved Body Guy on commentary and the interaction he had with Gilbert. What will Compton have in store for next week and what role (if any) will he play at SNS? As with Mary Jane last week, there was no further mention of Vaez’ condition on this show. Ashcraft as the crooked ref just keeps dragging along with no resolution in sight. There was no mention of Titus’ recruiting efforts this week after it was brought up last week that Jonze and Locker might be allied with him. Still no ladies wrestling this week. So Body Guy on commentary gives this show a 60-degree thumbs up!

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