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More Speculation on WWE Unifying the US and IC Titles, Zack Ryder Reacts to Battleground

– Zack Ryder tweeted his reaction to last night’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view:

“Welp…#WWEBattleground. I’m sorry for letting the Zack Pack down tonight…I blame @GreatKhali”

“GOOD NEWS: I had an entrance, had new gear, had a sick tan, looked zacked, the brotee returned. BAD NEWS: I was the 2nd eliminated”

– We noted before that WWE is planning to have Sheamus vs. The Miz be a longterm feud. With Sheamus recently teasing unification of the United States & Intercontinental Titles and The Miz winning the IC title at Battleground last night, there is more speculation among fans that we could see a unification match between the two, possibly at SummerSlam.

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  1. HodizX58 says:

    When comes to unifying the U.S. Heavy weight title and the IC title i just don’t think it makes any sense. The IC title is susposed to be for building new stars and then you advance on to the U.S. heavy weight title and so forth. Additionally, the IC title was already unified with the European title. If they are going unify the U.S. title and the IC title then they need to introduce a cruiser wieght or light wieght championship belt. They are bringing in a lot of smaller and faster wrestlers this last year to include luchadors and Japanese wrestlers. So why not have a cruiser weight title belt. This is something i’ve felt that WWE has needed for quite some time. From a business stand point it seems like they are limiting themselves too much. They are going to have to fabricate more non-title fueds with wrestlers which means a lot of stupid gimmicky stipulations unless the writing team suddenly gets their heads out of thier butts. It’s going to make it really difficult to properly utilize all the wrestlers(which they already have trouble accomplishing) and get thier moneys worth out the roster. Just saying…

  2. Tom says:

    I think unifying the belts is a good idea. then they can finally have a television champion. The TV champ should defend the title once a week on any of the WWE TV shows.

  3. Officer Oidar says:

    No it’s a bad idea. A company should have more than one of the lower level belts. One world, one tag and one womens make sense, but just unifying the two would be a waste.

    What would be even better is to replace one with a more gimmicked title like a TV or Hardcore, but either way the arguments use to unify the others don’t extend to the types of belt that there should be more than one of.

  4. Drew says:

    I don’t care if the titles are unified; I just don’t want to see anything involving Miz/Sheamus!

  5. mackdeezy says:

    I don’t like unification. Shouldn’t happen.

  6. raven12516 says:

    I find the US title to be redundant anyway.

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