This Day In Wrestling History– August 29th

Aug 29, 2014 - by staff


2006 –  Chris Jericho, who fronts metal band Fozzy, is eliminated on the 1st episode of FOX reality series “Celebrity Duets”


In 1988, the 1st ever WWF Summerslam was held at Madison Square Garden, in New York City. With an attendance of 20,000:

– The Fabulous Rougeaus Brothers  (Jacques & Raymond) fought The British Bulldogs (The Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith) to a 20 minute time limit draw
– Bad New Brown defeated Ken Patera
– Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan) defeated The Junkyard Dog via DQ
– The Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian) (with The Baron) defeated The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov) (with Slick)
– The Ultimate Warrior defeated The Honky Tonk Man (with Jimmy Hart) to win the WWF Intercontinental Title
– Dino Bravo (with Frenchy Martin) defeated Don Muraco
– Demolition (Ax & Smash) (with Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart) defeated The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) to retain the WWF Tag Team Titles
– The Big Boss Man (with Slick) defeated Koko B. Ware
– Jake Roberts defeated Hercules
– The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage) (with Miss Elizabeth) defeated The Mega Bucks (Andre The Giant & Ted DiBiase) (with Virigil & Bobby Heenan) with Jesse Ventura as special guest referee

In 1992, WWF Summerslam was held at Wembley Stadium, in London, England & as such, didn’t air in the USA for another 2 days. It is on record as the largest verified attendance in WWF/E history with 80,355 (Wrestlemania III is said to have attracted 93,173 fans, but this figure is disputed, with some sources putting it around 78,000):

Dark Matches:
– The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch) & Jim Duggan defeated The Mountie & The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags & Brian Knobs) (with Jimmy Hart)
– Papo Shango defeated Tito Santana
– Tatanka defeated The Berzerker (with Mr. Fuji)
– The Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) (with Paul Ellering) defeated Money Inc. (Ted Dibiase & Irwin R. Schyster) (with Jimmy Hart)
– Nailz defeated Virgil
– Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri) fought Rick Martel to a double countout in a match where neither man was allowed to hit the other in the face
– The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) defeated The Beverly Brothers (Blake & Beau) (with The Genius) to retain the WWF Tag Team Titles
– Crush defeated The Repo Man
– The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy Savage via countout (Savage retains the WWF Title)
– The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Kamala (with Harvey Wippleman & Kim Chee) via DQ
– The British Bulldog (with Lennox Lewis) defeated Bret Hart to win the WWF Intercontinental Title

In 1994, WWF Summerslam was held at the United Center, in Chicago, Illinois. With an attendance of 23,000. Leslie Nielsen & George Kennedy (of ‘The Naked Gun’ fame) appeared in-character at the event, trying to solve the mystery of the 2 Undertakers:

Dark Match:
– Adam Bomb defeated Kwang (Savio Vega)
Bam Bam Bigelow & Irwin R. Schyster (with Ted Dibiase) defeated The Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu) (with Capt. Lou Albano & Afa) via DQ
– Alundra Blayze defeated Bull Nakano (with Luna Vachon) to retain the WWF Women’s Title
– Razor Ramon (with Walter Payton) defeated Diesel (with Shawn Michaels) to win the WWF Intercontinental Title
– Tatanka defeated Lex Luger
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Mabel (with Oscar)
– Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart in a Cage Match to retain the WWF Title
– The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated The Fake Undertaker (Brian Lee) (with Ted Dibiase)

In 2010, AJPW Pro Wrestling Love in Ryogoku Vol. 10 was held in Tokyo, Japan:

– Osamu Nishimura & Masanobu Fuchi defeated Antonio Thomas & Hiroshi Yamato
– Seiya Sanada & Manabu Soya defeated Taru & Big Daddy Voodoo to win the AJPW All Asia Tag Team Titles
– KENSO defeated The Great Muta
– Kaz Hayashi defeated Jimmy Yang to retain the AJPW Junior Heavyweight Title
– Suwama defeated Minoru Suzuki to win the AJPW Triple Crown Title

Title Changes

1982 – Otto Wanz defeated Nick Bockwinkel to win the AWA World Title. Amazingly, this is the 1st time in the 22-year history of the AWA World Title that a title change did not involve either Mad Dog Vachon or Verne Gagne

1988 – Ashura Hara & Genichiro Tenryu defeated Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu to win the AJPW Unified World Tag Team Titles

1997 – Emilio Charles Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Atlantis & Brazo de Plata in the final of a tournament to win the CMLL Tag Team titles

2000 – on Smackdown, Al Snow defeated Perry Saturn to win the WWF European Title

2002 – Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Yoshinobu Kanemura defeated Jushin Liger & Minoru Tanaka to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles

2006 – on Smackdown, Mr Kennedy defeated Finlay & Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match to win the WWE United States Title


Happy birthday to 4-time AJPW Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen (65), & former WWE & TNA wrestler Nick ‘Sinn/Kizarny’ Cvjetkovich (41)

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