Jake “The Snake” Roberts Says He Has Lots of Work Lined Up, Talks About How His Life Is Now

Jul 21, 2014 - by Marc Middleton

– FOXCarolina.com has an article about WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts making an appearance in South Carolina this past weekend.

Roberts said he has lots of work lined up, from movie appearances to voice overs and public appearances. “Possibilities are endless because you can get a job when you’re sober,” Roberts said.

Roberts also commented on how life is now:

“I can honestly say life is paradise. It really is. I’ve reclaimed my family. My grandkids love me. Now my kids don’t mind me being around the grandkids. Before they were like ‘no dad, you can’t see them’ because I was a mess. I was diagnosed with depression but now I’m taking the right medication and feel great.”

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