Jeff Hardy Talks CM Punk, TNA’s SpikeTV Status, Vince Russo & Willow‏

Jul 31, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Brett Buchanan sent in:

Jeff Hardy was interviewed yesterday by In the interview, Hardy discussed reports of SpikeTV canceling TNA Impact Wrestling, the evolution of the Willow character, the Hardy Boyz reunion, how much longer he thinks he can wrestle, his feud with CM Punk, TNA giving him creative freedom, working with Sting, writing his own music, and his apprehension over Vince Russo’s decision to turn him heel in 2010. CLICK HERE to read the full in-depth interview, and read excerpts below:

On TNA’s status on SpikeTV: “I don’t know, I’m not a social network guy, I don’t even read timelines or tweets. But I’m sure negotiations are – I still have hope. It’s not really my problem, but I hope we remain on Spike, I hope they can work something out. Gosh, I hope 1 or 2 years from now we’re still coming on every Thursday night on Spike. I don’t know, I go to the shows, I do the best I can in the ring. That’s my commitment to the company, is to do what I can do to make the show good. It’s their job to use me in the right fashion. As far as re-signing with Spike, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I hope we remain.”

On when he will retire: “Basically the way I look at it, 3 years from now if I feel the way I feel now, I’m still going to be doing the things I do now, as far as [seeing] a vision I want to conquer, and pulling it off. Ultimately with my style, if I feel like wrestling 5 years from now wrestling the way I did against Bobby Lashley the way I did, I’m going to do it. But I can’t say, my career might end next week when we’re filming, I’m not sure.”

On Willow: “It’s something I would have loved to do years ago, but the timing was never right. WWE never would have went for it. They would never want ‘Jeff Hardy staying covered, because [he’s] this money maker.’ But that’s what’s so cool about TNA being open-minded, they take a few risks, especially with me, and letting me do that. Because instead of that aggressive heel bad guy character that Willow was back in the OMEGA days, I think now that we’ve experimented with it, it can be a more kid friendly type of deal.”

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