WWE, Lana and Rusev Get Heat from Media and Fans for Apparent Reference to MH17 Tragedy

Jul 21, 2014 - by Marc Middleton

– Lana making an apparent reference to the Malaysian flight getting shot down over East Ukraine last week during her promo at WWE Battleground last night is getting picked up by several media outlets, including The Washington Post, and is causing heat from fans on social media. Lana said:

“You blame Russia for the recent current events.”


Below are some tweets from fans:

“When the Malaysia plane tragedy is used for a promo…@WWE you’ve gone too far #WWEBattleground”

“Oh did the WWE just do a Malaysia Airline Tragedy reference? Someone needs to be fired for that”

“Smh #WWE using the #Malaysia tragedy for this promo. #BadTaste”

The Washington Post wrote:

“The first time the WWE used a giant photograph of Russian President Vladimir Putin to elicit boos for its heels Lana and Rusev, a pair of Eastern Europeans who hate the United States, it was largely looked at as a success. A cheap one, sure, but this is pro wrestling we’re talking about and there was almost a certain throwback charm about setting up a classic USA vs. Russia feud.

But on Sunday night’s “Battleground” pay-per-view, the shtick became less amusing and more cringeworthy when CJ Parker Perry, the bilingual American who plays Lana, the acerbic Russian manager of Rusev (who both in real life and in the ring hails from Bulgaria), decided to allude to “recent current events” while ranting on the microphone about how Russia is better than the United States.”

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